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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Amazon Customer
Excellent quality. Great for its use.
lee tran
This camera have saved me on a couple of trips with Uber passengers that made a mess in my car and admitting that they were at fault. The video and sound quality was clear enough for Uber to reimburse all fees.
Mike L
Great video quality. I have it hardwired to record when parked and the sensors work great. Highly recommend.
D Nam
We purchased this N2 dashcam after seeing a number of reviews about Vantrue's products and we have not been disappointed. We also purchased Vantrue's dashcam hardwire kit and had the whole unit installed professionally.The result: Clear HD pictures and video with great clarity and a very unobstructive design. I can't say enough about the clarity of the video and audio that is recorded by this unit. We will continue to use Vantrue as future needs arise.If there are two minor issues we've faced, one is a general dashcam issue not related to this particular one, which is we had to choose to install the camera either a) constantly on or b) on when the car's ignition is on. It would make sense for the unit to be on constantly but the downside is the slow draw on the battery if the car ever sits for extended periods without driving. We chose to have it turn on only once the ignition is on, the downside is that it does not record when you are parked and away from the vehicle (like while shopping, at dinner, or a movie, etc). Not sure there's a general answer to this problem.Our other issue with the unit is that we've noticed where the camera meets the mount is a ball mechanism (see image) that allows for easy rotation of the camera without compromising the seal of the mount to the windshield. Our problem is, and maybe it because it just gets very hot in Hawai'i - even with a window shade over the windshield - is that the joint gets loose and the camera begins wiggling. We have solved this by using various amounts of tissue inside the ball mechanism to reduce the looseness of the camera ball. So far, it's worked pretty good.Otherwise, I honestly don't think there's a better HD dashcam on the market today.
Amazon Customer
Used This camera for a year and then I started having issues. Wouldn’t read the SD card
David Small
Easy to use. Plug in and forget it. Continuous loop keeps you protected.
Simply put, the Vantrue N2 Pro delivers what you need. The dual aspect is exactly what any rideshare driver is seeking in a dashcam. There is no better camera available under $200 with the features and the quality of the N2 Pro. If you are driving in today's world, this is a necessity and this is the camera that will do the job.
josh b.
I asked for this dash cam for Christmas and it has been in my windshield since that day capturing all the crazy random stuff I see to when/if I ever need it from an accident. 100% recommend this product
Jessica Jenkins
Very good picture and sound quality. Might vision works great. This camera had already paid dividends by being able to dispute false accusations.
Imtiaz Ahmad
Horrible product. Waste of $200. Please DO NOT buy this product unless you want to through money in Garbage. First couple of month is good then it does not work and getting a replacement is another hassle. I wish I could give this a zero star. Asking for a refund and looks like it is impossible to get something.
Milton Granados
Item never worked and appears that I just lost around $40 in the returning and refund fees process.
This camera along with the GPS mount is quite valuable and necessary during travel. It is compact and the features it contains make it a complete tool for travel. I would recommend this camera to everyone.
Adlimad Etsuguased
Sooo... irony would have it that the day I receive this item and take it out on the road... I actually witness a car crash. But because of the Vantrue, I was able to circle around, speak to the victim and offer her the video. She was very happy and so am I.Update 10/02/2018: Sooo... Maybe 4-5 days after receiving the item it was still working like a gem but then started turning off and on intermittently and simply not recording. I formated my EVO SD card and placed it back in the camera and allowed it to charge undisturbed for over 2 hours but when it was time to place it on my window; it went back to blinking over and over again. For the price I am disappointed that this has happened and refuse to waste my money. Item will be returned for a full refund due to this defect. Bummer. It really seemed like a decent product.
Amazon Customer
I purchased two cameras.$400. The camera works beautifully but the cameras became loose and never stays in place to see the road. It happened to both of them. I have the cord wrapped around it to hold it up but it shouldn't be this way.
I did my research and actually ordered several dual camera dash-cams. I tried all of them and the Vantrue N2 Pro was the best. I currently have it hardwired in my car and I love it. The picture quality exceeded all my expectations. I have no complaints but I do have a suggestion. The Vantrue N2 Pro has all of the features that I wanted except for one. The one feature that it does not have (nor does any other dual camera dash-cams) is the ability to connect via WiFi to a smartphone app and view live video, recorded video, etc. A smartphone app with a WiFi connection would be a great feature to consider adding to any future dual camera models.
Fred N.
I recently purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam. The city I live in is notorious for ambulance chasing lawyers whose ads promise big payouts to "get you the money you deserve!" and I wanted to protect myself. Also, from time to time I see people pull some crazy stunts behind the wheel and often wish I could have caught that on video. Well now I can!I wanted a small, less conspicuous camera that had both front facing and rear facing in one unit and this model was the only one I found that seemed to fit the bill. I temporarily mounted and installed it with the cable included to the accessory port in the center console of my Acura TSX. Wow, the quality of the video was outstanding and the playback was very smooth. I quickly realized I needed to better clean the inside and outside of my front windshield. The audio quality was as equally good and easily picked up the audio from the radio station I was listening to and me talking to myself about the guy that cut me off.So I was impressed enough with the camera that I decided to order the hardwire kit and a 256GB card. The 64GB card was ok for the daily commute, but I wanted the larger capacity microSD for longer road trips. The hardwire kit was easy to install with the included fuse adapters and the cable length was adequate. My only problems installing it had nothing to do with the kit and had everything to do with removing some of the panels around the fuse box to allow me to find a bolt to attach the ground wire to. For now I've wired it in a slot that only comes on when the ignition is on. I may change that to always on to see how the parking mode feature works. It'll be interesting to see how much of a drain on the battery that might be on a compact car.I knew the rear facing camera was designed for the cabin only, but I was hoping it'd catch some of car activity behind me, but there's too much glare on the rear windshield for that most of the time. I may invest in a light tint film on the rear windshield to see if that'll reduce the glare. In a world of SUVs and pickup trucks, the glare from headlights behind someone in a car can be blinding, so hopefully it'll help that too. I think if nothing else, the cabin camera will show I wasn't on my cell phone or texting while driving should I be involved in an accident where someone accused me of that. The infrared night vision is pretty cool, though admittedly it's kind of creepy seeing yourself in the infrared. Knowing that I'm being recording will pretty much eliminate the temptation for me to text.So all and all, I give the Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash cam 5 stars.
Robert Bieber
Great camera, hasn't failed me yet
mark b.
Love that this camera records inside and outside the vehicle concurrently, and saves the files separately. The controls are easy to use and work perfectly, and the picture is fantastic! I had another, more expensive camera before this and wish I had just bought the Vantrue. When anyone asks which camera to use for rideshare, I see this camera recommended more than any other and they are right. Don't waste your time with other cameras, this is the one you want!
Gregor Waltz
The video quality is decent. It does look grainy and not the high res it is supposed to be, but it is quite clear both inside and outside. Its night vision is good enough on the outside and great on the inside. The wide view on both cameras covers a large field. It covers the driver and front passenger well enough in my economy car. The inside view would probably be better in cars with a windshield that is farther forward from the occupants. I like how it records inside and outside into separate files. It seems to be handling a 64GB card flawlessly.The sound quality is ok. Given the low quality of sound and video in evidence videos I have seen on television, I think this camera would do quite well for legal purposes.I did not realize that the inside camera can rotate at first. I was able to adjust it for a better view of the occupants.The first mount design seems to have been problematic. The pivot became very loose within a few months then the suction started failing after several months. Vantrue sent out a replacement in a new design. Hopefully this one holds up.
I purchased this dashcam back in January 2018 and it is still working fine. I decided to invest more money in these dashcam instead of the cheapo thirty forty ones as I wanted to have a peace of mind instead of finding the dashcam not working after an accident happened.The dashcam seems very sturdy and the user manual is understandable and comprehensive. It has been going strong and I don't have to worry about it is working or not after I installed it. I want to stress the importance of having a rear camera. I was able to win a claim when my husband was backing up from a parking space. The rear camera showed exactly when the collision happened and front camera showed how far he was out of the parking space.The only complaint I have is the ball joint which was not tight and caused the camera flopping in every direction. It was quite annoying. I read the Amazon's reviews and found that a lot of other people are complaining the same problem. I contacted them through Facebook as suggested by the reviewers and got a response within a day. Then we went through the process of getting a free replacement. I wished I didn't have to do that but at least I had someone that could take care of the problem.
Let me start by saying that this is a great product for the given price. Gorgeous picture (HD), awesome sound quality and what’s more important has Infra Red capability. Make sure to buy a decent SD card as the product doesn’t come along with. With their recent software update you’re now able to use an 128gb sd card (previously you were constrained to use it only with 64gb card). After months of use the place where you attach the dashcam to suction part tends to become a lose, however I contacted the Vantrue customer service and they were so kind to send me a replacement free of charge. I definitely recommend this product for every driver, especially to those that provide rideshare services. I have to say that the only constraint is that the recordings are saved exclusively in the card and not in any cloud for you to view wirelessly. Overall it provides good buck for the bang!Update: March 2020, camera stopped working! Toss in the trash!
The Vantrue N2 Pro is a great Dash Cam with several useful features.It has both front and rear facing cameras that can be set to record both at 1080P 30fps, just the front at 1440P 30 fps or front only at 1080P 60 fps and it works very well at night.It also has a parking mode that will start recording if/when the camera senses movement so it can catch possible vandals or a hit and run if someone hits my car while it's parked.
Whish the GPS feature worked right out of the box right at this price. Also have a few issues with it skipping small segments in the recordings, do not know why or how it does this. At the end of one clip then when you start the next clip it can be missing 3 to 30 second. Rather annoying.
I gave it a 4star due to the fact I'll write another review after a month. Sounds great videos great. Cheaply made hard plastic but other than that okay
Michael Tull
I will start with the cons; I wish this thing had WiFi. My previous dash cam had this feature and it was very useful. I also wish it came in different colors. I think the black color draws a lot of heat.Pro's: this thing is durable. I got it in mid-July and am posting this review in September so it is safe to say it survived the brutal summer heat. I live in southern California where summer temps flirt with 110°F. I still make a point to unplug it if I have to park my car somewhere where it will be baking for hours. The previous two dash cams I have owned both failed and I believe it was because of the heat.P.S. if you have a DC setup, loud noises will trigger the parking mode capture. This means you may have a bunch of clips to sift through if your neighbor's dogs bark a lot.
Salu Hash
The product is quite reliable. I bought this back in December 2017 and use it on a daily basis sometimes for upto 10 hours a day nonstop. The camera itself has had no issue and has been working flawlessly. The windshield mount did start to cause a little trouble on days it would get really hot which I guess is kind of understandable but as soon as I contacted Vantrue support they offered to send me a free updated replacement for the mount because I was still within the factory warranted. Overall a good product and great customer service.
Amazon Customer
I am an Uber Lyft driver and pro photographer. This is a good camera for rideshare. Well Built. I use a 256 GB card, which gives me a full 14 hour shift. The interior infrared camera works well. I bought an accessory infrared illuminator for this camera to light up the back passengers seats brightly. It a Spytech Zetta ZA22 Portable IR Nightvision Illuminator. I also bought the Vantrue accessory GPS and Vantrue hardwire kit. I use only the green SAMSUNG EVO cards. This setup is well worth the extra cost. This camera can keep you from getting a criminal record due to false allegation, and can help you keep your rideshare job.
Got this to use for rideshare. The quality of the picture is outstanding. The best part is the night vision mode. I highly enjoy this camera.Be sure to get a high capacity micro SD card and let the camera format it.
Alan Gomelsky
After 5 month from purchase, Vantrues dash cam began to malfunction. First I found out that it was not recording for the last 2 weeks. Second, that the date/time stamp began switching to 1/1/2017. Third, it began recording upside down.I'm disappointed.
This dash cam is great. The forward looking as well as the passenger cameras provide excellent video.
A. Salmon
I love just about every aspect of this dash cam! The picture and sound quality, inside and out, are superb. Very easy to operate. Also, it just looks beautiful and unobtrusive. I, wholeheartedly, recommend this dash cam!However, there are 2 things I wish this dash cam had: 1) a slightly larger display (sadly, my vision doesn't permit me to see it clearly without getting very close to it); 2) a USB 3.0 or 3.1 connector. Unless I'm mistaken, I don't think ANY dash cam has a USB 3.0 / 3.1 connector. But, they should! Downloading video from ANY dash cam takes much longer than I believe it should. For example, this dash cam takes over 90 minutes to download 65GB of video to my computer! USB 2.0 is just not fast enough! Here's hoping an updated model will have it … some day.
Paul Nebergall
Very, very pleased with this camera. I combed through several reviews and comparisons before making the purchase, and it seemed to be the clear winner - at least on a computer screen.Now that I’ve had the chance to use the N2 Pro, I’m even more impressed. The picture quality is great. I’m using mine in dual mode, front and rear. The wide angle coverage is superb. Positioned correctly, the camera can actually see substantial portions both front seats, as well as the back seat nearly in its entirety (This is in a Cadillac SRX - your car’s coverage may vary). The front view is also very substantial. I can easily see two opposing lanes, as well as an additional travel lane in my direction. I also ordered the GPS mounting bracket, and mounting that bracket to the windshield was quick and easy. I like being able to plug the power adapter into the bracket rather than directly into the camera. It makes for a cleaner looking installation. I installed a 128 GB Samsung memory card in the camera (although it did require formatting a card that large via computer) and it had no qualms. The camera is actually (pleasantly?) smaller than I was anticipating and is only minimally intrusive to my winshield’s field of view. Being able to adjust the rear camera downward allows for a higher mounting on the windshield. My cam is actually slightly behind my rear view mirror, but the adjustment gives me an unobstructed view of the car’s interior, nonetheless. The smaller size does also mean smaller buttons - and I have big, clumsy fingers, so I have be very deliberate in how I operate the buttons. My wife’s smaller hands operate everything with ease.I’m very pleased with both the performance and design of this camera.
John zheng
Look like dash cam under 100 dollars,No wifi,add GPS and card cost more than 250 dollars,spend almost 20 dollars for return
When I purchased this dash cam, I initially had an issue with the mount like many people here. However, when I reached out to Vantrue customer service they were very responsive and sent out a replacement mount right away. There is an 18 month warranty that comes with this product so if any issues, reach out to them and they will help you resolve your issues. I was impressed by their fantastic communication throughout the whole process.The dash cam has a camera on both sides so if you drive for Uber/Lyft, this would be perfect. The dash cam records during the day and night without issues. One thing to note is that you will need to figure out the cable management as you will need to send the wires from top to your console where you plug the adapter in. Overall, it's a good dash cam.
I'm pleased with the dual camera feature and the quality of the videos. The camera is small and easy to disconnect from the mount.
Customer support is non existent. They have no phone services and their website is glitchy, you dont get a confirmation when submitting a ticket. Log in takes you to google, their website is very frustrating to use. Matter of fact, I encourage anyone to sign up and try logging in the next day. A warning to potential buyers about quality. Their video picture isnt as advertised, night vision is horrible and night time driving, even day time driving show blurry light reflections almost as if pixelated. After a while, not even a year of normal use and the audio starts to produce white noise or static randomly. Its not any wiring issues because I only use the cigarette lighter plug and its secure. I spent my own money to buy a new connection and it did nothing, goes to show the device itself is faulty. Their other features like gps, mph and other time stamps as well as parking mode are either bad or dont work. Some times stamps do not work properly and their parking mode is useless if your mount is very secure and does not budge. I had to loosen it and put settings on high for the device to detect a small impact.(Update: Check hardwire isn't damaged and properly secured) It does however, detect very well moving objects in front of it. Doesnt stop there, memory settings go away or dont fully update even tho you only turn it on when the car is on or when connected to a computer. (Should hold a charge and keep settings since it has lithium battery in it) You will be required to change the settings to actual time/date every time you go out or it wont be accurate. Again, not a wiring issue. One other thing to note. The point of this device due to its shape and size is to be less visible, aka hidden. You will not get that with this mount, you will need to buy a seperate (universal) mount(for rearview mirror) found on amazon for about $13. The suction cup does not work on the black surface windshields have on modern cars for their sensors.Update: Camera battery died 2 months ago(Jul21) No longer charges or holds a charge.
So far this camera has been exactly as advertised. Had no issues getting it set up and installed in my car. There's only one recording mode if you want to record with both cameras which kind of stinks. Very easy to record and take pictures and then take the data off the camera. Definitely worth every penny.
After looking for a dash cam for months, I short listed black vue and vantrue n2 pro.Difference between Vantrue and Blackvue:1. Vantrue’s back camera covers inside of the car as well as driver and passenger side of the car along with the view of back. Where black vue back camera focuses outside of the car.2. Price difference3. Black vue I believe offers wifi and phone app for live veiw where blackvue don't have that featureVantrue Pros:1. Awesome audio and video quality (both front and back)2. Sleek DesignVantrue Cons:1. Hardwire kit doesn’t come with any how to guide2. No customer support phone number. You can only talk to them via email (you get only 1 reply per day)3. No option to choose between harwire kit and car charger at the time of purchase4. No option/discount on bundle purchase of camera, gps, hardwire kit, and micro sd card.5. No wifi and/or Phone app. In order to transfer over your files, you have to either remove sd card and insert it in your laptop or directly connect you camera with data transfer cable that comes with the camera.6. If you try to use resolutions higher than 1920x1080p with 60fps, you can only use one camera at a time. It would be nice to have 60fps front for having better chance of capturing license plate and 30fps back with 1080p.Verdict:Even though I absolutely loved the Audio and Video quality and the way customer support communicated, I still couldn't stand the fact that the camera kept draining my new car battery. I returned the camera after 8 months of use. I had it hard wired, and car battery was drained down to 4v. The hard wired kit supposed to cut-off the power at 11.4v to protect the battery. Customer support sent the replacement hardwired kit but that didn't work either.
So far so good! I’ve been using this dashcam for about 1 month. Very easy to install and setup. I really like how quickly and easily the camera attaches/disconnects to the windshield mount. It’s extremely hot here so if you want your electronics to last you don’t leave them up to bake in the sun. I like the split screen for front & rear camera. Will update as time goes on and I use it more.
Brian Wilson
This product and company are amazing.
What I enjoy most of this product is the sense of safely it provides my passengers and I. Having the knowledge that there is video/audio evidence of any accident or event is priceless. Also, the night driving capability of the onDash N2 pro is outstanding.The one things that would make the dash cam even better would be the ability to turn it 90 degrees right or left.
Richard Cameron
Stay away from this product! The quality may last a year before it stops recording and holding a charge. The customer service will replace your 1st camera with an 18 month. Then when you register the product again for another 18 month warranty they won’t honor the second one. Even though on their website they say they will honor any registered Vantrue product. The customer service is in China and don’t care about you. They LIE! CHEAP CHINESE JUNK!!!!
Alex B
Lowering rating as camera continues falling off and mount doesn’t hold. Very dangerousThis is a must have for Uber and Lyft drivers. The camera has incredible quality. The front records in 2k and the interior at 1080p. Both cameras have night vision which is very important so you can see whats going on inside your car at all times. I've been using this camera for a few months. I like how it saves footage when it detects a hit. It also records while parked if it detects motion. The camera auto loops footage so you'll never worry about a full memory card.
This is a very reasonably priced camera (front and cabin camera), it has great resolution, and the customer support is phenomenal.
Michael R.
Camera takes great night video. Very impressed. Mount was falling off windshield and sent one email to customer service and they immediately are sending a new one. Hard to find good customer service anymore. Great product, great company.
I love that this unit views almost the full front and most back. The view inside the car is great but the overall view to the front is excellent. Even with the range, the quality is excellent. The one negative thing I can point to in this unit is the mount. Within one month, the swivel no longer held the camera forward. This was disappointing. I would buy it again, if they fix the mount.
Vicki G.
Great picture quality, including inside the car in low light conditions. I like the "hot shoe" type connector that easily disconnects, and it's small enough to fit in my purse if I don't want to leave it in the car and risk it being stolen.
This dash cam has great video quality from both cameras day and night. After about six months, the mount became loose and the dashcam did not want to hold position. Vantrue customer service was prompt to acknowledge the issue and send out a replacement mount to fix the issue. I would definitely purchase again and recommend to friends and family.
The rear-facing camera does tend to have some color inaccuracies, but the picture is clear on both cameras (day and night), sound quality is good, and there are plenty of useful features to make the N2 Pro a worthwhile buy.
be aware the camera stopped working after 20 months. the manufacture would not provide a replacement because the warranty is only good for 18 months. original purchase price was $220 for a piece of junk. Be Aware!!!
Amazon Customer
Fits my needs 100% since I'm rideshare app driver very practical easy plug in and unplugged. Best investment ever made in a dashboard camera
Good item to get on sale. Seen it drop to around $130 on sale. Both cameras captures good quality videos. One thing to point out though. It's advertised to support 256GB micro SD, but with up to date firmware, it only seem to work without issues with 64gb ones. I tried 256gb(SD card error), 128gb(again SD card error on the second day running). Both were class 10. Haven't had any issues with the 64gb one running for the past couple of months now.
Amazon Customer
I have been using this Dash Cam for over a month now and I must say I am very impressed by the features and picture quality. The night time recording is also some of the best I have seen in a dash cam. I use this Dash Cam on a daily basis on my drive to and from work. I feel safe with this Dash Cam recording my car on the road. Top material quality as well.
Christy Thomas
The quality of the video with the Vantrue N2 Pro is amazing! The setup was very easy and I have had no issues.
Originally I gave only 3 stars because of the windshield clamp would fall off. But the company contacted me and apologized for the problem and solved the problem by sending me the premium windshield holder, which works great. This is really good dash cam, pricier than others but has many features that are top notch and it has the advantage of being able to easily take it off the holder and stash out of sight when you are away from the car.
I got this back in Dec 2017 and have been using it none stop for the last 9 months.1. It has a beautiful 1080P HD quality picture both on the front camera and the in-cabin camera.2. Easy to use and the menu options are very easy to understand and navigate through.3. It doesn't come with a memory card but I bought the Samsung 256GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSDXC EVO Select Memory Card with Adapter which has plenty of memory to record for hours.4. Comes with a USB charger that you plug into your cigarette lighter for power whenever you turn your car on.5. The suction cup holder for the camera was not very good due to 100-degree weather but Vanture has an updated suction cup holder for the camera which has worked great.6. You can easily take the memory card out or plug the USB cord that they provide and watch your videos back on your computer to see exactly what you have recorded.7. The only thing that I did not like is it says it can record in parking mode which it can not do with the USB adapter that was provided. In order to record after your car is turned off you need the Vantrue hardwire kit which I bought in May and have no idea how to use. In order to use it, you have to go buy Add-a-Circuit and then somehow connect it to your fuse box. I just tried to look for it on Amazon and it looks like they've added a few items to connect it your fuse box but when I bought it in May it did not come with the items they provide now. I do wish they made a OBD adapter instead which I know how to hook up and I am most people would love to use instead of fumbling around with their fuse boxes inside their cars.Overall I love most of the features that the Vanture N2 Pro provide and happy that I got it. Recording videos in my car while driving is more fun and then watching them back on my computer to show friends and family what you do while driving is fun too.
Rated R Cars
Ok. I have a brand new 2018 Shelby GT350 and someone dinged my door HARD the other day down to the metal. No note, no apology, no nothing.I wanted a camera that was 360 degrees but the ones I looked at fell short on video quality. Then I came across this camera. They say this is for Uber, etc. but seriously, who wouldn't want coverage of your rear and sides?? Cars can rearend you or hit you from the sides even more than the front of the car! We need the full coverage of two cameras!The Vantrue N2 Pro has TWO 1080p cameras (front and back) almost covering 360 degrees. If anyone hits my door now, I have this camera recording full time. It also completely covers the view out the rear windshield in 1080p so if anyone rear-ends me, it's all on camera. Both my side windows are visible (I can adjust the camera to get more coverage too) so if anyone hits me from the side, it's covered.I feel much SAFER parking and driving now. Also the camera itself is a deterrent from someone doing something to my car on purpose. Because people can see it (it's very good looking in the windshield) and also has a blue glow on the adapter that may scare people away so they don't mess with my car.Things I like:1. Picture quality is 1080p forward AND backward!2. Sound quality is great.3. NIGHT VISION for inside car!!!4. Two cameras simultaneously.5. Bright colorful images.6. Lots of features such as auto night vision (so you don't have to set it manually), emergency file protection (if you have a smaller card and you want to protect a segment from being overwritten, etc.7. It looks good.8. You can easily move it in all angles. You can also adjust the rear camera separately.9. Solid build.10. If you don't want to use the rear camera, you can use super high res for the front (1440p).I also heard you can save money on car insurance with these so I'm going to call my car insurance tomorrow.In summary, this is the best dash cam out currently and also covers your rear (no pun intended!). :o)UPDATE: I also bought the hardwire kit. I'm glad I did because I don't like wires hanging all over and this is a 100% concealed kit. The Vantrue has another port on top for the plug and so you just route the wire along the top of the windshield (it tucks right in without any special tools), then I pulled off my a-pillar cover (just snaps out), pulled off a panel on the side where it vents into the door (also just snaps off), unplugged a fuse and plugged it into the correct wiretap, and then plugged in the Vantrue wiretap and DONE!!! It's a <10 minute job!!!Highly recommended.
Randy McGilchrist
This is a great camera.
Avid Listener
Good quality camera for ride share driving. Great for liability of passengers and other drivers on the road. The stock window mount doesn’t seem to last very long.
I just started driving for Lyft and figured this would be a good added security feature for my vehicle. I also purchased the Vantrue wiring to attach it directly to the fuse box which made it perfect for hiding the cable so it looks very professional. I also purchased some clear window stickers from to give notice to passengers when entering the vehicle which I would suggest to have if you are driving for a ride share service.PROS-Front Facing and in car cameras-Day time video quality is very good and night time video good-Auto Loop- It is nice having the selection of different loop times. So far I have tried 3 and 5 minutes-Ability for Updates-It is nice having the ability for updates so that more features can be added later and any problems can be fixed. Already had to update since it's been out for a while and the update worked no problem.-Audio- very clear for normal talking-Sturdy qualityCONS-Night time video is impressive but could still be better. For the price though it is as good or better than expected.-Would like if there was an option for a longer loop for more than 5 minutes.-Rubber flap covering charging port and SD card seems like it won't last very long but I'll update if it does break. Not too big of a deal as long as dust doesn't get in and mess up the contacts.Overall:Quality Dash cam for affordable price
Albert Garcia
Great dash cam and very easy to install!
I am new to drive service. I was a little nervous about having strangers in my car. It was more important to me to record what goes on inside my car than outside. This has given me a real peace of mind. It is so easy to set up. Thank you for making such a good quality product.
Joe Myers
Worst dashcam I ever used.I’ll stick with The WheelWitness.
The dash camera is definitely great to have. There are plenty of reckless drivers on the road.
Great product! Awesome price!!
Emanuel Avila-Martin
Used this dash cam for regular commute and parking mode. I park on a street with a lot of traffic and there's been quite a few accidents. Camera swivel lost all functionality in two weeks, part needs to be re-engineered. Recording sensor has either a small zone or is delayed by a second and that could be enough to miss out on a lot of details.
Jon Langbert
I was surprised at how steady and sharp the images are. Definitely glad to have it just in case one of the kids ever runs into trouble, or if a cop decides to go rogue.
I gave it a 4 stars for a reason that after 3 months of use the suction cup that holds the unit starts to loosen up. I contacted the company and they agree to send me a replacement. Other than that, camera takes a good video/picture and sound. Will update to 5 stars as soon when I get the replacement.
Sil Brown
I drive for Uber and Lyft. I've been wanting to get a dash cam since I started, and had seen several recommendations for this one in particular, but I hadn't had the money to get it. Recently, I noticed this one was on sale here on Amazon, and asked a friend if he'd be willing to loan me the money. He agreed, and we decided the simplest way would be for him to buy it and simply enter my address for shipping.I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and it's been great so far. Good quality on both interior and exterior cameras, near-infrared LEDs for night vision on the interior camera, good sound from the mic, and a nice solid mount that the camera can be easily removed from. Includes both a standard length USB cable for connection to a PC, as well as a car charger with an extra-long cable so you run it around the edge of the windshield and hide it under the edge of the trim. The car charger even has an extra USB power port on its head.I've included example photos from both interior and exterior cameras, during day and night.
C. G.
Thanks to Ken Heron on YouTube for doing a review on this dash cam I love it! The features are amazing on this device. I downloaded all the files for the firmware upgrade so the storage card it can accept is now 256GB. Vantrue customer support is fabulous as well.
Afiriam kassa
Great dash cam the best one I ever had. High quality picture, great audio feed from the built in mic and great settings and options. This is a must have and a great investment
This is best dash cam. You won’t regret it.
Impressive in every way. Add the GPS unit and makes it even better!
Love the rear camera! It records a larger area than a remote rear camera used on other brands does!
Worked well for the couple of months I've had it but one hot day fried it.
So far so good. I like that this camera is pretty small so it's not an eyesore. Great to be able to view front and interior of vehicle.
Wayne Veselaski
I have owned several dash cams, I decided to go with the Vantrue N2 Pro several weeks ago and couldn't be happier. The system is very user friendly and easy to install. The unit is very well made, has a rubber like feel to it so the grip is excellent. The video quality is perfect, I decided to purchase the Vantrue hard wire kit so I could utilize the parking mode. The fact that I can now see what's going on behind me via the interior camera is a real plus. I would definitely recommend this dash cam to anyone, the return on investment is a sure thing !
Will B
So far I really like this dashcam. Like some other people reviewed I am missing the infrared setting on the cam for some reason. However I dont always drive at night so this function isnt bothering me. It would be nice to have the settings match the manual just in case though. For such a great deal I am super satisfied!
I drive for Lyft from time to time and wanted to have a camera with both front and rear facing recording. I found this one as recommended by some other Lyft drivers and picked one up. I've been very impressed with it so far. It has very good picture quality and has the ability to see the entire interior of my vehicle. It will even pick up passengers in the third row seating. Decent audio as well should you ever need to review an incident.I only gave this 4 stars though because as others may have said, the mount is a little wiggly after pulling the camera on and off the mount a decent amount of times. I purchased a second mount with the GPS function anyway just as a backup. It would be nice to have WiFi on the camera to pull footage off so you wouldn't have to fiddle with the camera itself to get the footage off. I have a ROAV dash came (front facing only) for my other non-Lyft vehicle and never have to pull the camera off the window.
Victor M De La Rosa
As a professional driver I've bought a lot of different Dash Cams, mostly the low end type cameras. I didn't necessarily to spend a whole lot of dough but I was never satisfied with quality of the videos or the dash cams themselves. So I finally decided to spend a bit more for what everybody online said it was the number one dash cam in the market; The Vantrue Dual N2 Pro. I've had this camera for a little over 2 weeks and I have to say it is by far the most advance camera I've ever seen period.
Amazon Customer
Great product, easy setup, totally user friendly and not expensive. Vantrue also has a fabulous support service, which means peace of mind. Thanks Vantrue!
Get a high gig memory card if you drive for a rideshare company because the high resolution files take a lot of space, especially if you have it on the 1 minute loop spacing. I have a 132gb and it'll record an entire nights trips. The internal nightvision is pretty crisp, so if you drive nights like me, this is totally worth it.
Alex Tad
Very good quality morning time.Night time the quality inside is not perfect. However the night vision is fairly good.
Anna B
Excellent Dash Camera. Picture Quality is amazing especially in low light situations. I was upset the mount broke - seems to be a design flaw in an older version. Contacted the company not expecting to have my warranty mean anything. In just a few hours they made it right! They contact me and are sending me an updated mount with a new design. Amazing to see a company take care of it's customers like that. Highly recommend.
Truly the best camera for the IR and dual cam. A must have.
This is a cool camera with the unique feature of dual cameras. The second, rear-facing camera is a nice feature for getting some footage of the interior of the car such as for editing clips of a road-trip for fun videos.Also, if involved in a car accident, it would be invaluable to have footage showing you as the driver with your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road when another driver hits you.Arguably most important, though, is to have the ability to film the cabin and a traffic officer if pulled over. Note on that: You'll want a hardwire kit (easy to install) wired to an always-on, non-ignition-switched fuse to be able to keep the camera rolling if the traffic officer directs you to shut off the ignition.
Amazon Customer
Great uber dash camera that met my expectations. The cabin camera has night vision providing good picture quality at night.
Amazon Customer
Does what it should, good price/value when onsale. Have a 128g micro sdxc mem in it, haven't tested with my 256g card yet (both samsung evo), but should work fine. Have same memory in another dashcam for 6 months now, works a peach. You'll want to max the mem as this unit will fill a 64g card in about 4.5 hours. Just wish the vacuum mount was better, of a different type that used adhesive and smaller size. Get the hardwire kit for parking mode! Just add to cart and grab some fuse taps while you're at it. Can't give 5 stars until I can find a dashcam that does 4k@60fps, hdmi 2.2 compliant with usb 3.1... and a SSD for storage, optional (lol)
After much research, I purchased this camera and so far it works great, except for the mount (the older type). It became loose. The customer service was very responsive and is sending me the new generation mount equipped with the upgraded ball joint, which you can easily tighten as necessary. I will write an update to this review once the mount arrives.The new generation mount equipped with the upgraded ball joint and a GPS receiver arrived within three days. After a few weeks of testing, it works like a charm! I am impressed with Vantrue's customer service.
I'm using this for ridesharing. Very useful since it records the inside the cabin as well as the road.Hardwired it to the overhead console on my 2015 Toyota Prius thinking I could just leave it forgotten, running silently in the background until it become useful. I was wrong.Not that impressed about the motion activated recording function or the 'Parking Mode'. My thought was that this was able to continuously function when hardwired and motion recording is turned on. It turns out that it's not recommended to have this 'ON' for more than 10 hours at a stretch. I ignored this warning and found out that the camera begins to act strange and stops recording when its plugged on overnight. So now I manually disconnect the power every time I exit the vehicle, which is not that bad when you get used to it. For new buyers, I would recommend to just plug it into the cigarette lighter so it would be easier. Hard-wiring is not worth the trouble.You got to play around with some apps to properly format a 64 GB card to make N2 recognize it.Maximum video duration is 5 minutes. So you get a bunch of clips in the video folder that make up a specific trip. Front and back are recorded in separate clips but they both have audio in them.Manual recommends formatting the sd card every 2 weeks. That's a lot of trouble. I personally haven't done that yet and the camera still keeps recording fine after 2 months of use. With parking mode active and a 64 GB SD card, I get around 1 ride-share shift's worth of recording before the camera starts deleting old clips and write new ones.
Overall, after 3-4 months with this camera, I am very pleased with the recording, ease of install and how you can plug in the window mount and only have to slide the cam in and out of it's base to take it with you. The one GLARING negative I've seen is the cheap base. It DOES stick better to the windshield than any GPS mount I've ever had, but the camera loosened up after maybe a month of use and now flops around any time I break or accelerate. Due to that not being able to point the cam where you want it and it stays, I think the video quality suffers and can almost make you seasick trying to watch it. Better than nothing, but what a disappointment for an "Amazon's Choice" item!Update on 11/13/18:After receiving the new style mount sent by customer support, I've had it up and running again for 6-7 weeks and I love the new style mount. They were prompt about sending a replacement, and the new mount is beefier in the joint where it counts and works great. That's the kind of customer service that would cause me to return the next time I need a product they make... prompt, courteous, and fixes the issue. Thanks Kelly at Vantrue! :)
Already had to use it once where someone had hit me from behind at a stoplight. The only way to transfer videos from the camera is to remove the SIM card. I was unable to transfer videos using the cable.
overall seems to be a good camera good quality, and works well
George B Rings
Very compact easy to use I really enjoy this dash cam. With all the craziness happening on the roads today, this seemed like a worthy purchase. I’m happy to say I’m very satisfied.
Mario Rodriguez
This product is awesome in any way. It do what it says! I have no complains.
Dan K.
This dash cam is the best I have seen I purchased this after an incident where the customer said to uber wrong rider to the trip. Now it is recorded as any rideshare drivers know you confirm the name and then I asked destination to confirm the location. Now it is recorded the picture quality is exceptional and very detailed. I run both cams at 1080 and utilizing a 64 Gb card I get 6 hours of recording at VERY high quality (will purchase the 256 Gb card)Iinstallation and setup took a whole 10 minutes probably less if I did not try to figure out who the old guy is in the camera...LOL All joking aside I looked at other cameras and talked to other drivers Vantrue N2 Pro is the best bang for the buck! MUST HAVE FOR RIDESHARE DRIVERS!!!!
Everything about this camera is amazing except the mount. Even the new upgraded mount isn’t that great. It doesn’t stay centered and I always have to adjust it. It falls off in the heat too which is annoying. The new one doesn’t fall as much.
The only reason for 1 star is that they won't let you submit without at least 1 , otherwise Irate it 0 stars . Do not buy this product . I followed the instructions and it won't turn on . I called Amazon customer service and they told me they get 20 or more calls a day with the same issue . Why it's still listed is upsetting ! ! !