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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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justin d slauson
The camera itself is great. After a few weeks, the mount had an issue, but support has been very fast to respond and offer a replacement.
As many others have stated, the default mount of this came loose almost immediately after using it. I bought a replacement, which took a while to arrive - had to come all the way from China. It was slightly annoying, but the new one seems to be much sturdier. I'm just a little annoyed I had to pay more money to fix a known problem. Oh well, they're only an extra 5 bucks or so.The setup and recording features are pretty straight forward. I'm still a little unclear on exactly what the "parking feature" does exactly, and it wasn't really explained in the manual very well. It basically sounds like it will just record after you turn the car off. Everything else was very clear and apparent. I'm not thrilled about having to manually format the thing every few weeks, as the manufacturer recommends, but I plan on getting in the habit of pulling footage off of it regularly, so it won't be too much of an inconvenience. If you want a set-it-and-forget-it-, though, this might not be the product for you.The self facing camera is really good. I was surprised at how much of the inside of the car it covers! During one test, I thought I had it pointed solely at me and not the passenger in the passenger seat, but the camera managed to pick up both of us easily.Sound is really good. Me and my passenger were talking at a normal volume and the camera picked it up really well. This also means it will pick up the radio or whatever you have going in the background.I'm a little underwhelmed at the lighter-to-mini display cable. It's extremely long, and is meant to wind around the inside of your vehicle. Right now it seems like way too much of a pain to bother, so I just keep a majority of it tied up sitting in a compartment on my dash, and have it dangle down directly from the camera. No big deal, just a little ugly. There are instructions online for a couple of ways to address this. Keep that in mind before buying.Overall, I recommend getting this dashcam if you are on a budget, just MAKE SURE you pick up an SD card (I went with the 64GB), and the "upgrade" mount. I bought all three separately and had to wait significantly longer then I wanted to because of it.
Amazon Customer
Was hoping for a camera with 360 degree protection 24/7 but this is onl good when car is on front and back.
Great cam. Great video pix. This cam save me from headache when I called the insurance without the police report and witness after the accident.
Robert R.
I loove this dash cam. It is most likey the best one. It records HD on both cameras simultaneously. And the night vision is great on both cabin and outview camera.
I never had a dash cam before so I have nothing to compare to.Audio is annoying. It records a lot of interior noise. I still have to find a place to set it because the main thing it records is my face. The rear is obstructed by the front seats head rests.Recording of the outside is outstanding.Camera does not come with GPS or the continous power cable. Gotta buy those items extra.The quality of the windshield GPS mount is poor.I called customer service and they send me a new model which is a serious improvement over the old model so if you decide ti buy one, make sure you get the newer model.Customer service is the best!These people back up their product with pasion. Very responsive, kind and helpful.Over all, i am very satisfied with the product.
Is a great camera but base is already useless they contacted me right and sent a new one know this thing keeps shutting off in transit .haven't heard back from venture camera has been down for a week and dont have time to text them.might find a new manufacturing company
Charlie Chen
Camera was fine, but the ball socket within 2 months became super loose. The videos had good clarity, but shook a hell of a lot due to the ball being basically free spinning. I had tried to tighten all the screws but it barely made a difference. Sent an email to VANTRUE which went ignored.Disappointed overall.UPDATE: Seller reached out and sent me a replacement, now works great.
William B.
The camera picture is great. The size of the unit and the features work perfect in my Jag. It is easy to install and set up. I had an issue, which others have mentioned, with the mount causing the camera to become loose after a few months use. However the customer service is superb and provided an improved design replacement when informed of the problem. I would definitely recommend this dash cam to others.
Todd K
This dashcam was perfect! It is bit smaller than shown in picture but that makes it less obtrusive. It works great! I had a 64 gb sd card in there and it held video for about 6 hours. I just recently put a 128 gb sd card in there and it now covers most of the day.(I do recommend getting 2 cards so that they can be swapped out and downloaded if needed). Very happy with the purchase. My only concern is the swivel mount is a little loose and will move a little if you hit a bump.But I have been notified by Vantrue that they are correcting this.
Best camera ever day or night!!!
I like it when the dash cam shows in the front and back. It’s easy.
Debbie E
I purchased four of these dash cameras this year and am very happy with them. Originally we were only going to buy two of the cameras for our teens that just received cars and obtained their driver's licenses...something to give me piece of mind "in case" something happened. After reading the reviews on Amazon and watching videos of the product, we decided to get 2 more for us (parents). Now all four of us have them. They are very easy to use and set up. The clarity of the video is great and I love the ability to have both the front of car and back of the car covered one one system. The range of coverage is pretty good and does cover the corners of the car in case anything occurred on the side. I disconnect the camera at the mount and it is easily accessible, allowing the mount and plug to remain in place. I connect mine right under the front mirror and it does not block the view out the front. Reasonably priced for the piece of mind it provides. I have had to reach out to the company for a question and received a response back in less than 24 hours. Good customer service.
UPDATE: 12/13/18: I give up! This suction cup thing sucks!!! (or doesn't. ha!) Can't keep it on the windshield, so camera is USELESS!!! Anyone want to buy it at a huge discount? I'll sell it to ya.UPDATE 9/6/18: The cam seems loose/wobbly where it is connected to the mount. The suction cup has also become unreliable and falls off the windshield!!!!!Original Review:I've had the opportunity to use this in my car for about a week so far, and, although it's a very nice dash cam that has some features others don't, and appears at first to be high end, it's really not worth the high price tag in my experience. I won't go into all of the features because they are all listed in here on Amazon (and on Vantrue's website). But I will tell you what I liked and didn't like.Pros:1. Video quality is very good. I mainly used the dual 1080P resolution (both front and rear cams), which is pretty crisp.2. The dual cameras are great for not only seeing your passengers (like what the kids are doing), but also if something happens in back of you, you can see it. I had footage of nobody in back of me one minute, and the next there's a truck right up on my rear who almost rear-ended me. Turns out he was flying at least 90mph on a 35mph road, and all of a sudden nearly forcing me off the road. I like that the rear camera showed it all out of my back window!3. The IR lights work well to capture video inside at night4. I like the small semi-discreet size of this cam.5. I can download and install firmware updates easily from their web site.6. I like that this has Parking Mode for security. I use a battery pack to power it when the car is turned off, and it's worked well for that. The motion sensor seems to work pretty well, at least for initially detecting motion.Cons:1. It worked very well for only a couple days. Then I noticed it was not recording my trips at all one day (even though it was on and I did not touch/change anything). It captured footage in the morning in Parking Mode, then after starting up the car and traveling, I found no video of my trip at all!!! So missing footage is a BIG DEAL BREAKER here!2. When viewing videos via it's Playback, it locked up. Totally locked up! I could not even turn if off. Had to press in the reset button. NOT GOOD.3. A lot of the Parking mode videos were cut off -- mostly around 10-12 seconds, with some cut off after only 2 seconds, when there was definitely motion still going on that was not captured. NOT GOOD.4. It is flakey sometimes when plugging it into the computer. Instead of letting me choose the Mass Storage mode (so the computer sees it as a drive to copy videos), it quickly displays that menu, and before I can select, it says "Goodbye" on the screen and shuts itself off. I have to try a few times, holding the button in the whole time and sometimes that keeps the menu on the screen so I can then choose Mass Storage. NOT GOOD.5. The audio! There is this constant crunching sound going on. Like someone's eating a bowl of Captn Crunch. It's in every video. I've even noticed it in videos other posted in reviews, or on YouTube. I can't believe they haven't fixed that, since it seems to have been happening for a while based on the videos I've seen.6. The mount attachment no longer "clicks" when sliding it back on. Not sure why. But I'm afraid it might not be attached as securely anymore, because it can easily be slid off without having to press down the lever (that was supposed to click when you snap it on).7. I am wishing this had wi-fi and a connecting app now, because it's become sort of a pain to keep taking this off and back on the mount (and trying to point it correctly again each time), just to view or copy video. Even to take the SD card out is too difficult without dismounting it. I will look for a wi-fi dashcam next.
M. Eskridge
I received this as a gift and couldn't be happier than if I had picked it out myself. I love the quality of the audio/video and the front/back cameras. The unit itself is well built and I like the quick disconnect feature, so it doesn't have to stay out in the hot sun when the car is parked all day.
First off, after a while, the mounting bracket shaft starts to loose pivot tension. This will cause camera to sway when turning, stopping and accelerate. I used a windshield sunvisor & cut a piece out. Cut an 1/8” channel through the center, and wedged one on top of the other as shown to create resistance, and a sun shield at the same time. Problem solved. But really, company should have a resolution by now.I give 5 Stars for the camera in itself. The amount is totally different 0 score.
Joe Rogers
I've been wanting one for a while and decided to purchase one after getting cut off twice in 10 minutes in traffic. After reading a bunch of reviews, I decided on this camera and GPS mount. Easy installation and excellent picture. The GPS mount became loose over time and Vantrue promptly shipped a replacement. I would buy again.
Larry D.
I am very impressed by this camera. It has a plethora of functions that I find very useful and valuable. The video is very clear and the wide angle of view allows me to capture everything on the road ahead of me, as well as the interior of my car. If you drive rideshare, you definitely need this camera! Although the specs state that a 32GB memory card is the largest it can use, I am using it with a 64GB card and it works fine.The only downside so far has been the camera mount. After being exposed to the sun for a few days, the swivel became so loose that the camera would flop around and not stay in place. I contacted Vantrue support and they are shipping me a newer model mount that is supposed to handle the heat better. Hopefully this will fix the problem. Once I receive the new mount and try it out for a while, I will update my review. The camera itself is awesome, but the mount definitely needs some work.
I have been using the following Vantrue products in my 2014 Honda Crosstour for the last two months. This is my first dash cam purchase and I can say without a doubt that I do not regret my purchase, at all.-Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam (B0742J69SQ):Easy set-up. Great picture. Parking mode works perfectly.-Vanture Dash Cam Hardwire Kit (B073QNDP45):A must-have for using parking mode. More than enough length to reach one of the interior fuse boxes on a 2014 Honda Crosstour (8th/9th gen. Honda Accord are similar). You will need to purchase an in-line fuse or "add-a-circuit" separately (which makes sense, since vehicle power distribution circuitry is not universal)-Vantrue GPS mount (legacy)(B01JUAV1C6):Great quality and fitment overall; however, pivot point is weak and would not hold the Vantrue N2 Pro steady. I tried tightening the pivot screws but it did not improve the loose pivot at all.-Vanture GPS mount (NEW)(B07CYW6JXW):Great quality and fitment. Adds GPS functionality. Improved pivot point on mount has adjustable tension and works perfectly!I had only one issue with the GPS mount being incredibly loose (B01JUAV1C6)(like a bobble-head). Vantrue Customer Care is INCREDIBLE (THANK YOU, Kelly!). At the same time I opened a support case for the GPS mount, a new version of the GPS mount was released (B07CYW6JXW), with an improved pivot design. I explained how loose the GPS mount had become, and Kelly with Vantrue Customer Care did not hesitate to send me a replacement. The new GPS mount design is perfect, and the finishing touch to my amazing dash cam experience.
Douglas Moore
This is a great dash for driving for Uber. Records both inside and out of the car in amazing quality. Top notch product.
This is the best dash cam I have had. I know that sounds like I am being paid to say that but this dash cam truly is the best one I've owned. I had to return two different models because they were defective right out of the box, plus their video quality was not very good. The video quality on this is very nice both the daytime and night time video. I turned off the rear facing cam so I could get the 60 FPS on the front facing one which made a very big difference on the quality. It is crystal clear. With my prior two cameras the night time video was terrible to the point of you not being able to see any object unless it was in direct view of your head lights. With this unit you can see everything on the road even outside of direct light.Just like other reviewers mentioned I had issues with the swivel mount where just days after installing the cam it became very loose. The product support was very responsive and contacted me the following day of reaching out to them. They sent me a replacement the day after I contacted them. The manufacture states that they have been in contact with their supplier to make the swivel out of a different material to prevent this from happening. So if you get one with a defective mount make sure to contact them on their web page and they will make it right.Pros:-Great video quality both day and night.-Good options to tweak your videos.-Very intuitive and easy to understand controls.-The buttons are easily accessible and are placed in good positions.-Excellent customer support.-Build quality seems very good. The plastic is not cheap plastic that you see in less expensive dash cams.Cons:-Somewhat spendy for what you get. At this price point I would expect to have WiFi options and at least a capacitor based system rather than a battery.-Has a Lithium battery instead of a capacitor. If you know much about batteries you know they don't like heat. Since this is right up on the windshield it will be getting very hot which will probably reduce the life span.-Included swivel mount is very weak, although the new one is supposed to correct this.Even with the cons I rated this as a 5 star system mainly because the dash cam works as advertised and the superior video quality compared to my last two dash cams.Tip:Just a last tip for people that may not think of this. When you get the dash cam please go to Vantrue's web site and download then install the latest firmware. This firmware update greatly improves the video quality. I'm in the IT field and I always look for updated firmware with my electronics but I'm sure a lot of people don't do this.
Kayvon Beiram
I absolutely LOVE this camera and if I could give it more than five stars, I would. It's super easy to set up and the quality of video it captures is nothing short of fantastic. As someone who sometimes drives for Lyft and Uber, this has come in handy several times when I've had some unruly passengers. You can really customize the features on this too which I liked as well. I can't recommend this camera enough, I'd tried a couple of different models and ended up returning them, but once I'd done a little research, it was pretty clear that this was the best dash camera on the market so I knew I wanted one. I lucked out and got this for a great price on one of those flash deals Amazon sometimes runs.
Joe H
I love this cam! It looks good, was easy to install and provides an excellent picture quality. The best you can get in this price range.
This camera was exactly as described in the majority of reviews found here and video reviews on another website. Perfect for ride sharing. The rear camera works better at night than I thought. My only complaint was the ability to tighten the mount where it swivels but now they’ve remedied that. Customer service is very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend.
Zero stars if possible! Negative marks if I could! Don't buy if you want it for your protection. Not reliable! Camera purchased for my safety. I was in a small accident. The G-sensor did not work. Accident was not recorded. In addition, camera does not record consistently.Totally worthless as protection for recording.Not worth a penny of what I paid for it. No different than not having a camera except I paid $199.00 to have a non-functioning camera. Very poor product.
Mr Bakerman
Edited: see update at bottom.This is a review by an Uber/Lyft driver, so if it works for me, it will definitely work for you! The product itself is solid, extremely solid. The price made me wonder if it would be cheap feeling, but it most certainly isn't. The case has a nice "soft finish" plastic case, and the rubber port cover on the side fits snuggly. The video quality is unbelievable! Daytime video is bright and fully saturated, whilst nighttime video is crisp and clear. The advertised field of view is accurate, and you only lose some of the field of view when objects are less than 10' from the lens.So why four stars? Simple. The suction cup mount sucks. It actually sucks so bad it cost the product a full star. The ball joint where the camera mounts is very weak, so the slightest bump will knock the camera off center. The suction cup is a bit weak too. Wet or dry, the suction cup lasts maybe a week before it falls off the glass.29 Jun 2018 update: I contacted the company to complain about the mount. They contacted me back within a day, offering to replace it with a new version addressing my very issues! Apparently the one I received from Amazon was the last stock of the original mount. Very pleased now, and well worth the five star review!
Anthony B
I've had it for about a year now and it works well, but what doesn't work well is the mount. I even worked with their customer service to get a replacement, which I got, but even that one isn't functioning properly. The camera won't stay still because the ballhead mount is too loose- so what you get is a camera that just bobbles back and forth, unable to keep a steady shot. You're also forced to use the mount since that's is what connects to the usb power cord and powers the camera. The mount is definitely the weak point of this product and even after replacing it, it still works terribly.Update: Vantrue reached out to me to offer another replacement mount. They provided the GPS mount, which has a ballhead joint that has a screw lock to keep the joint from moving around. Upside: the camera no longer moves around or jiggles. Downside, the design of the GPS mount- the GPS unit makes the rotating lock about double the size of the normal mount, so I'm forced to place the camera lower on the window so it will clear the headliner of my car. In addition, the usb plug is at the top of the GPS unit, which makes that rotating arm entirely too long when it swings up to lock the suction cup. So I'm stuck in a lose/lose situation- I either use a faulty jiggly mount, which allows me to mount the camera where I want to and it doesn't impede my vision while driving...or I use the GPS mount, which keeps the camera from jiggling, but now the camera is in my line of sight, below my rear view mirror and also more in plain view, increasing the chances of being stolen. In an ideal world, they would have the screw lock on the normal mount, not just the GPS mount. I still like the camera, but why is such a necessary part such a complete fail?Update #2- Vantrue sent me a new mount, redesigned with a screw lock on the ball joint. This mount should be on every dashcam. The camera no longer has issues. Props to Vantrue for following up and fixing the issue.
Amazon Customer
I love this camera, I use it for daily driving and for lyft and Uber. I love the parking mode because I am in college and fender benders and door dings happen all the time so it’s nice to have a camera that can see it all
michael anderson
The quality of the video is great! I really like the video quality of the video at night with the IR Led lights. Audio is very clear. The rear cameras cover the whole cabin of my car. I was impressed that the charging cable was long enough to be hidden and still reach the cigarette lighter. The only problem I have experienced is with the mount in extreme heat conditions. But when I contacted customer they were very helpful and expedient in resolving my issue.
Update......I had to change my review to 3-Stars because after using the dash cam for 1 year plus there are 2 problems.#1 the internal battery is AWFUL and Does Not hold a charge. Once unplugged from the power source, the cam will stop recording and shut down and off.No matter how long I charge the battery, the battery does not hold a charge. The cam must be contacted to the power supply or it will quickly power itself off.#2 The cam stops keeping the correct date and time. I will change from the current date to 1/1/2018.After spending over $199 for the cam I expected the cam not to reverts back to 1/01/2018 on the time and date stamp.
Vincent Russo
Excellent product and fast shipping.
One of the best dash cams for the price I've ever had. Inside camera captures outside of the vehicle as well, so you can see cars approaching from left and right. But for that I had to position camera just below rear view mirror.I also purchased hardwire kit. Can't wait to get that hooked up. For now just ran wires through front passenger pillar from cigarette lighter.Video quality good. Camera itself is very light but has a nice feel to it.Last few days it was very hot in San Jose. I had the car sit in the sun - no problems whatsoever.
Richard Norris
I have had my camera since January of this year and I absolutely love it . The quality of the video is amazing. It has already saved some headaches when officers reviewed what it saw compared to what the other person involved said. I will never be without an in car camera again.
The image quality is excellent for both forward and rear cameras. License plates can be clearly seen in both day and night. Night vision for the rear facing camera is excellent too. I had a issue with the mount not holding the camera in its fixed position but Vantrue is promptly sending a new one. I will follow up on the new mount as soon as I receive it.
Mark Stanley
This camera is amazing! Both cameras record in very good quality. I love how each camera also saves into two separate files while recording. The night vision of the in-cabin camera is very clear as well. Highly recommended!
I wanted to get a Dash cam for a long time, capturing both videos in case of an accident and while vacationing. This dash cam have both front and rear facing lens, capturing outside and inside the car. The videos are very sharp and the audio are crisp. I was even able to hear the radio clearly.I have been using this camera for a week and it is very simple to use. You connect the power supply to the Dash cam. Once I start up the car, powering up the Dash cam, it automatically start recording both the inside and the front of the car. The videos are stored on a MicroSDXC card, viewable on the tiny one inch screen on the Dash Cam or on your computer. I didn't need to install any additional software to view the videos on my computer. Each video is 3 minutes in length and occupy about 272mb. The filename are named based on the timestamp and whether it is the front or inside the car, very handy to identify which video you want to play.The mount itself securely locked onto the windshield and will not shake or vibrate. That is a big plus!
A. J. Gillespie
This camera is amazing. I’m a commuter in Los Angeles and hear about people hitting cars and driving off all the time. This camera takes amazing quality photos and video. The night video is fantastic and extremely clear. This keeps me driving smart, and is a great investment.
I just purchased in April 2018 mines stopped working after a few months. Vantrue sent me a new mount and help me get my device reprogrammed correctly. So far so good with exception of that hiccup.
Philip Cebollero
The video quality is very good, the rear camera's night vision mode functions well and is pretty clear. Mounting to the windshield is quick and easy and the suction cup has not lost contact yet, I've had the camera for a little over three months and live in a very hot climate.
Darrell Perdue
The mount was loose and turning the screw did no good it also would not remembwr settings on power off so returned it.
T G. P
Great product, good price and prompt delivery made me a happy customer!.
Inderpreet Singh
After having 2 accidents where the perpetrators have simply lied about what happened to the insurance, I bought the N2 Pro dashcam to get future justice. I've had it for under a month.Installation was quick enough. Took about a minute to stick it to the windshield. It has stable suction, similar to what I've found on phone mounts (like the iOttie).The 1080p video quality is great on the front camera. I was a bit cautious about the back cam, almost wanting to disable it because I didn't think one would need it. After seeing the "fisheye" type of an effect on the back cam, I've been digging the almost 180 degree scope of the videos.I wish there was a better way to hide the wire. I'm holding out future hope for a wireless one. :)
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Camera is great all around. Customer service is super nice and very professional. I would recommend this dashcam to anyone.
I've had the dual camera for about 5 months now, and still absolutely love it! Highly recommend! Five stars for Vantrue customer service, as well!
Samuel Sandoval
Caught a dirty shop mechanic in action stealing from my center console at the shop!Make sure you download V17 IMAGE QUALITY fix to fix the blue tint
This product is absolutely amazing. It will give you the peace of mind you need while on the road.
Jesus Lagman
C. Lee
An update after a year of use. It’s still working. The recording is not the sharpest and only in day time the license plate of the car close in front is readable. At night, it is all a fussy blob.The mounting hardware becomes very loose and won’t lock the camera in position after a month of use.The seller send a replacement and that works better. So I am changing to 4 stars.If they know there is an issue with the older design of the mount, they should not have send the item with the old mount.
Good products, worth the priceAfter 2 months the suction mount doesn’t hold the camera it looses, but the return period it’s expiredDon’t recommend this camera to anyoneUpdated: the seller sent me new mount, it’s very very good, working very well it’s way better than old mount.Thanks you
Cherry A
The camera is good and the video quality is great. However, the suction cup became lose after 2-3 days that I started using it. Now, the camera is moving around a little bit while driving over bumpy road or something. So that is annoying :(
This had all the features I wanted in a cam so I gave it a try. I hardwired it to my fuse box and it was much easier than I thought, only two little wires if you buy the optional hardware kit. It’s much smaller than the pictures lead it to be which is good. Day and night vision are good and I am super happy so far and the camera itself looks really upscale and cool
I had an issue with the mount before therefore i wrote a 1 star review (below) however they fixed it and sent me a new version of it and after 1 month of use I can say it is a solid one. The video quality is very good and small design does not create a bulge on the windscreen.Recommend it to anyone who is looking to find a dash cam for both front and inside of the car.---------------------------Previous Review--------------------------------The vision quality is top notch but the build quality is not near of it. There is a misalignment issue with the mount that it is tilted to the one side and impossible to correct it without using some external products. I really wanted to like this and keep it but had to return because of this issue.
UPDATE: Vantrue sent new mount with GPS and the mount isn’t loose anymore and new design works way better.. thanks Vantrue.. The camera is excellent recording both front and back and it’s super clear. The suction cup in the other hand is loose and even after them sending another one it’s the same issue again. Also I bought the hard wire kit and it’s getting annoying to open up my fuse box every time the memory is full and the literally play around with the ground cable so it supplies power to the dash cam..
Great quality dash cam. Only knocking one star off because of the mount issue. Will change it to 5 stars once I receive the new mount.
B-Boy Cure
Great dash cam, the video quality is superb. The infrared for inside the car cabin was surprisingly clear and visible. I've had it for only acouple weeks, I will update with vidoes and screen shots later.
Checked on a bunch of reviews on this and finally decided to pull the trigger. Set up as expected, ran great for a few months. It’s getting hotter now and I noticed the swivel on the camera is a bit looser now and doesn’t sit as firmly in the window.(Updated 6/17/18) After my above complaint about the base being loose, I was contacted immediately by Sandy @ Vantrue and she sent me their updated base, with the GPS, as that is what they had in current stock. Received it and the base is indeed a different type, which I hope will last longer than the previous, time will tell (and my rating will reflect it after 6 months after I’ve had it installed). I’ve have changed my rating from 3 to 5 stars for the fantastic customer service I received, they do stand behind their product.
Awesome camera. One of the main reasons I bought it was mainly due that I needed to record my inside cabin for security and safety purposes, and this dash cam accomplish this matter. Video quality is great (up to 2k by using only front cam).What I like most is with the latest firmware (6/6/18) now you can use a MicroSD up to 128GB! Lastly, VANTRUE have an excellent customer support which replies any inquire or suggestion as soonest as possible.
I purchased the VanTrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam after reading numerous dash cam reviews for weeks on various sites. I debated about spending the extra money on it (it's the best in its class). But after using it a month, I have to say that I'm glad I did. Very pleased with it. It's user friendly, has fantastic optics (both on the road ahead, and inside the car—even at night) and is loaded with plenty of intelligently-designed, useful features. Plus, it's easy to quickly remove from its mount when necessary (like, for instance, when you want to bring it inside your home and review some of the footage on your laptop). You just plug it into a USB drive and it mounts immediately on your desktop. I actually even emailed VanTrue with a question I had and they promptly got back to me the very next day with an answer. Great product and company!
I love my N2 Pro; its even better than I'd hoped! I've temporarily mounted it at the very lowest corner of the dash & left pillar, even though this is 'wrong' on 2 counts: The higher the better because the interior camera's view is much better, especially of the back seat occupants. Also, mounting to the passenger's side vs the drivers is better, because if mounted high up on the driver's side, the IR lights illuminate on'es face so brightly that it 'throws off' the camera and causes the picture to turn out to dark & dim in the rear seat area. But where I've mounted it actually works out 'ok', performance-wise plus has the advantage of allowing me to route my power cord directly under the dashcover so almost none is showing. But if I mounted it high up, I'd ideally want to route the cord under a couple trim pieces I'd first have to pry off and I'm not ready to commit to this yet. I bought the green & white Samsung 64GB EVO Select card most popular with other N2 Pro amazon buyers, and its been working great right out of the box. But this 64GB card only lasts me ~6 hrs of front & rear camera recording, so I ordered a 128GB Samsung EVO Ultra-Fast Performane orange & white micro SD card, which just arrived today. Suggestions from other reviewers & the seller, say I should format it *IN THE DASHCAM* not in my computer. But I kept getting an error message when doing this. Finally, it dawned on me to try to 'long press' (press & hold down a few secs) the OK button when ready to format, and this time, it worked just fine! But after I plugged the power cord into my dashcam and it auto -started, it then displayed the original 'format failed' message again! Anybody know why my 128 card wont format?****UPDATE 10/2018**** I've now had this about a year and its still going strong. The latest firmware update enabled it to accept 256g cards so now I have bother with swapping out cards, much less. Though oddly, it automatically shuts off after losing power when I turn off my car's engine, after only a second or 2, despite the onboard instructions saying I should be able to set this to a much longer interval; maybe I just need to try re-installing the firmware update? ONE HUGE TIP FOR YOU ALL: I've discovered that of the ~5 'Samsung' micro SD cards I've bought from different ebay sellers, 100% are FAKE!! And is why they didnt work properly. By 'fake' I mean either actual counterfeits or 'made for non-U.S. markets' versions. Read up on the different online articles to learn how to tell the fakes/gray-market versions from real Samsung cards. But the 256g card I bought from Samsung on amazon did turn out to be authentic plus was the cheapest price and had it not worked out, would've been easily returnable due to Amazon's awesome returns policy. So I'd highly recommend anyone wanting the Vantrue-recommended top of the line red & white Samsung EVO Plus micro SD cards, buy them only from Samsung on amazon.
Camera works great. Mount and ball joint are garbage. Started to bad once the weather got hot. Moves all over the place disappointing for the money spent.Update : sent replacement mount from manufacturer. works perfect so fat
The mount does not do good in the sun. It like flops around like a dead fish on coke. For what i paid, it should flop around like whiskey ****. Lasted 2 weeks so i had To use eltrical tape and duct tape and zip ties to hold it in place. I feel Ripped off i use This for lyft/ Uber. But heck it works great besides the floppy mount that’s shit.
Both front and back video quality are pretty good!However, the mount became loose only after 4 hours on the windshield.Customer service quickly responds and the replacement with heat resistance material is on the way to me.Due to the good video quality, I purchased the other set of N2 PRO for my cousin. Unfortunately, I still got an old style and poor material mount packed in the box. Customer service response quickly again. Hopefully the replacement will be on the way to me soon.After about 1 week waiting, I have received a new mount for my 1st N2 PRO. Because of the improved construction, the new mount has been functioning well so far.
The camera mount is complete garbage. Be prepared to continuously rotate this camera to face straight out of the front windshield. Failed within the first 2 months.
I've had been for a few months now and absolutely love it. Recordings, even at night time are extraordinary. Also it's very user friendly and easy to navigate through options. It was a great addition to my car.
I'm very happy with the purchase. Very small and light, very clear video and surprisingly good audio recording. I have not viewed the night video. Would purchase again.
Kate P.
Cannot get these dash cameras to work properly at all. -as all. As I put the micro sd in the camera freezes. I don't know how to fix this
I got this dual dash cam after seeing a few YouTube videos where the reviewers were highly satisfied. I got mine hardwired professionally Because I don’t have a multimeter and I wasn’t confident enough that I wasn’t going to short-circuit anything.I started doing Uber again and for my safety I decided to get a dash cam not just in case I got into a car accident but in case I got a crazy in my car. The memory cards for this device are extremely affordable, I got mine for $20 plus tax. I also purchased a GPS adapter which records your speed location. The quality is Great and the features are welcomed.This last year has been a hot one in Los Angeles and I definitely wouldn’t recommend leaving it in the heat consistently for several days, weeks, months… It’ll eventually take a toll on it.One last thing - their customer service is very responsive, friendly and helpful. You’re definitely in good hands!
Tried a couple other cameras and they were junk (avoid Rexxing cameras). This one works excellent and works every time. Twice the price but worth five times the price!
Short and Quick Version:> Very highly recommended. Don't mess with cheapos.> Setting up is extremely easy. Matter of fact just pop in Micro SD card and that's it.> Video quality is great. Tiny LCD is very useful. Cabin camera and Audio recording work great.> The size is really compact, almost disappears/blend in front of the room mirror and behind the glare of the front windshield.> Quick Start guide may be all you need and it's in English !!! (NOT Chinglish :P)Now, this is for those (like me) who like to do a bit of research before purchasing anything.I am not going to go in fast shipping the nice packaging and all that. That was all great! But I am going to break the review down to what I was looking for in a dash camera.SIZE: I was totally amazed by the size of this thing. Did not expect it to be this small and compact. That was one of my main concern while purchasing a dash cam. My car has been broken into once and the dash cam was stolen. And I think that was mainly because the camera looked just like a GoPro (Yi Smart Dash Camera). Anyways, I installed it right in front of the room mirror and it's really hard to tell if there is something in there or not. It blends with the black back of room mirror and the glare of the front windshield really helps, making it a nice stealthy camera.BUILD QUALITY: When you are spending like $200 you expect quality. And I have to say this camera is very well built and feels the premium product in the hand. Only time will tell how well it will do in this hot summer and coming cold a$$ winter. But I have a positive feeling that it should definitely hold up.SETUP: I received my order right before I was leaving to run some errands. I really could not hold myself, so I opened the box turned the camera on and I was on my way within 3-4 minutes. It was super easy to set up. Basically, I did not have to do anything. The factory defaults were just perfect, I basically cycled through all the settings a couple of times and that's it. It has two different places to attach the power cable (nice and long!), on the side of the camera or on the windshield mount! Very cool! So if I wish to take the camera out or detach for whatever reason (data transfer), it is very convenience to do so. The attachment works great.* The date format is DD/MM/YY which is annoying for me. Common you guys, this is US MM/DD/YY is what we understand here.VIDEO QUALITY: This is the most important factor when it comes to dash cam. Without a good quality video, the device is useless. I have been recording only in 1440p and it looks really great. I can read license plates just fine, the FOV is enough to cover a good amount of front of the vehicle and night vision is not bad at all (a lot better than I was expecting - not the greatest for sure).* One gripe about the resolution of the video is you can only record in 1080p 30 when you are also recording cabin (inside). The 1080p 60 and 1440 30 is useless if you want to record inside as well.DATA TRANSFER: This is really not of my concern at all, because you can pop out the Micro SD from the camera and/or detach the camera very easily from the windshield mount. However, they use Mini USB port, which IMO is ancient. Good thing it comes with a cable and the Micro SD I purchased also came with an adapter. Once again really does not matter but a Micro USB or even Type C would have been great!EXTRAS: The camera has few more extra features which could be useful for some people. Snapshot, Timelapse and the Parking Mode. Because it has a built-in battery it will record while the vehicle is parked. Timelapse looks really amazing and could be really useful say if you are a Vlogger or just want to make a video of where you going or even what is happening in front of you etc. The User Manual is actually very very useful and totally in English (LOL). It's not Chinglish, great work you guys!FINAL THOUGHTS: I am glad I purchased this camera instead of messing around with cheaper options. And I highly recommend it to anybody who has a need to record cabin and audio as well as catch those idiot drivers out there. I am giving it Full 5 Stars.
Whispering Barrels
Read the 3 stars to 5 stars. There are some great tips on any concerns (as well as valid issues).1. Boxed well2. Easy to configure (I did not read the directions), was really plug and play3. Set the date, time, and I left the stock config's.4. Used in FL heat, could be an issue eventually with the sun, etc5. Make sure you get a 32gb mini card (at least), it will not store internally.6. Play back is easy06.17.18 Fathers day update1. Coming back from our trip, the unit works great still.2. BUT, you will not be happy with the mount.3. Keep a screw driver handy with you as the two screws that hold the unit in place, continuously need to be tightened.4. After finding a loves truck stop, purchased a cell phone mount to use.5. Main unit is great, but having to make something means that the unit still needs some R&D.6. If you read the reviews, many have ran into the same issue.07.13.18 UPDATE1. Company reached out and sent a new mount, I have used it now for over two weeks, what a difference.2. In fact, ordered another unit last week, it came with the new mount, wife loves it.Closing- Company customer service is OUTSTANDING. Do not send back your unit if your frustrated, drop them an email, they will take care of you. I will definitely be staying on top of their new products for when my kids are older to drive, everyone gets one
D. Woods
This is a very nice dash cam. It records well inside and outside and pretty good night vision.You do need to understand how it works, so you can have the correct expectations going in.It does not have a battery large enough to sustain without being connected to power the whole time. If you leave it on without a power source, the unit will drain and your settings will be lost. The workaround for that would be a hard wire kit or if your vehicle has retained accessory power. Another option is charging an external power bank and using that to keep the camera going when you're away. It's standard micro usb, the same connector most phones have been using for years now.Keeping it powered allows use of the sentry mode. When motion is detected in park, it will record. Also, the G sensor will detect a collision and record and lock the event.The memory card (not included) is a max 64 gb microSD that will record continuously for about 4-5 hours and has a loop setting to record over the oldest video. It records inside vehicle and outside vehicle in separate files. That's what it was designed to run with. Larger cards do work, but I wouldn't expect the camera to function optimally. Perhaps a firmware update fixed this.It is mounted with suction and has a 10 ft cable to help you route it to your cigarette lighter plug.This is a great cam to help provide evidence and catch good film! If you do ridesharing, this is an excellent tool to have. Give this cam a try and you should be quite happy!If you found my review helpful, please click the helpful button!
Jackie M. Davis
Vantrue Dual Dash CamI’ve owed a few dash cams and this Vantrue Dual Dashcam with audio is excellent and I give it high marks for ease of use, quality of features, excellent picture quality and easy transfer of files.My first impression with anything I buy is the accuracy of the instructions in the owner’s manual. The Vantrue instructions not only made it easy for setup but also easily guided me through the numerous features. And this dash cam is so easy to operate. Let’s start with the auto on/off feature which allows me to simply start my car and the camera does the work. And when the ignition shuts off, the camera shuts down. The features are programmable so manual on/off is always an option. There are many other options too like Parking Monitor, Time Lapse and Power Off Delay to name a few.I love the idea of a dual cam and the HD quality of the video on both is exceptional. Of course, you can dial the resolution up or down to coincide with how much memory you have in the expandable memory slot. I run the video on a 3-minute loop but there are several other options including continuous recording. With the built-in G-sensor any crucial video, like if you’re involved in an accident, is protected from being overwritten. It’s also easy to snap a few still shots too and they come out crystal clear; push one button and get a shot from both the front and rear cam. It has good night vision too!View the files/videos on the cam or download them easily to your computer using the supplied usb cable. My files downloaded quickly and easily.
I bought it a few months ago and the Camera Holder broke so I contacted Vantrue through email and they sent me a Upgraded GPS holder and the quality of the holder is alot more durable in heat and day to day use. Highly recommend this camera for UBER and Lyft.Vantrue Customer Service came through for and now i am a happy happy customer.Thanks again VANTRUE.
the camera does exactly what it advertises. very lightweight, excellent picture, satisfactory night vision, separate files and continuous record.
Purchased in 2018, the original mount was garbage. I had to purchase the upgraded mount later which works fine, but I see some other people in the reviews got theirs FREE so that's disheartening.6/15/19 I've had a couple of near misses and each time I check the footage it has entirely NOT RECORDED THE INCIDENT. I chalked it up to formatting issues so I reformatted the micro SD.I had a conversation with a coworker and needed the audio to show to HR and when I go to check the camera the audio is distorted and garbled. I thought the mic was broken or it was the MICRO SD so I reformatted it, losing the conversation that was recorded, and then plug the micro SD into my laptop after some new videos are recorded only to find the MIC is fine, but the speakers on the device are broken.... I am very... annoyed and I don't know what to do at this point.
I've been looking for the right dash cam for a while now. As a tech geek, I really wanted one that would protect our brand new car, especially since it's a daily driver in the city. You've got to get a quality camera with a) High enough resolution to pick out a license plate and slow the footage in an accident b) full, wide coverage inside and out (this is really key for insurance claims if you're injured, to show your impact) and c) IR for proper night vision, as many accidents happen at night and it's useless if this isn't going to work then.Got this 3 weeks ago, and have used it every day (set it and forget it, the auto features are great. Turns on with a little chime so I know it's on when the car is, and it records everything in clips that auto-overwrite. I have a 32gb card which seems to get around a weeks worth of footage as we drive a lot, half hour commute to work and back plus lunches. Took a memorial day road trip around 600 miles plus camping, no problems whatsoever. I've been in a major accident before, where my car was totaled from a high-speed Tahoe hitting me at an intersection. He ran the red and a 3 year lawsuit ensued, and I wish I had the Vantrue back then! Worth every penny as I had two years of rehab I had to pay for out of pocket, along with waiting til the lawsuit ended for my insurance payout for my vehicle and medical. That's why I bought this... Setup was very easy with the Vantrue, I found that the perfect place for mounting is right under the rear view mirror. This way it's centered, the front camera gets the full view (even the lanes next to us) and the rear facing camera captures both driver and passenger. We wrapped the cord around the mirror to take up the tension so it goes straight down to the cigarette lighter, and we used an aftermarket Anker 3 port USB so we can hook up both our phones - though the charger that comes with it does feature an extra USB port so it's great as is. It is worth upgrading to the hard wire kit, especially for the parking feature so we plan to do this in the future.In terms of video quality, it has been great. Every video I've reviewed, from daylight to night have been good. I love that it gets the audio as well, and dates the video with a hard stamp – these are all the right features should you need this for the worst. The IR feature is so important, so you're able to get the details at night, and overall I have to say that I am very satisfied with my purchase. The only cons I can think of, would be that I kind of wish it came with a super long USB, so I could run the cord through the paneling in the car, but that wouldn't be ideal for anyone except if you run it the way I'm thinking, so they sell the hardwire kit which is exactly this. Other than that, the cover to get to the USB card is a little hard to open if you don't have fingernails (I'm a guy), but in 3 weeks I've taken the card out twice to review all the footage and make sure it was recording everything ok. It just overwrites like it's supposed to. If you enjoyed this review, please upvote!
Ray Jay
Really works great. Easy setup. Put in the card and it's ready to go. Just the thing I needed to keep tabs on things while I am driving for Uber & Lyft. I took the camera in after the first night and watched the videos full screen on my computer. Great quality. Something I learned that you might find interesting is that the cameras record separate videos. So you can look at the interior video without having to see anything on the street. There is an "A" video and a "B" video file and one is inside and one is outside. Unless you have a wreck or something, you may never need to see the outside camera. But, you may need to review the inside camera if something goes wrong during a ride, or a customer breaks something on your car.
The video recorder is not clear, is alot of noise
M. Sweigart
This is hands down the best dash cam you can buy. I have one for my 2017 FOrd Focus ST and it works great. Sharp looking camera delivers a great full shot of the road ahead and a rear facing camera. This is especially good for those of you who drive for ride share companies. Very easy to operate and Vantrue customer service is great.
This is the best dashcam money can buy! I have purchased 3-4 dashcams before, ranging from $40-$70 and they got the job done but each one had a function the other did not. This dashcam has every future you could want in a dashcam. Different recording lengths, you can have it loop over old files or stop when the card is full. You can choose the resolution to your liking. You have the option to record only front,only inside facing or both at the same time. The inside facing cam has ir nightvision and can record in complete darkness.This is a great feature if you are a rideshare driver. It records each one into a separte video file for easy viewing. This has the easiest button navigation out of any dashcam I have used.Spending $200 on a dashcam was a difficult choice for me, but I don't regret it one bit. There is a reason this is one of the highest rated dashcams on the market. If I had to point out one con, it would be it has no wifi. Some of there other models have it so you can view the files on your phone. This model does not. With out that, I would still buy this dashcam without a doubt.
Love This Item real time record best quality even night time worth the price and best to buy
works very well picture is great very happy with product
Kevin Brown
This is the first dash cam I have owned, but I experimented with a friend's dash cam to do some comparisons.  The Vantrue N2 Pro is lightweight and easy to mount. The interface is intuitive and that makes it easy to set up, review recordings, etc.  The power cable has an extra USB port on it in case you need one.The best feature is the dual cameras.  The reason to have a dash cam is to record events in and around the vehicle.  With two wide angle lenses recording both the outside and inside, nearly everything going on is being recorded.  With 170° on the outside camera and 140° on the inside camera, a lot is being captured.  Each camera can be aimed independently to get the best coverage.  The video quality is superb, even license plates are clear.  The display is large enough and high enough quality to allow you to review footage and to configure the device.  The night vision works a lot better than many other night vision cameras I've seen.  The night vision works for both the inside and the outside cameras.  It produces pretty clear video even if the cabin is dark.  There's also a microphone and you can turn on or off the audio recording.There are a few features that this dash cam has that others don't.  With one button press you can save the current clip.  Also, the Parking Mode uses motion sensors to start recording if anything moves close to the vehicle.  This dash cam also has a feature where it will automatically save a video if it detects an event such as a very sudden stop or other abnormal motion of the vehicle. All the videos have a date and time stamp, which could be important if you ever need to use the video in court.  I particularly like the feature where you can set the display after the recording begins so you don't have the distraction of the display. Last but not least, the loop recording combined with the reliability of the high quality construction means you can forget about the camera but rest assured that it's doing a great job.  There's also an 18-month warranty to give you added assurance that the recordings will continue every time you start the vehicle. I am very glad that I didn't buy the other brand of dash cam that my friend bought.
The product worth the price.
Jeff R Milne
The Vantrue N2 is very easy to setup and get running right out of the box. I have it installed in a Honda Pilot and it fits nicely behind the mirror without obstructing my view. The software is simple and easy to use. The construction seems durable and sturdy. The video playback quality both front and back is great showing really good detail. Highly recommendthis product
The N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam is simply amazing! The quality for this product is incredible.
Like the camera. The mount seems less ridged day by day. In other words, I can't keep my camera in one position it will move as I drive.
Very convenient, easy to set up and easy to use! The picture quality is very good! I don't know how or why I waited so long to get one! If you drive for Uber or Lyft it's a must have!
Camera completely missed and accident. The logs reported it had memory delay or something. So stupid that you have to delete the flash card every two weeks or it’s too slow to process reading and writing / deleting old files. I can not recommend this camera until they improve the software/hardware.
The camera itself is great. Super crisp quality and the nighttime interior/rear camera quality is superb with the infrared lights. It pains me to return this to Amazon but I had no choice. Although the camera is great, the mount is HORRIBLE. It has a very cheap ball joint that acts as the swivel point for the camera so you can move it, rotate it, etc. However, it holds tight for about two weeks (or until you have one hot day) and then becomes permanently loose. The ball joint / swivel can't be tightened to secure the camera at a specific angle, which is just horrible design. So as the camera gets used, or once the mount is exposed to sun heat through the windshield, the plastic expands and the camera wobbles, jostles loosely and doesn't stay still. You could run over a pebble in the road and the vibration would cause the camera to wiggle due to the loose mount. Makes using this as a reliable dashcam impossible.I do not suggest this camera strictly because of the mount. Vantrue really needs to fix this since MANY of the 1 and 2 star reviews mention this exact issue.
Jason G
The Vantrue N2 is a great dash camera for the price you pay. I highly recommend it to anyone who does ride sharing. It was easy to install and set up, and the automatic loop recording is a nice feature.
This dash cam has great front and rear recording in 1440X1080 at 30 FPS, it offers great night vision, and a decent parking mode. The downside to all dash cams is that although they have a battery the camera must be hardwired due to the abysmal battery life. This is common amongst all dash cams and is likely due to the heat thry are often subjected to on the window in the sun on summer days. While recording and not charging the battery will last only about 20 minutes. File sizes are large and the camera seems to be unable to rewrite the memory card. I am checking with customer support on that now. Since the camera will support a card no larger than 64 GB, you will have to manually reformat the memory card about once every 1 to 2 weeks to keep recording. The rear camera has no IR lights to assist in night time, however it does still provides a good picture. Overall the picture quality is great and the camera is exceedingly simple to use, it also provides great peace of mind knowing that if something happens, you will have video if needed.
Works great for my job as a rideshare driver. After turning it on/off/pause manually all night long, I now wish they made this with a remote control to do this! I don't accidentally move the camera out of position all the time. I definitely recommend purchasing a 128 GB card if you plan on driving 8+ hours! Just be sure to use the cam's format option before each use, like after transferring data to puter and/or deleting files.I also purchased the GPS mount for this (I recommend) and is a great addition to log and display more important information. I have not used the downloadable app for gps data yet. Soon I hope.
I got it as a birthday gift and if the best dashboard camera I've had. I've had at least three other dashboard cameras in the past and this is by far the best one. The image is sharp and clear both in the front and back camera. Very easy to set up and install. Lots of functions to choose from. Best thing is the parking mode that will activate to motion. Certainly give me the place of mind that I'll have evidence of any accident or incident that can happen when I'm driving and when my car in parked.