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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Luke W.
After receiving an updated mount, this device is great! It no longer falls off the windshield, and stays tightened correctly in the position it should even with the heat, it wont affect the grip on the position the camera is held in. Cable seems to short out sometimes still, overall good purchase and vendor was helpful with assistance.Camera itself is easy to set up. Nice angles, havent reviewed video yet will update.
Jason W.
I picked this camera up for safety and security and was not disappointed, it takes great crystal clear video and sound from both internal and external facing cameras, along with automatic low light detection for the internal camera you never have to fuss with it.The price is well worth the peace of mind, safety and security this camera brings! no worries about insurance fraud, no worries about liability in an accident, no worries about someone messing with your car in the middle of the night and getting away with it.The cord can easily be ran under the panels with no clips and the power outlet has a built in USB plug so you don't have to sacrifice charging your phone to keep it powered! There really isn't anything bad i can say about the performance, price and quality of the N2 pro.All it takes is one accident to make this camera your priceless witness.-Jason W
jose castillo
I recently got to Accident. The customer was my Uber rider. Somehow customers semi rolled back onto my vehicle. I got the customer to speak the truth what had happened in the vehicle. On the mic! He took a photo and I said this records vice. Thank you it really pay off. Keep up the good work
Mr T
I bought a few other dual dash cams and this is far the best Dual dash cam ever purchased on Amazon. Easy to use and looks great and works great. Clear video. I am very happy with my purchase and they offered a free GPS mount to me. Thanks
Everardo Valadez
To say first, I had an R2 Pro by Vantrue before I bought this one. That R2 Pro still works good after 2 years in this Arizona heat, it is now in my secondary vehicle. This is a good bang for your buck and it also has 30 day money back guarantee and if you decide ro keep it, which you will because these are awesome products, it comes with an 18 month warranty! I've dealt with their customer service and they are friendly, professional and they care about their consumers.I have now had this N2 Pro for a little over a month and I can say that it is well built and easy to use. The N2 Pro records at high resolution and video is crystal clear whether it's day or night. Vantrue has not let me down and I will continue to be a loyal customer. I now own two Vantrue OnDash R2 Pro's, this N2 Pro and a N1 pro. I'm highly satisfied with my purchases and they are a great investment!
Business User
I bought two of these and have been using them for about a month now and am very happy with the quality of the recordings. I purchased a third-party mirror mount for one of these and it worked great! I'm also using a 128GB SD Card and get about 10-12 hours in dual-cam mode. I hard wired these to the fuse box so I can use the parking mode that seems to work very well. Also, the image quality is excellent and the camera feels well built using quality materials. This is my first dash cam and I plan to purchase another so all my cars are covered.
I’ve been on the market for a dash cam for quite some time and I’m so glad that I decided on vantrue. This camera has excellent video image quality both during the day and night. No problem at all reading signs and license plates at night. I also found the interior cam to be very useful. Highly recommended!
alaina vezzi
Great little dash cam, picture quality on the N2Pro is really good. I was surprised how clear the video was during playback. Set up was quick and easy. I would highly recommend if you are in the market for a good quality dashcam. Seller was excellent. Product arrived on time.
This is a really good product. The dashcam is nicely made and very sturdy. The only thing I would like to see is a bigger screen. I also feel the suction cup is very good and I love the idea of plugging into the suction cup and being able to remove the camera. Great item.
K. Hickman
Easy to navigate menus. Camera is actually great quality, inside cab view and road view.
David Passwaiter
I think the video is better than I have seen from police dash cams.You get to see both cameras in different videos recorded at the same time.I hope I never have to use it in defense but the way people drive now days it awful.
Great quality now only if could transfer video wirelessly this would be perfect
i set it and forget it, then just reformat the data card every couple of weeks and wait until (hopefully not) i need to review footage.
Kevin Wells
I purchased the N2 Pro on the recommendations of some other owners locally. I have been very impressed by the quality and ease of use. Updating the firmware upon receipt was a little tricky but it only took a couple of tries. I highly recommend this dual cam unit if you need video of the road ahead as well as your passengers.Follow up:2 year later the N2 still works well. My only complaint is the weak gps suction cup mount. There should have always been an adhesive mount option as well. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come out to my car and the cam has crashed to the floor or is dangling by the power cord. I see vantrue now has an adhesive gps mount available but that’s another $25 that I don’t need to spend. Be sure you purchase an appropriate mount type for your use.
As much as I went through the pain exposed below, I still want to give this camera 4 stars as the quality of the video and picture for recording is just phenomenal. No denial about it. However, this is my story.Product advertisement indicates that camera can take up to 256MB if used original Samsung EVO card. Purchased the card separately (as product didn't come with any SD card), and to my dismay it didn't work.Vantrue staff (Sandy) was trying her best to accommodate, but I was asked that for the SD card to work with the product I had to upgrade the firmware from version 14 to 17. That was a pain, unfortunatelly. My question was why I had to do that upgrade, and why a $200 product is outdated and shipped with the expectation that I will do the upgrade for the SD Samsung Card to work.Returned.Thank you, Amazon for the peace of mind! I'm just loving Amazon.
Romin freely
So this has been an incredible experience of how bad amazon can be, I've used this website for longer than I can remember and have never had a product this bad!!! I cannot stress how much you should not buy this camera. If you have the time to read all the updates and post about my experience with the thing you will only begin to know my pain, the final straw came today 8/21/2018 only moments ago when I was leaving the grocery store and was involved in a minor fender bender. after pulling aside and exchanging info I immediately took off my Vantrue N2 PRO joke of a camera and hooked it up to my computer to see who was at fault only to find the same problem that had persisted almost the entire time I've had the thing. The video of the crucial moment of impact was missing as the camera would only record for about a minute or so then stop for whatever reason! needless to say I AM NOT 100% SATISFIED!!!!!!!!! AND WILL BE DEMANDING A FULL REFUND!!!!!! not only did I have to endure all the things I did just trying to get this thing to work it craps out on me at the moment I need it the most!!!! Absolutely horrible, please don't suffer the same fate as I did and save your self Time+money+headaches and DO NOT BUY THIS CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!
Update 2:Customer service with vantrue is top notch. They replaced both my front (n2 pro) and rear (x3) cameras with their super capacitor model the t2. These will likely survive the 100+ degree heat here in Florida during parking mode unlike the battery models they offer.Definitely go with this company over any other just based on their customer service. Any issues you have they will help you fix it the best they can. 5/5 starsUpdate 1:The camera was working great but now it randomly turns on and off through my drive. I've reformatted the sd card thinking it was running out of space but even with a clean sd card it still gives me this problem.I have used this camera for almost a month now and I will have to say that overall, this is a great medium ranged budget camera. My only issue with this camera has to be the unavailability to record at 60 FPS while using the cabin camera. Besides that, this camera is amazing - unless you care about using this as a way to record audio. With the upgraded GPS mount, this camera now fits my every need in case of anything involving insurance/speeding tickets!!{Specifications for those interested}Recording Options: (I use dual 1080P @ 30 FPS in order to use this as a half-way 2 channel setup)[Dual Camera Options]*1920x1080P x2 @ 30 FPS[Front Only Options]*2560x1440P @ 30 FPS*2304x1296P @ 30 FPS*1920x1080P @ 60 FPS or 30 FPSOther Options:[Loop Recording] 1/3/5/off Minutes[G-Sensor] off/high/medium/low[Audio Recording] on/off[Parking Mode] off/on*(I never used this feature, Parking Mode, as I take my cam with me because of the heat, but I'm sure someone else has reviewed this aspect of the camera).[Exposure] +2/+1/0/-1/-2[Number Plate] Not sure why this is an option, but if you wanted to you can[Stamp] Date and Time/Logo/Number/Speed/GPS Location (You can toggle each of these individually)[Rotate Display] on/off[Time Lapse] off/1/5/10/30/60 seconds[Power Off Delay] off/on[Auto LCD Off] off/1/3/5 mins[Device Sound] on/off*Additionally, you can adjust the time and date, language, and format the SD card within the cameras System Setup menu.*Another feature is the ability to replay your recordings on the cameras display or through a mini-HDMI port under the security cover next to the SD card port. When viewing form the cameras display it is almost impossible to discern the stamps on the video including gps and time data.*An optional upgrade is a GPS mount that unfortunately ships from China so you will have to wait between 2 and 3 weeks. My review of the GPS mount can be found here:
I've owned 2 of these and I am really happy with it. One had an issue after a year in service but the customer service was very efficient.
Buttons are a little small. Wires can be easier to install.
D. MacDonald
At first, I was a bit skeptical about the amount of negative reviews for this product. Digging deeper, they seem to be related to almost exclusively an old mount system. Maybe I got lucky, maybe they fixed it before shipping, but I've had zero issues with my device. It stays up and online when I am. Picture quality is great. I rideshare mostly for the bar crowd, so a dashcam is compulsory. This thing outshines any other option every day of the week. Pictures are clear, even video in complete darkness is way more than passable. Audio is amazing. The build quality is excellent. I literally have no complaints with this device.
Amazon Customer
Robert GA
The camera is great, but the mount that is included in the box isn't worth its weight in shipping costs. They have revised the mount, but sell it as an optional purchase. Also, if you like the way the normal mount wires in and you prewire for it and later decide to upgrade to the GPS option, be prepared for the camera to see further down on your windshield because the USB connector is moved from the side of the mount to the top. I found this out after my GPS mount arrived and I had to pull some extra wire to allow for the connection. Plus I am not as happy for how low the camera is now to allow the mount and cable to not be strained. The camera itself is great, but the accessories are problematic.
I 'm absolutely trilled by this dash cam. It has done all is intended without a glitch. Excellent video quality and view angle on both lenses i I will continue evaluating its performance but up to this date, I can't find any issues. I have heard other users requesting built in GPS but I disagree. It is just fine the way it is with the option to add the GPS function by buying the locking base with GPS.
The mounts will not hold the camera, after a very short time the camera will become loose and fall off the mount, or just move and not remain aimed out the window correctly. The company sent me a new mount, this one also within a few weeks became loose and does not stay in place. I also purchased the hardwire kit, and every time I leave the car for more than a few days I come back and the battery is dead. I disconnect the hardwire kit and battery stays charged while I’m away. It says it has voltage protection, but I haven’t seen that work yet. Very disappointed for the price I paid. I wanted it to love it and it be the answer for my needs.
Great dash cam. better then any of the ones I had before. the picture it awesome. it does just what I wanted it to do. I will recommend this cam and seller to my friends and family.
Randall Musick
Great product easy to use
Amazon Customer
cassidy orme
Doesn’t record when it should!
Amazon Customer
The camera works fine, it also records video of your passengers. You'll have to update the firmware in order to use cards over 32 gigs. I had issues with this, but the customer service team worked everything out with me.
esty porter
I do rideshare and haven't found a good dashcam, decided to try this vantrue n2. This is really the best dash cam I have had. The picture quality is amazing, the audio is good, and it's small too which I like. The last one I had was kind of bulky. I recommend this dash cam, it's definitely worth the value. Thankyou so much!
Alan S.
I am changing my review. After a fluke issue I had with the camera VANTRUE took great care of me in a timely manner and corrected the issue. The camera quality and picture quality is excellent and I can say the same thing about their Customer Service Highly Rated.
The horizontal orientation of the device is ideal, taking up less precious windshield space than some other designs. This allows me to hang the camera just below the rear view mirror, making it’s presence less intrusive.With the most recent firmware update, the device will record to 256g memory cards with no problem.The picture quality of great and the in-car audio is fantastic. My camera can even pick up conversation outside of the vehicle, as far as 20ft. away with just the sunroof open. The interior night vision mode is great, though I found it to be more consistent if you manually set the flood lights to on, vs. auto as city driving, where you are transitioning from light and dark conditions can cause the camera to fail to illuminate in small dark patches of drivetime.I would like to see them build a loop function into the camera which would loop the entire memory card, vs. just the smaller time increments. This would allow me to capture 20-25 hours of media before it loops back on old footage which would be more than enough archive should I encounter a problem which may take a day or two to surface.I did purchase the hardware instal kit and permanently mount the device.Overall, I spent several weeks researching cameras and reluctantly settled on this one after consulting with other rideshare drivers. I’m happy to say that I have no buyers remorse.The camera is now several weeks in service and going strong.
The first day you receive it, it's broken! terrible!It's been stuck for three hours
Amazon Customer
Used 5 different memory cards and was not able to view the videos. Format was fat32 same issue, tired two different computers same issue.
This is one of the best dash cams on the market. The video and picture quality is amazing. I really like the park mode. It records activity around your car 24/7.
Brendan S
Excellent choice. Excellent quality & everything is as advertised.
Henry Ong
This camera is uber cool. Works great, easy to setup, take down, etc. no complaints.
I have mixed feeling about this … I just believe for the money it cost it should turn my car in to the next generation casino security system. But in the end it does do the job and it is some what user friendly.. The wire is a bit of a pain in the butt to keep up from falling down in front of your face while driving but there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you out with that...
I have been using this for awhile now and have to highly recommend it to be the best duel lens dashcam I have ever used. I have 12 other brands which did not last long. Vantrues Pro Duel Lens dashcam has been the best! I live in Los Angeles where Outside temps have been over 100! This little camera held up to the heat without warping or having any defeats. I actually created a Small 4x4 piece of foam board which I attached to slip onto the base of the mount for added protection against the heat. This camera has been trouble free for me. The Cord I use to plug into the Cig lighter has been just enough length. I am suggesting this Dashcam to everyone I know who would like one....The duel lens not only captures people from inside (if you are a rideshare driver) but also captures anything from behind your vehicle. Great Picture quality day and Night! Durable and sturdy. My main thing is the easy ability to remove dashcam from mount without any issues....Love that feature! And easy to connect to computer for viewing video! I recommend reformatting the SD disk frequently as it will preserve the SD card.
I really like the camera the clarity is so good that there is clear visibility from both inside and outside. And it is a good space saver too as it doesn’t take much space on the windshield when attached. I feel secured after I started using this camera.
rooney avila
Its not easy spending 200 bucks but this device will make you feel at ease. While driving you can record front and back views. Its helped me with uber I've captured high res video of car accidents that works during insurance claims. Best device ever.
The swivel on the mount could be addressed. Besides that, good product
Patricia Montoro
Pros:1.) Awesome footage quality from both the rear and front facing cam.2.) Night vision works very well (I am a ride-share driver so this is a must) Although be aware that it is in black and white.3.) I love how easy it is to detach the camera from the suction cup mount / power source without having to take off the whole setup.4.) Firmware updates for a 256gb micro SD have been added along with other important updates.5.) Mic picks up audio pretty wellCons:1.) Parking Mode (which activates camera to record when abrupt shake or movement is felt) needs an external battery source. If car is turned off then parking mode is useless. Maybe next version, the camera can have bigger battery pack implemented.2.) In extreme heat suction cup mount may fall off but this has only happened when it has been parked in front of the sun for long periods.A little readjusting and air conditioning will fix that.3.) No internal memory or Micro SD card included. But that, business wise, is what could keep cost low and also give the consumer a choice on how much memory they want to spend on.4.) From what I've seen, if you only want to record from one camera, it can only be from the street viewing camera and not the inside cabin view. Maybe this can be fixed with a firmware update?Overall this is a great dash cam to have especially if you're a ride-share driver or even if your just using it for general use. I recommend for ride-share drivers get 256gb (the max) because then you wont have to constantly keep downloading videos every night or lose important footage because the loop video recording feature erased old footage. Every driver should have this dash cam because it helps with insurance claims and gives you peace of mind.
David M. Ice
I shopped around for a lot of units, and liked this one the best. It has worked flawlessly, and I'm very pleased. Video quality is quite good, and I've already downloaded a few clips of some really violent weather I had to drive through and even still the quality is outstanding. I especially like the dual camera mode--showing the inside of the vehicle as well as the windshield view. It's useful if somebody says you ran a red light because you were texting or something like that...and you can prove you weren't! Fortunately I haven't had any issues like that, but I did have a real near miss in Colorado Springs and was VERY glad I had video evidence of my right-of-way had an accident happened! Totally pleased.
Jennette Williams
Worked for 2 months then started turning on and off all by itself.contacted vantrue they said they needed a video of the problem.2 days later the screen stopped working and I have a video of it . vantrue said they needed more videos.not just one but several before they will do anything. They don't stand behind the product. BAD Seller's.**** Update as of today they sent me a new unit which seems to be working fine.( Took two months for the last one to develop problems) I believe that the problems with the unit is if it is turned on in the car on a hot day the unit gets to hot and fails . and if it's really hot like it gets here 100-115° it causes problems with the motherboard and chipset.
Camera has very high quality lens, and seems to be of high quality and feel, but definitely lighter to hold than I would have imagined. The use of Sony lenses really shows and the videos are clear and crisp. Being able to see video from inside and outside the car is very nice. However, since I'm not currently and Uber, Lyft, or cab driver, I don't know why I would need to video myself in the car. In fact, I wonder if this could potentially be used against me. You'll want to turn off the inside cam and put the outside cam to 60 fps to really be able to see license plate numbers and such while moving. Even 1080p doesn't allow you to see these THAT clear, otherwise.The clip is definitely a weak point. It has stuck to my windshield just fine with the adhesive and suction cup. And I like that the power plugs into the mount, rather than the camera itself. However, the clip provided is a bit "jiggly" and so there can be a bit of play from side to side with the camera. I don't think it'd really matter to the videos much, but it seems like it should be steady. My camera has also just fallen off the clip after left in hot sun. I think the clip that holds in place became too hot or who knows what. And the include clip doesn't allow use of the GPS feature.The company sends followup emails to help you use the camera and provide more information.The inside camera has infrared LEDs that you can have on at night and they show a very good inside picture of your car and passengers, without being distracting to passengers, but again, I don't really use this feature. It's also cool that it swivels or turns to make it work best for your car and mounting position.The buttons and functionality of the camera seem okay, but it's not exactly the most easy to use, figure out all the buttons, or get the settings just right. It's not THAT hard, but seems like it could be streamlined. Lots of menus, submenus, and icons you have no idea what they do without some sleuthing.The camera comes with a cigarette lighter cord and the cheapy mount. However, of course, you can buy a hard-wired cord kit (which you'll need to use the camera when parked, or to take advantage of all of the features.) And this kit isn't even available on Amazon right now. And you'll need to buy the sturdier updated mount version, if you don't want the jiggle (supposedly.) Oh, and you might want the GPS version of the mount to record where you actually are, if you want all the bells and whistles. For a cam that is $200, I really think these should be included from the beginning, instead of nickel and diming for more.There's a lot to like about this camera, but it just doesn't seem to quite have the polish of an electronics device that is almost $250 by the time you buy all the extras.
This dash camera is packed with features that I learned from You Tube before I purchased it! It is amazing the quality of the video & the stability of the camera when on rough roads & the great night time quality! The extra long power cord with the additional USB outlet for your cell phone is another plus.Also being able to hide the power cord & leave the window mount & removing the unit to take to the computer or laptop with the extra data/charge cable another plus! It also has a HDMI mini out & I had an adapter from my underwater camera to go to regular HDMI for play on a TV. I can't say enough about this unit, but suggest you watch some You Tube videos if you don't believe me! Great job VANTRUE!
S Fenlason
Works great in the car and the plane. Love the time laps feature. Great quality - great camera!
Oakley T.
Works well as described. Arrived on time. Happy with product. Easy to install.
Best camera in the market, good quality and price, customer service is the best, highly recommended,
Mavel Torres
N2 Pro is a convenient dash cam for a Uber/Lyft drivers. My customers and myself feel safe and secure knowing dash cam can help both parties. The only down fall was that security both parties went away in less then 1 month since I bought it, because the ball joint from cup mount is defective that can’t hold the dash cam in place. It just swings back and forth, not staying in place. If it wasn’t for that I would rated it 5 stars.
Jason Shugarts
Great camera quality both day/night and inside/out. However, the ball stem on the mount is horrible. After only a few short months the stem is no longer firm/tight so the camera just hangs awkwardly and is very loose. I've attempted to take the two mounting screws for the stem out, re position and then re-tighten. It stays tight again for about a day and then is loose again. Granted, I do remove my camera from the vehicle daily so it does get unmounted/remounted from the mount often but that shouldn't be a reason why the stem is failing only after 6 months of use.They do sell extra mounts so if you are like me and don't leave your camera in the car then plan on having to purchase mounts every few months. I suppose putting a strong epoxy type glue would work but then you wouldn't ever be able to re position the camera.
Carl Warych
What a great camera with a low profile when placed just below the rear view mirror. Has excellent camera quality and wide angle view. It’s made from quality material
Excellent Dashcam - using for part time lyft driving. Started with the regular (non IR) version of this camera, which was great but the added IR lights help a lot for night driving. I am however using the mount that was included in the regular version, and it has been working great. the new ball joint in the mount just seems a bit too bulky without adding much benefit. From other reviews, seems like this is the main thing Vantrue needs to work on.Front camera is ok and in my experience is a bit hit or miss for reading license plates of cars in front of you at night. My headlights and the reflection of the plate can make things difficult, but any dashcam will have the same issues.
The Saint
I purchased my first Vantrue N2 Pro webcam and I was so pleased with the recorded image quality, that I ordered another for my second car. You can easily hide the single power cable around the window edges of most vehicles like my 2017 Pacifica but my 2017 Mercedes Benz didn’t have good hiding spots around the dashboard. I also had to buy an extension cable for my Chrysler Pacifica because it needed just two more feet of cable length for a proper fit. Car webcams are so popular that it would be smart for car manufacturers to add a USB port behind the rear view mirror to make installation easier and cleaner.My one star deduction was for having a power cable too short for my Chrysler Pacifica and a poor design of the webcam mount that becomes loose at the tilting ball joint after a couple of weeks. The company quickly responded that you can either tighten the screw, which requires removing the window mount, or they would send a newer designed mount from China for both of my webcams. They even offered to upgrade the mounts to the GPS newer version for a Facebook review. The company also doesn’t abuse the pricing of accessories unlike most companies. You could buy upgraded mounts on Amazon for $4.99, GPS mounts for $22.99, and longer power cables to directly connect to power without a cigarette lighter socket for just $12.99. They really want happy customers to spread the word.
WJ Aguillard
Camera does not stay connected to the mount.
All good. Solved my issue with the mount. Only issue is the internal battery doesn't last long, and the hardwire kit doesn't do it's job, you have to manually turn the parking mode on and off, as well as the camera itself.
Mark L
Received this on July 18th, 2018 and a few days ago it died. Contacted amazon and they say they can’t do anything. Told me to contact the manufacturer and no response. Good camera otherwise until it dies less than 3 months later.
Immovable World
Camera seems to be good quality but I haven't had it long enough yet. Customer service is fantastic and if you have an issue they will fix it. The one thing I wish this camera offered is an adhesive mount for the windshield. I don't like suction cups as much.I'm using this in my car mostly for the interior view. I've only had it a day and I've already caught some crazy stuff from outside the car though.
Peter Anderson
Awesome dash cam. Perfect for ridesharing
This is an excellent cam for the money!! Crystal clear video, easy set-up and it works flawlessly. Great product, period!
Amazon Customer
Update: I have to say the customer service is very good! When I emailed & said the mount does not work, they sent me a new mount right away. The product works great. The only issue I have is: the USB cable is not long enough and my car does not have regular car charger port except USB ports.
Lynda R.
Footage is crystal clear. I use mine while Ubering and it’s come in handy a few times. I’ll probably buy another one for my wife’s car. Best cam on the market!
Jason K
I have owned this camera for about two months now and I have no regrets. It is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. This camera is a dual facing camera with true IR night vision built in. You can get a clear, quality picture of the cab in complete darkness. I would recommend this to anyone driving for Uber or another similar service. The front facing camera is very high quality, you can shoot in HD +, at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps all the way down to whatever resolution you need. The camera comes packaged in a quality box with a detailed, easy to understand instruction manual which I recommend that you keep. There's so many options available to set this camera to fit your needs no matter what they are. It has a parking monitor setting that I really like. It will turn on every few minutes as set or when it senses a jolt or abrupt movement as long as it's hooked into a power supply that stays on when the vehicle is off or directly wired into your fuse box. The camera will automatically place a video in a protected folder if it suspects a wreck has occurred so that it doesn't get overwritten by the loop recording if you have it set that way. It can record audio even with the interior camera off if you choose to. I drive a 2015 Subaru Wrx Sti Impreza Limited Edition and although I try not to speed often, I get pulled over constantly. It is the most ticketed car in America according to a study released by and I like having the peace of mind knowing that all audio is recorded on my end as well as the officers. I have also found that my car attracts every idiot who thinks they want to race me down public roads. These people (mostly teenagers) will weave in and out of traffic pulling in front of me and slowing down, driving in my blind spot, speeding past me and then slowing down till I come up even with them revving their engine and flying off. I have had everything from pickup trucks to Honda civics, motorcycles to a Range Rover lose their minds when they pull up beside me. With my dash cam going I have the peace of mind that if one of these idiots ends up wrecking we have video evidence of the situation. Also people like to bang the windows hard enough to engage the camera looking inside my car while it's parked at the grocery store. It's a nice car but it's all factory I don't know why everyone wants to play like we are in fast and furious everytime they see it. Thankfully no accidents or damage has occurred, but I have enjoyed being able to show people clear video of the antics. I have found that 1080 @ 60fps is sufficient to give me pictures clear enough to see license plates at night on playback. Honestly I haven't scratched the surface of the options this camera provides. It has a button you can hit while driving to take a photo without pausing recording and much more. I read some reviews complaining about the quality of the mount, but it seems they have fixed that mine sits firmly in place without any problems. In fact I intend to order the mount with GPS installed then it will add information like my location and speed to the video while driving as well as a kit to wire it directly into the cars wiring harness because I don't intend to leave home without it. They also have prompt customer service. I had a question about formatting my SD card because I didn't read my manual and someone answered my email and was able to get me back on track in less than 24hrs. Everyone should have a dash cam and this model has surpassed my expectations. I would recommend this to my family and friends.
I love how easy it is to set up in my car and how it sticks to the windshield. It’s nust harder bc I actually have to research using it and there’s not a record button to press.
Great dashcam. Clear video. Good sound.
Pablo Durelli
I've been using my Vantrue N2 Pro for a few weeks now and think that it is a really excellent product. Very easy to use and then review the very good quality footage on a Mac. Perfect for out front and inside car recording. Very highly recommended.
As a driver of a ridesharing company, I bought this product back in January of 2018 as a protection for me and my passengers during trips. At first, I was skeptical because of its price tag. But when I received it, it exceeded my expectations. It is durable and most importantly, the video and sound quality is excellent. The G-senor is sensitive. So, you may have to lower its settings base on the quality of the road you are driving. Or else, you may find a lot of video files on your "Event" file after a rough drive, in which you have to manually delete everything. Some passengers I had liked it also.After 6 months, its still working perfectly.
ismaiel kayali
A very clear dash cam, love the wide angle... super clear.. add on that, best customer service I ever experienced, very smooth transaction.
I was on the market for a Dash Cam and after tons of research, so I settled with the Vantrue N2 Pro. To be honest, I wasn't initially impressed with it, the LCD was super small, and I found the menu navigation to be a bit cumbersome. However, after using it for a couple of times, I was very impressed with the actual recording quality for both front and rear cameras. The Infrared Night Vision far exceeded my expectation.The only issue I had was that the camera kept recording even after it supposedly went to "sleep" after 5 minutes of inactivity from the front. The camera continued to record for the entire time the car was parked. It was supposed to wake up and start recording only when the sensor detected movements from the front. I tried parking against a wall and still the camera kept recording. I believe I received a defective unit, and I am in the process of getting a new one. This is my only reason for a 4 star. I am hoping when I get the new one, I will not have this issue.Despite the issue outlined above, I would recommend this Dash Cam to anyone. If you don't plan on hard-wiring it, the issue above (even if it is not an isolated issue) should be a non-issue.-----------------------------------------------------------------Update:I have had this camera for about 8 months now, and unfortunately I had to downgrade my 4 stars review to 2 stars. I do want to clarity that the issue I outlined above was due to a faulty device.Ironically, I still love the product. The recording quality far exceeds my expectation. Here's why I updated I changed my rating:1) GPS/Speed monitoring issue: this is probably due to a bad design (why design the GPS/Speed to be on the mount instead of building it into the Dash Cam itself?). I kept having issues with the GPS/Speed not working properly with the required GPS mount. It simply would not work. I returned it and got a refund. Fortunately, I was able to get one for free from the company and that one worked without any issues until...2) Dash Cam does not turn on automatically: my car battery needed to be replaced, and for some reason the Dash Cam stopped turning on automatically when the car stars. I had to manually turn on. Of course! I sometimes forget and lose the driving footage. I am thankful I did not need any of those footage. The GPS/Speed monitoring still worked, but the device would not turn on automatically. I reached out to support and received a replacement.3) Repeat of issue #1: I received the new Dash Cam, and it worked. However, the GPS/Speed issue returned. I have the same GPS mount that was working before, but for some reason it does not work with the new Dash Cam I received.Conclusion: As far as recording quality goes, this is an excellent product. It will not fail you. Night vision is awesome. The image is crystal clear, and the sound quality is wonderful. Customer support is good; however, they are based in China, so you may have to wait a while for a response. But you usually do get a reply within 24 hours. If you don't care for GPS and Speed monitoring, go ahead and buy this Dash Cam. However, if you do care about those things, buy at your own risk.
Tim Fred
I drive for Uber and felt that a quality dashcam would be a great safety feature. I researched a lot of dashcams and read a ton of reviews and decided on the Vantrue N2 Pro. I've used it for about a month and couldn't be happier with the product. First of all, the camera arrived amazingly fast, as advertised, in 2 days. After a little familiarization with the controls, I installed it using the provided cigarette lighter cord and standard suction cup mount. The mount has remained very secure and the cord is long enough to hide under the headliner and route under the glove box of most vehicles. After installation, the camera records automatically every time you start the car. The video quality is outstanding and the night vision capability, especially for the rear facing camera, is a definite plus for ride sharing drivers. Highly recommend!
Roy C.
after 3 weeks of using N2 Pro, I can tell you this is the best dashcam in the market now, day or night time footage is crisp and clear, nobody notice it is on the windshield, get it now, you would not regret it.
Jason F
Wonderful camera with great after sale support.
Mike Brandyburg
Installs easily and picture quality is more than adequate. Interior camera angle could be a bit wider.
This camera has very good video quality during the day. At night
Exceptional dash cam with clear and crisp video. Additional features such as time lapse and saving high vibration events as non-writeable are useful capabilities. I've had it for a few months now and functions just as advertised. 5 Stars!
I recieved the mount. The suction cup doesn't really stick well to the window. Also I was wondering if the is a remote i could just to turn the cameras on or off? Can you let me know?
Maxwell Anderson
I bought this dashcam for some piece of mind performing rideshare work. I have been very satisfied with the quality of both the front and back cameras, including the night vision which comes in as sharp as daylight. Audio quality is excellent and despite a little road noise all conversations are clearly discernible. Installation was super easy, running the optional fuse circuit (sold separately) was a little more challenging but anyone could do it.Have recommended this dashcam to other rideshare drivers, and seems to be a very popular choice. Well worth the money!
Cam & Cody Eberlyn
UPDATE 2019: After reviewing this dash dash cam Vantrue contacted me by email to send me a new mount for both cameras. The new mounts work awesome & I have had no issues with anything else. These dash cams are amazing & I would highly recommend them. The video quality is actually really clear & crisp on the front & rear cameras. I have had zero issues with the amazing video quality. The sound quality is also awesome. The sound quality is so clear that you can hear your kids in the backseat whispering & plotting to tickle you all while the radio is on. Vantrue has amazing customer service & handled our problem efficiently. I highly recommend this dash cam for anyone who is looking for amazing quality & great customer service!1ST REVIEW 2018: This dash cam is great for audio & picture. Our only problems are that the mechanism that holds the camera in place became loose on both of the two we purchased here and because it came loose our dash cams just wobble all around so you can't take good video & that the USB port connection at the top of mount broke somehow in the middle of the night by itself....which bewilders the heck out of me
The best dash camera I have used so far. Good picture and sound quality.
Neil Whitney
Takes amazing video, definitely have peace of mind when I'm ridesharing, and I love that there are no annoying lights at night.
I highly recommend this product. It was small but the video quality was really good. I loved that it takes videos inside the car as well. When I had questions their customer team responded right away. Don’t miss out on this dash cam.
Terry Naylor
Let it be known that this is my first dash cam. It was recommended by Youtuber Ken Heron. So far I'm quite impressed by the overall quality of this dash cam. I've only had it for a few months but it's performance has been great. The image quality is as expected by all the reviews I watched while researching it. The rear facing camera is good and seems it will do fine for the purpose it's intended for. I'm still trying to figure out the "park" mode feature and how exactly it works - note that I do have an outlet that has constant power. Really my only complaint is that it didn't come with the GPS mount. I ended up buying one from eBay (big mistake) and the swivel mount is way too loose right out of the box, with no way to tighten it without rigging it somehow. I understand, there is a new version out which solves that issue so I hope to get that one soon. The price on this dash cam is a bit high but for the sale price I paid, I feel that all in all, it was way worth it!
I bought the camera for rideshare driving. It's super light-weight and the night vision feature captures everything happening inside the vehicle. During the day it captures activity behind the vehicle. Highly recommend!
Perfect Dual Camera. Although, I hardwired the camera to my door lamp fuse to ensure the camera would never shut off. Since I've done this the camera will not stay on and constantly powers off and on. I checked the voltage on the mount and it's a constant 5-6 volts with car running or turned off. I cannot figure out why the camera won't charge or constantly stay on. If I plug the camera into the cigarette lighter it works just like it's supposed to. I'm wondering if it has something to do with the mount? I also read in another comment that it might be due to the heat. I did notice the other night that it had no problems staying on. Other than that the camera is perfect, just wish i could figure out how to make it work properly when it's hardwired.
My son is a new driver. In addition to the statistics being against him for age and gender of crashes, there are so many new distractions for other drivers as well. This camera will help us identify the cause of a crash should one occur. If my son is at fault, we will be able to address the issue, however; should it be the fault of another driver and should they try to pin it on my son because of his age and inexperience, we will have proof of what actually happened.I called my insurance company and told them we had the camera expecting it would garner some sort of discount (constant video and audio monitoring of one of their statistically highest risk clients?!?). Nope! But I bet they will ask for the video to help their case should they need it... that part is frustrating, but this camera is gold!
I use this primarily for rideshare driving. I drive full time and this dashcam adds extra security and a sense of comfort by recording both outside my vehicle and inside. It is a must have for rideshare drivers. It is fully customizable, with night vision and loop recording which are key features. I wouldn't use any other camera on the market
Kumar Mayuresh
Its been 3 weeks using the product and its working as expected, video quality is good, day and night time(night video quality can be better) overall, its a good dash cam with good image quality & ease of use.
Robert J Gheysens Jr
Horrible picture quality, absolutely mind blowing that the reviews are rated as high as they are. Listen, I put this thing in park mode and ducked and dodged a little bit. The quality is absolutely horrible. I don't think I have a defective unit, however I am open minded and I can only hope that this was someone else's whom had gotten it wet or something.
Ahmad Z
It’s the best dash cam with the best combination of reliability, image quality & ease of use. Affordable Price, I use it for work. Thanks
Amazon Customer
Battery no longer holds a charge, sd that came with it never worked had to buy a new one. Will not format new as card. Sometimes the control buttons don’t work. Definitely stay away from this dash cam.
Frank C
I bought the N2 Uber pro as a replacement to the X2 2.5K dash cam i already had. i was pleasantly surprised how easy the N2 was to set up and the video quality is excellent! having the front and rear view will be very helpful in the event of a rear facing incident.
I ordered and received this Dash Cam a while back and am just now writing this review. It is very easy to use as long as you read up on the manuals the first time. Very user friendly. I am using this with a UHS 1 U3 micro sd card and gives clear videos day and night! Will give an update on a sample video when i get a chance.
As ride share driver, I recommend this for someone looking for a simple, good, all-in-one dash camera. The features this camera has, makes this dash cam a great purchase. I like that it even saves each camera feed as separate file. At night the picture is still clear and detailed. The only reason I give four stars is because the plastic that the mount is made of warp and loosens in a hot vehicle. This makes the camera dangle and even sway and move with every turn of the vehicle. However I am under the impression that this is being remedied, and trust this cam will continue to stand out from the rest.
Great dashcam. I wanted a dashcam that 1) had front and back facing cameras, 2) high resolution on both front and back cams, 3) small profile to not block much of front windshield, 4) ability to angle cams independently. This fit the bill and had a lot of helpful reviews to evaluate how I would like it for my needs. Fast shipping and good follow-up from vendor (they gave updates on shipping and provided helpful guides as I was learning all of the features.
Mark M
I bought this in November 2017. It's now July 2018 and the swivel is now loose and not tight enough to keep the camera in place. It just dangles. BEWARE! I just found other reviews claiming this problem. Wish I can get a refund.---UPDATE! If you contact the reseller, they will provide you a new replacement swivel piece. The replacement should prevent the swivel from becoming too loose. Updating stars to 4.
I love this dashcam. The picture quality is amazing. Even the night time video is of good quality. It is very easy to set up and use. I love the security of having my drives captured for insurance and safety purposes. I highly recommend this product.