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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I've used many different dash cams over the years, and this one is superior. The front lens obviously captures the forward view from the car. The rear lens captures the interior of the car, and is wide angle like the front, and is enough of a wide view to capture both driver and passenger. In the vehicle I used to test drive it before a more permanent installation (Jeep Grand Cherokee), it also provided a great view out the rear window, which is a real bonus! I set the quality of both front and rear at 1080P, so the pictures are sharp, clear, and rendered in accurate color. To me, a rear camera is essential in the event of a collision so that you can demonstrate the driver was paying attention, not distracted or drowsy, etc.The interior lens, unlike virtually all other dual lens dash cams I've used, has four infrared led's, so that the interior is recorded accurately at night without interior lighting. When recording in the dark with infrared however, the interior video will be black and white. The IR led's do not "light up" or put out any visible light, which would be distracting.The camera provides a multitude of options to set the system and recording parameters up to your preferences, and comers with an very good user manual and quick start guide. It also includes the basic suction cup windshield mount, but I opted for the optional windshield mount with GPS, so that my exact location, speed, etc. are captured. I set my recording preferences up to have that information displayed on the screen when viewing recordings. I also set it up so that it auto starts when car is started, and auto shuts down when engine is stopped. But then the parking monitor takes over, so that if there is a bump or impact to the car, it saves the recording for review later.I'm including video of a short drive so that interested potential buyers can see actual front and interior videos from the camera. I really like the fact that front and rear cameras save their recordings to separate files, so you have full screen recordings of both. I've seen other dual lens dash cams where the video is shown either split screen or overlapped, and in my opinion, this is far superior. The SD micro card is easily removed from camera, plug it into your pc and play it. No special viewers or player required. You can also simply take the camera off the mount, and plug the camera into your pc. As only one video is allowed per review, I'll add the interior video to my review of the "Vantrue N2/N2 Pro R3/X3 Dash Cam Mini USB Port Car Suction Cup Mount with GPS Receiver Module(for Windows and Mac)."To conclude, this is the best dual lens dash cam I've used, and has a fair price. I'll be equipping all of my personal vehicles with it, as well as recommending them to all of my clients (I work as a safety expert in the trucking and commercial transportation industries).
Mohamed Ibrahim
The best dash cam in the market
The mount is loose! No way to tighten the mount it moves all over while driving and is completely useless!Update:They sent out a new mount free of charge that allows you to tighten the positioning. No issues now. Very happy.
I have had this camera for six months now. The video and sound quality are great. However I cannot even give it to stars because it simply does not record reliably. It only records random intervals. At first I thought it was a format issue with the SD card. However I have reformatted it and still have the same issue. I use a SanDisk 64 Mb (formatted FAT32). I'm not sure if the issue is with the camera itself not recording or with the SD card. However this is my third SD card and the problem remains exactly the same. I see in a couple posts that the company recommends using a different brand SD card. If it is the case that it requires a specially formatted card (which by the way requires you to download a sketchy third-party program to format) and only one particular brand, then they should absolutely be providing that with the camera. As it is I had three events come up while driving and not one of them was recorded. On an hour-long drive I will get three minutes of recording then 10 minutes of nothing then five or six minutes of recording then another 20 minutes of nothing then another 10 or so minutes of recording and on and on. If you're lucky maybe the event you need will have been captured but there is no point in purchasing a camera that does not reliably record.I have upgraded the review from 1 star to 2 stars as Vantrue Customer Care reached out and the bottom line is that you need to purchase and format an EVO sd card to be sure that all your video is recorded. I went with the 32 gb rather than 64 gb just to be on the safe side. I think it is now recording all the video. Be sure you check when purchasing this camera that ALL video is recording. It looked to me like it was until I went to recover the video when needed only to find out it was randomly recording.I do give high marks for this camera for video quality and ease of use. However, they should absolutely include the necessary formatted EVO sd card or at least make clear that it is required. I would have used my phone to take video of the accident but thought this camera was doing that as it was on and running.
Spy Girl
It works!! Tricky with all the set up questions. What is the purpose of time lapse? What does it do? Also, How do I transfer recordings to my iPad? The 3 minute, 5 minute ?? How does that affect the recording? Some of the set up is confusing and not clearly explained. When in Parking Mode Why do I get a recording that stops without catching the end of the event. Such as a car pulling up next to me but the camera does not catch the people getting out of the car, yet they are clearly out of the car! Certain recordings are cut short leaving important gaps. Thanks if you can answer a few of these questions!!
Ii have been using this camera for a few weeks now. The setup was simple & it is easy to review events captured by the camera. Don't forget to get the correct add a circuit fuse holder for your car, if your car does not have a 'constant hot', so you can take advantage of the parked car feature. It's a small investment to save on a deductible.
Fast delivery.Easy setup, good quality camera with excellent night vision! I’m very happy with my purchase.Remember to charge the camera for 2-3 hours before first use.
Mustafa Cephanecioglu
I got nothing but positive experience with this dashcam. Video quality is amazing for both inside and outside. Gives you a piece of mind.
William H.
Good camera but stopped working after two months (car adapter keeps turning off). Contacted the seller and they replaced the power cord with a newer style and now it is working flawlessly. Great job with communication and customer service by the seller (Vantrue)
Ben Sherwood
I did plenty of research before choosing this dash cam, and it's been exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a rear camera, but as I have a truck, I can still see enough out of the rear and sides for what was desired, with the added benefit of an in-cabin camera. It comes on automatically, and simple to use for anyone. Highly recommended!
Maxwell Pucciarello
Great dash cam and very easy to install. Most importantly, it comes at a very good price. Vantrue has other solid deals once you register your unit. So far, I'm very impressed.
Sergio Shimabukuro
I love my Vantrue N2 Pro, what I dont like and hate is the windshield mount because the adjustment neck has become too loose and it cannot be tighten back.
Simply amazing product so far so good I’ve had it for about over a month and I’m very very satisfied.
I use this as a lyft / uber driver. Good video and audio quality. Easy to use.
This is my first dash camera purchase so I made sure to do a lot of reviews before buying one. What I mainly bought this unit for was the ease of use and the reverse camera. I don't drive a taxi/uber but I've been pulled over by police before for cellphone use so I know I needed to protect myself with some sort of evidence.The footage itself is very clear. I have no problem reading the plate numbers during day time. At night it gets a bit harder but that's to be expected with such low light. The base mount is very secure nad does offer good amount of adjustment.Would I buy this again? Sure.
Len Marque
Ordered for Uber use, and can't emphasize how important it is to have this in you car. I had a situation in which a passenger was behaving out of line and was wishing this existed back when it happened. Other scenarios come to mind. Recording was excellent and it's not hard to set up. So far, so good. Unit is compact and nobody seemed to notice it was there.
Robert H.
Awesome camera, could not have made a better purchase!!!!! Follow the fanpage on facebook, thanks vantrue!!!!
This is an excellent DashCam. Picture & Sound quality both forward facing and in the car is excellent. I am quite impressed. I purchased for use as an Uber/Lyft driver but I have always wanted a DashCam and this one is outstanding. The instructions are clear and installation is a breeze. Currently I have it plugged into the power port of my vehicle but I have purchased the kit to hardwire it to the fusebox and look forward to getting that done. Quality of this DashCam is excellent, solid both in look, feel and performance. I couldn't be happier.
Updated reviewIt's quite amazing to find a company that takes Pride in their product and their support for their customers there was a design flaw in this GPS mount they took their time and redesigned it remanufactured it shipped it out and fix the problem I am very much impressed fantastic communication throughout the whole process and I ended up with a better design better feeling about my investment in this phenomenal company thank you so much for your patience and your customer service I am now once again a happy customer and will definitely keep referringthe mount come loose and the camera will not hold stable. it is a bad design and the GPS mount is no better. I was not going to post a review but got an email from the seller asking for one . so here it is . it is junk do not order it unless they did the problem. I shuld have returns it but it is hard wires i my car now but it will not hold stedy so it is not good.
Dash cam arrived quickly, works amazingly and has come in handy once so far when someone backed into me and drove off! Easy to understand manual and very simple operation!
Tianyi Xu
It’s been 6 month, and it stop working
Mario O.
I Love my N2 vantrue dual dash cam! My customers dont even know I have it on the dash because its so small and the infrared is superb. You can see everything at night from inside the cab to the outside. I highly recommend it.Go Vantrue!!!!
Bradley Hagerman
This is my first dashcam so I don't have anything to compare with besides old GoPros and cell phone setups.I use the dual camera setup and unfortunately it only records 1080p 30fps in dual camera. I misread the specs and thought I could get dual camera with 1080p@60fps but that is not the case.The image quality at 1080p@30fps is adequate as plate and street signs can sometimes be difficult to make out. The interior video quality is more than adequate in both daytime and nighttime recording.My only issue with the camera so far is that it started recording in infrared during the daytime causing a black and white video, this was fixed by doing a factory reset.I currently am using a Samung Evo 64gb card that I formatted to fat32 on a PC then put in camera and formatted the card.Time, GPS speed and or cordnances timestamps can be enabled or disabled which is nice.My only wish at the moment is that the higher quality settings can be used in duel camera mode.Would I buy this camera again? YesWould I recommend this product? Yes
Jeffrey Enfinger
Update:I was provided the newer rear view mirror mount for this camera. It is much more stable and has the ability to tighten down on the ball joints like other high end mounts.Original review:I’ve had this camera for a while now. I’m using the suction cup that came with the camera. While the video quality is great, the mount is no longer stable. New the blunt was very stiff and hard to move, now it is very loose and if you bump it it moves easily. I only aimed the camera once when I first installed it. It hasn’t been moved to wear anything down, it’s just not holding like it was.
My 3rd dashcam and it’s the best! This is the one I am keeping. High res front and rear cameras even at night. I love the parking mode using a hard wire connection. Easy to use!
Tony Catrambone
Awesome Dash Cam! I'm a new Lyft Driver and wanted a dash cam that would cover both the front of my car and inside the cabin. After looking at several models from many makers, The N2Pro was the very best with all the features I needed. Very easy to install and operate. You can't go wrong with this choice.
Joel W. Mays II
I've been driving uber for a while now and was looking for a way to protect myself should I ever end up getting into an accident since the area where I drive people drive pretty recklessly. So i started doing some research into dash cams and stumbled upon the Vantrue N2 Pro uber dual dash cam. At first, i was hesitant about purchasing this product due to the price (felt the $200 price tag was a bit high for a piece of hardware I was only going to use every other weekend) however, upon receiving and using this dash cam for about a month, I'm glad i shelled out the extra cash.First, the dash cam is way smaller than I expected, fitting perfectly just below my rear view mirrow to the point that my passengers hardly even notice that it's there.Second, i primarily drive at night on the weekends and the night vision on the rear facing camera works flawlessly. Its perfect for allowing me to see what what my passengers are up to at the end of the night.Third, the microphone does a good job of picking up the audio in the car and the dash cam does give you the option to turn the microphone on or off, whichever you prefer.Fourth, the setup of the sd card as well as learning how to use the dash cam was pretty simple. Take about 15 minutes playing around with it and you'll grasp how to use this dash cam relatively easily. You can also set the lcd to shut off at timed intevals after you start driving which is a nice feature especially if you drive at night.The only downside to this dash cam is that the battery in it is very weak and doesn't last that long. Thus, requiring you to plug in you car charger if you drive with it on for long periods of time and can make your car look a bit junky.Still, this is minor and doesnt change the fact that this a great dash cam.I definitely recommend this product
So far I’ve had this dashcam two weeks and very happy. I remove it from windshield, the mount stays, plug into my Mac and review videos. Front view and a separate video of the interior. Works great at night when car is dark it records well in black and white. Recommend higher capacity memory card. Don’t need a card reader or extra wiring. I highly recommend this product.
This product is amazing! I purchased two, so I have both front and rear and two interior views. I was skeptical at first but after using it for almost 3 weeks, the audio and video quality is consistent! I bought the hard wire kit and gps mount as well! Have Best Buy install it professionally to hide the wires. I uses a 64gb SD card with this you’ll need to reformat to FAT32 before you use. I also use a 32gb as backup and it Work’s seamlessly!
Mark A Peynado
I bought the N2 Pro a few weeks ago and I could not be happier with it. The front facing camera records crystal clear video - I can even read license plates from a distance. The rear-facing camera records everything in the back seat and everything it can see through the back window. The suction cup windshield mount is rock solid too - the camera does not bounce around at all. The built-in microphone does a superb job of capturing all conversations in the car and some of the environmental noise outside too. At this price point, there isn't a better dashcam on the market.
Brian G
Love this camera. Only negative i would give it is that the microphone doesn’t pick up the passengers in the back seat that well. It’s too bad their wasn’t Bluetooth or a plug to be able to connect An external microphone so you can hear it on the video. There is sound but unless the person is talking loud enough you can not hear it that well.Other than that well done, easy to use, fast set up, glad I purchased this camera! Highly recommend!!!
Sammy Miller
The camera itself is excellent and if this review was only for the camera then it would definitely be 5 stars. I love the clear picture and the ease of use. But pretty much like everybody else the mount failed me. I've attached my fix - a 10-cent thick, generic black hair elastic. I wrapped it around the wobbling arm above the camera's attachment rails and it stopped wiggling and bouncing. Good to go.
Zouber Eliass
Does not record anymore I don't recommend this dash cam.
John H Madison WI
This camera is a great idea! But that is it just an idea this is number two for me because I like the dual camera with a night vision! So I thought I would give it another try (BAD IDEA) beware Uber/lyft drivers don’t count on these cameras to work for you there useless! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsoever! I searched hi and low for cust. See.finally I reached someone that didn’t understand or speak any English! =no customer service. So you may as well take $200 and throw in the garbage can. Very upset 2 months after the camera broke!
The product works as described; It'll record the cabin (neat feature) and whatever is in front. It's what dash cams do.One day after about a month, came to my car while it was sitting under a tree on a fairly cloudy day and noticed the dash cam was no longer mounted on the windshield (minor complaint). Just remounted it. Shortly afterward, my Transcend sd card had a format issue . Now the tension lock no longer has tension and just hangs in the load bearing position - it looks up mainly (See picture). And last gripe, screen automatically turns off after 3 mins and the blue recording light is barely noticeable in the day time. Can possibly be fixed in settings, haven't checked. Never sure if it's recording or not.TL;DRNo peace of mind but works. Expect to fidget with product occasionally. Would recommend researching/looking into other products first.
Wesley Campos
Great quality and easy setup
The camera is not working properly , something wrong with this item
witnessed a 4 car pile up yesterday, went to check the dash cam and what do you know. it captured everything except the accident. glad it wasn't me in that pile up cause id have no video to back me up.
I did see the youtube video reviews and did notice a very bluish tint in the videos, but I went ahead and purchased it anyway since the resolution seemed to be sharp. After a few days of having it mounted with the South Florida sun at full blast I noticed that the camera started swinging from the ball socket mount when driving under stop and go traffic conditions causing bad video recordings. When I touched the camera the thing was so loose it was just moving like a kid in a swing. I tightened 2 small screws that are in the sides of where the ball socket goes into but it seemed to work only for a day. Once the Florida sun hit it for a couple of hours the camera was back to playing in the park swings.I think the issue is with the high temperature that the South Florida Sun hits the camera's mount with. So if you live in South Florida this mount will not resist the heat. There's a few people here that have complained about the mount and I'm betting they're experiencing high temperature where they live in, which is affecting this mount. Went ahead and returned it and bought the Rexing V1 3rd gen, pretty happy with this one and no bluish tint in the videos, and includes wifi to download video clips to your smartphone!
David A Coombs
Have had no issues or complaints. I purchased the VANTRUE N2 PRO dashboard camera last month. Admittedly I was skeptical at first having read mixed reviews. The main complaint that caught my attention is the mount. A lot of people said the mount was loose or broken upon arrival but I’m happy to say I have had no such issue. I also ordered the gps mount and hardwire kit. It is the best value camera on the market that I have come across. The only thing I noticed is in 4K mode, some black colors come across purple, however it only does that on the inward facing camera and in an accident I don’t care if my seats look purple so long as everything else is accurate.
Douglas J Maier
Received item. Like the stuff it can do. I don’t like how the battery life is small. Other than that 5 stars
i can think of ways to improve this product, for sure. however, there isn't anything currently on the market that meets a rideshare driver's needs better than the n2 pro. every other uber/lyft driver will agree.
Great Product easy to use simple to install and overall a great valleyGreat product excellent value quality materials
Brittany Spencer
I love everything about it. Only thing I wish could change is the ability to convert files to FAT32 w/o a computer. I don’t have a computer and I had to risk doong this on a relative’s computer. Other than that, I love the device.
It won't power on after 1 month of use.
Worked great in the beginning until after some months later you have to reformat or reset the system and set the time and date again and again. I don't know if I got a defective one or what. Many times I see something on the road and think I caught it on said camera and when I go to check the videos on the camera it did not record anything at all even though the light blinks showing that it is recording. I'm just very upset that I spent so much money on this camera and it didn't last long. Now I have to keep checking the camera to see if reverted back to January 1st, 2017. If you look at the picture, you'll see what I mean. I have to keep fixing it like about every three to five days. It's so frustrating. Good luck if you get one.
Vantrue is a garbage company. Garbage product. Very blurry cheap camera lens on the front and back.
Works great - easy to install and set up. I use it daily for my UBER driving.
Julie spicer
Camera has decent qualityParking mode doesn't catch everythingCamera rattles when driving on the freewayAfter 2months the camera wont sit perfectly straight, it rests a little pointed upwardIf I had 90days to return I would've exchanged the camers
Matius Kuncoro
The best!!! I would recommend this product
I’ve been using the camera for Lyft/Uber and absolutely love it! I drive primarily at night and wanted an HD camera for the road and passenger compartment. This camera is well beyond the quality I was expecting. Picture clarity is amazing and simplicity of use really seals the deal.
Dennis Nerolich
I just wish it came with the GPS holder instead of having to buy it later. So far I like this unit very much.
Video quality is great. Everything works perfect. Mount is very stable. I would highly recommend this product. This is one of the best dash cam. in the market.
I love it! First, super easy set up and instructions. Second, easy to instal in the car (stick it to the windshield and plug it in) Third, REALLY easy to use!And please, do do do listen to advice and don't buy a cheap or off brand memory card. I'm an idiot and didn't know I was buying an off brand one when I picked my first, so it stopped working for no reason after a couple weeks, got a new Sandisk microSD card, no more problems!Oh and the video quality and sound quality are perfect! Even when it's dark I can still see everything that goes on in the car!PS. I'm an Uber driver so, yeah, I've used it A LOT in the last month ;)
The product as described high quality and i like it, worth the money thanks
C. Sears
I recently started driving for Uber. Comments from other Uber drivers convinced me that I needed a camera in my car. This one was recommended by several drivers, so I went with it. Easy installation and configuration, good quality videos and sound. What more can I say? I'm very happy with this camera.
Camera is great except my Mount( gps) has gradually become very loose and does not hold in place when moved. The way it hangs in the dash is perfect but if I ever need to turn it or change the angle it does not stay in place. If anyone has a solution to this please let me know.
Bought this as a gift for my brother. He's doing Uber as his nighttime gig. As he ends up in shady areas, I figured having an interior camera would come in handy. So far the camera has survived a harsh winter without an issue, the quality of the video is good and the inside IR Camera provides a clear view of the passengers in the rear.Very easy to route the wires, the suction mount is nice but a proper 3m tape mount or the more expensive rearview mirror mount can clear up the clutter. Vantrue offers a hardwire kit that I will be wiring soon, will update the review once that happens.Overall I can definitely recommend as a choice for Taxi/Uber/Lyft drivers.
Reading many positive reviews I was hopping for good camera, but appears to be like some other cameras with bad nighttime recording. Very hard to read license plate even during the day. This unit is not worth money it sells for. Returning to Amazon.
Yuri R.
Doesn't show the speed and gps location. Bought it together with gps mount , made all the set up . Nothing!!
Matthew Mueller
Very pleased with my Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam. Easy to mount on my front windshield and navigate the various features on the camera itself. Recording clarity is fantastic both during day time hours and night. Highly recommended.
It's really good and it's clear from the front it just can't see anything through the back window but if you have tinted windows I'm pretty sure it's going to be able to see.
Burt Kong
Very reliable Dash Cam. I have used it for 2 months with no issues
***OLD REVIEW***Good camera quality in daytime and nighttime. Couple of days since it was delivered. The ball mount is terribly loose and the camera tends to swing while driving! Didn't expect such quality after I shelled out 200 bucks for this! Tried tightening some screws here and there but still swings around. Need to look for another dash cam now! Very disappointed :(***NEW REVIEW***The seller reached out to me and offered to send out another suction cup with a GPS functionality added. Took more than the promised time to reach me, but I am satisfied with the resolution offered by the seller.I have observed that the ball joint gets lose on hot summer days (I live in Arizona where temperatures peak a good 110F on most summer days). The temperature inside the car go even higher. So the heat could be another issue for the lose ball joint in my opinion.***LATEST REVIEW***This camera stopped recording videos 18 months after my second review. It stopped recording any videos and kept turning off while i was driving. Save your $$$ and buy a cheaper dashcam.I connected it to my computer and tried to download videos, but none ever got saved for over an year. Very unpleasant experience with this camera.
Very easy to set up and install. Great video quality day and night. A must have for rideshare drivers.
Would have gave it 5 stars if the power cable was maybe 2 feet longer. All & all its a good camera. The rear facing camera can catch a lot of what's happening in the rear also. It's small and blends well making it hard to see from outside. The screen is small though. If i was gonna buy another one id buy one with Wi-Fi so I'd be able to see and set up right from my phone. Over all the recording quality is amazing. Crisp and clear. At night even in dark areas it captures enough and keeps the quality very good. Like I said above the screen is on the small side and being older needing glasses I'd go with a wifi one so I could use my phone for setting up and for playback.A quick edit: there is a new and improved mounting base that comes with or is a $4.95 added cost. Definitely worth it, the original one was no good in the high temps. Picture is with new bracket.Just an update. So after 1 1/2 years of owning this the battery which keeps the memory is completely dead. This camera is plugged into a always on power source and only removed and kept in glove box when leaving the car somewhere and I don't want it stolen. So even leaving it off for just an hour the camera loses the settings, date, time etc etc. I've been told by Vantrue there is no replacement battery and I'd have to buy a new one; at a discount price, which is nice but I'm not cool with something only working for 1 year and 6 months especially when it costs 200 bucks. I'll definitely be buying another camera just not a Vantrue. Very disheartening this is.
laurie robinson
great camera and platform for a vehicle. Its just a bit pricey for what it is. There are definitely cheaper ones that have the same quality and function with two cams.
Alvaro Lopez
The interior camera keeps turning red. I don't know why. Also the parking mode does not work. Even though I turned it on.Not worth it for $200.00
It is very expensive and it didn’t connect to the phone and if you close the car it will not work. Don’t buy it
Great dashcam! Picture quality is good, night vision is the winner of all dashcam that I used before. The biggest question now is how durable this cam can last in our sunny island.A Singaporean buyer here read a lot of review about this cam before I make the purchase. tried the cam for 2 days so far quite satisfiy with the product.
i likeee, small and great product...everthink good, clean images day and night ...I advice...... thanks Vantrue...
Amazing design and accuracy. I've had it now for a few months and received so good footage to explain to others what i see out in the world. I would recommend this for anyone driving a vehicle. Me: Ford Explorer Off center towards passenger side
You should be aware that this unit may suffer from a design flaw. The buttons rattle inside the body and this noise is picked up by the microphone, resulting in an annoying high pitched crackle. Not all units are affected but it appears many have this problem. I have it captured on video and can share with anyone upon request.Other than that, the camera does a great job
Night view on forward camera has blurriness around lights and doesn’t reach as well as my $60 GoLuk and DDPai cameras. Internal IR is EXCELLENT. Needs a wifi app and better file compression; and the menu screen is outdated. Get rid of the screen and just make an app.
centearious w.
This is the best camera you can buy. I use it while I’m driving Uber/Lyft, and it is very clear, and easy to set up and use. I recommend this camera....
Daniel To
Best dash camera for this price point all in one. If you have $350-$400 you can go buy the higher end one but why if you already have rear view camera. The pArking mode detect motion on both front and back camera. So anytime somebody passes your car it will record. Make sure to put shock sensor on off. U don’t need it. It willl record when anything is near your car. You will just waste space on the event folder which will never be over written. Unless you do it manually.
Terrific product. Reliable and sturdy. Records from front and back simultaneously. Internal microphone picks up all sounds in your car. Great product, would recommend.
L. Davis
Easy to use, click in place and you’re ready to go. Picture quality is on point. I highly recommend this camera!!
It is my first dash cam and it is very easy to use. Clear shot of the inside of the car and side windows. The rear glass at times is blurred out due to over exposure at night. Overall, it is a good dual camera. After a few months of sun exposure the ball joint in the suction mount does became loose and the camera will move with every bump or sway from the car / road. It was an easy fix on the ball joint by removing the two screws on the base and placing a piece of paper to give it more resistance. A piece of helpful advice after a month reformat the SD card to not lose valuable footage.
The camera worked great for the first week I owned it. After that, the camera started experiencing issues with staying on even while plugged into a power source. I took the camera out of my car and let it charge overnight. Put it back in my car and it seemed to be working fine. About 30 minutes later it turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on, even while I had it connected to a power source in my car.
Ok camera hooks up easy that's it very poor nite pics forward or inside terrible daytime decent but all blue tint license plates are not readable nite or day. looking inside at night is bad you need to see license plates but you cannot so it's of no use to me got to look farther this was not a $50 camera it was $200 I tried a cheap one first now this guess I will sit back a while and watch
N. Joshua Dart
After trying the rest this camera is the best! Don't waste time with anything less.
This is a great little dash camera! The video is very clear and it was easy to set up and install. It seems pretty user friendly. The suction cup attachment creates a strong bond to the windshield. I haven’t had any issues and don’t expect to. You can’t beat it it die the price!!
Perry Pat
A well designed camera. Best dash cam for every day people use but most importantly useful for UBER and LYFT drivers.
Amazon Customer
Excellent recorder for car.
Earthly Color Brown
I can't tell if rear view camera is working? I see Myself and passenger in vehicle but unsure if camera catches rear view Houston traffic? May need a dedicated rear view camera? There is no rear view camera for tailgaters in the event of unfortunate rear ends! The return window closed so I have to order a real rear view dash cam because Vantrue N2 Pro did not advertise a disclaimer that in cabin or passenger viewing not rear cars or their license plate. I can not recommend Vantrue N2 Pro. Update July 2020 it died.
Not 100% sold on this camera yet. The potential is there. I know many others that seem to love it. Maybe mine is a dud. I keep playing with the settings. Seem to take one step forward and one step back. Currently trying to figure out the audio. It works on the dash cam, but not the cabin camera. Will keep trying different things in hopes to get it to work the way I need it to.
Bobby R Carter Jr
Top quality device. Setup is tricky if you do not read the instructions. Once you read through and then use it, an excellent product. If you have a battery chatlrger for an IPhone, you can plug it in overnight and see what is going on when you are asleep.
Paul mcdonald
So far so good. Takes great video inside the car in complete darkness, and takes excellent daytime video outside the car and good at night. If you drive for a living, even if its on the side, you should buy this. Especially if you carry passengers. Nothing beats video evidence to call someone out on their bulls**t. Definitely get the hardwire kit and run it to your battery as well so you can use the parking mode. Lastly, don't forget a good micro sd card. I have a 64 gb(only gets about 6 hours of 1080p inside and out recording) but will be getting a 128gb as a friend let me know it works just fine. Update: camera is still great, but the mount has been crap for several weeks now. What's a $200 dashcam good for if the mount won't hold it steady? ***Vantrue is sending a new mount free of charge, says the mounts are susceptable to high temps, such as the sun hitting your windshield(go figure, right?). They also say they are trying to get this fixed at the factory.***Update(10 june 2018) Vantrue finally sent me a new style mount as well as a new style GPS mount. The new mount system seems to work well though it is still a little susceptible to the heat.
Just Me
There's no other dash cam like this Dash Cam, Installed In my Lyft Car Windshield, it smiles and says " Peeka Boo I See You, and I can remember your every move. People look up and see this and immediately change their path of walking direction. UPDATE: the first things going to be said is you shouldn't have to do that but it's an excellent camera. Get you some gel super glue position it where you want it put a couple of drops in holder for a couple of minutes so the issue of swinging, yeah you shouldn't have to do it but it fixes an issue with a really great dash cam
I like it but it shuts off every now and then for no apparent reason. I have to manually turn it back on while driving. Annoying.
Italo Maldonado Malatesta
Great product but the suction cup mount let go and moves
Amazon Customer
Wobbly ball joint in the camera mount that doesn't allow the camera body to stay in place when driving. Poor design. Can not honestly recommend.
I've used this dashcam for a few days now and it's been great. This is my third dash cam to own and first one by Vantrue. It's by far the best one I have used, but its also the newest and most expensive. My previous two cameras being from 4Sight had went on me, and I started having issues with them. I scrambled to find a new great dash camera to replace it, which would benefit me and the things this one offers are just what I wanted. Just one thing, I'm not sure why WIFI wasn't included in the design of this N2 Pro, like there X3 model which would have been even more awesome. I reached out to Vantrue Customer Support to give them my recommendation for a future model. I liked the fact in the X3 camera you could access your cars dash cam from there app and view video and save photos so easily via the WIFI. Just wish they had it for the N2 Pro cam too, but that still doesn't take away how great of a camera this one is! I also like the fact there dash cam software is cross compatible with either Windows or Mac.I will edit my post with my setup and any photos and videos soon!PS this company by far has a great friendly customer service department that I've ever dealt with. They respond back to you promptly to answer any of your questions or concerns! There product instructions manual are well put together and are easily understandable. I would highly recommend this company and would refer them to friends or family.
Amazing resolution and the audio is perfect! Night vision couldn't be better. Beyond impressed.