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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Terrina R
I have been using the Venture N2 Dual Dash Cam for about a month now and Love it !!I like that is is smaller and will attach right under the mirror mount so that it is not taking up space on the windshield.I put a smooth mounting disk onto the bottom of my mirror mount and then attached the dashcam to it so that it would stay as secure as if it was attached to the windshield. It has worked very well.The videos are very clear and and the infrared really does make it very clear when videoing at night.I have been able to see what passengers in the back seat have done "behind my back" as well as it has deterred others because they knew they would be seen. I chose this one after reading many reviews and I highly recommend this product. !!
David E Pavon
I have owned an insurance agency for the past 20 years. I have seen clients that have had many auto accidents over the years. Unfortunately people do not always tell the truth and only a dash cam can prove you were not at fault for an accident. I have seen the very real need to have a dash cam in your car to prove you were not at fault for an accident. The Vantrue N2 Pro is the 2nd dash cam I have owned. Without question this is the best dash cam on the market. It’s easy to use and set up. Just install and forget. I highly recommend the Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam.David PavonAgent
gerald amoakuh
It’s a nice design and dedent video quality... the wide view isn’t as good as a cheaper camera I had gotten before, but this camera has a very good infrared inward facing camera where I can see the passengers faces at night, which I didn’t get with the previous camera I had to return since I am an Uber driver
Tamesh Kemraj
I've looked all over for a great dash cam with a dual camera, but I couldn't find one that competes with the N2 Pro. I had two dash cam within the past year and both of it couldn't live up to the great quality. There was a problem with the mount and I contacted costumer service where they effetely resent me one, I am still waiting for it in the mail. Great Dash Cam, I would recommend it to anyone who are looking for one.
James S.
Product works great. I wish it had LTE so that in case my vehicle is broken into I'd still be able to view what happened. I may get the new Owl car cam because of that one feature. Other than that I love this and where it's at (Just below my mirror) is great. Awesome setup as well since I got the hardwire kit. Super easy!
Words cannot express how great this dash cam is.Clear at night inside and out!Microphone is clear!Great camera if you rideshare or just to have one for safetyEdit:If you live in a city where temperatures are 90+ all the time, I suggest you take the camera out of the car. One, camera will get too hot and you risk messing it up, and two the suction cup it comes with will not hold too well on a scorching hot window. I would still buy this camera again if I had to.
Baljeet Singh Mann
I ordered this product online and was amazed with the quality of the product and the software. This is a small cute device which sits next to the rear view mirror and has amazing clarity and recording quality. both the cameras are crystal clar and offer much better driving protection..Keep it up VANTRUE
This is the best one I found, works great...
Raphael Muscarelle
Despite the lack of several key features I bought this for 2 features interior cam with IR and the quality of the front facing cam. Would be a perfect cam if gps were internal, Wifi was available, and capacitor instead of battery. Parking mode explained better not sure if I took it to acc or direct to battery.
Amazon Customer
You couldn't ask for a better camera!
Leah G.
Great quality picture
I did a lot of research on dash cameras, and afterselecting the vantrue N2 Pro, I realized I made thecorrect decision.I originally bought the dash cam to protect me asa driver for Uber. I have to say, I can't even fathomnot having one if your a driver. I haven't starteddriving for Uber as of yet because frankly I justhave not had the time to do so, but having a dashcam, I feel safer driving on a day-to-day basis Ican't imagine any more going without. I highlyrecommend the vantrue N2 pro for anyone that islooking for a dash cam.Great date night time recording, just set it up and forget it exactly what I was looking for.
I love this camera.The thing I love the most is that since I've gotten it- no more pax trying to get a free ride with an unwarranted flag!The camera facing the interior is good enough that faces and voices would be too easy to recognize for me to post video without talking the time to blur faces and edit the sound- even at night. The front facing camera is really, really good. So far, its only limits are my wiper's occasional inability to keep up with the rain.It's really provided me a lot of peace of mind... and some hilarious video from the passengers.
Doug & Natalie Curran
Awesome dash cam! Exterior and interior cabin views are crystal clear. In cabin cam has IR light to illuminate the interior at night (not visible to the eye). Great to have for driving in case of an accident or if you are a rideshare driver. Highly recommend this camera!
B Me
So far I really Love my cute little Cam. Easy to set up, figure out,been looking for something for my Motorcycle,someone side swiped me and I didn't get any info on them,so I've been looking. This Works nice ,clarity is wonderful ,even in the night.Of course you can't just leave it attached while away, but it's not a problem taking it off when I walk away. What I really like and what's most important is the rear camera.
Isaiah M.
This Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam Is AWESOME! Easy to setup/operate. I've been using this dash cam for 2 months now. It is truly a high-quality well-built unit. The Video quality is clear and sharp. Even in very low light situations the N2 Pro still records video with surprisingly good detail. With night mode turned on, the rear camera can capture valuable footage even in complete darkness! If leaving your vehicle unattended while out in town, at work, or even at home is a concern for you. Then the N2 Pro's parking mode has you covered. The N2 Pro also has a front-facing motion sensor. When parking mode turned on. Any movement directly in front of the dash cam's motion sensor will trigger the dash cam to start recording and automatically stop 10 seconds after there is no more motion detected. The N2 pro comes with: - 10ft mini USB car charger with a built-in USB port - 3ft USB data cable - Suction cup mount - user manual - quick start guide - warranty card
I would give it 5 stars, but the infrared? plastic piece next to the front lense is loose and it will push inward if you mistakenly touch it with your fingers. It's the rectangular piece you see between the front lense and the Vantrue logo in the picture. I just left it there, and the camera still works ok. But it is poor craftsmanship.
M Kublank
Bought the N2 Pro after extensive research on dual camera dash cams. I like to call this little beauty my "witness for the defense". People are such liars and a high quality dash cam such as the N2 Pro makes them look like fools when they're caught in their lies. I plan to buy a second one soon to protect our other vehicle. I also bought the hard wire kit and connected it to direct uninterrupted power for the parking function, which also works flawlessly. Would I buy it again? Absolutely!
i love the product is working so fine i encourage anyone needed a dash cam to buy it
Thomas E. Berrigan
Been using the N2 Pro for a little over a week now, latest firmware, everything is working as described. However, there are some serious problems with the cameras white balance. Most people might not be bothered by the blue tint, but I'm starting to notice it's affecting the ability to read license plates clearly.As a photographer, almost immediately I noticed the camera looked as if it were locked into a Fluorescent white balance. To see this, just set the white balance to fluorescent on your phone/digital camera and then compare the screen with the N2Pro. The colors will be exactly the same (see sample photo below) ... This white balance setting is pointless in anything other than fluorescent light, and is especially bad in sunny conditions.Figured I could just deal with it, but then the other day I was going through some footage, and noticed I couldn't even read the plates on the car that was 5 feet in front of me!!! You also couldn't read a single plate of any passing car, and this is on a bright, sunny day at 2 in the afternoon (see sample pics below) If anyone had hit me and taken off at that moment, I wouldn't have even been able to capture their plate number... This is a big problem.In another one of the sample photos, you can see a comparison with my rear dash cam, which is a cheap $25 camera I found on ebay. Was totally upset to see that my rear cam absolutely blows the $200 N2Pros quality away.The sample video clip is a clear, sunny day and the footage looks absolutely HORRIBLE. Can't even read license plates until I am right on the other cars bumper. Then at 1:47 as I start to drive into a garage with fluorescent lights, you can see the footage immediately change, it gets cleaner and the color becomes more natural looking, just like it should under a fluorescent white balance setting.From what I see, the old Vantrue N2 doesn't have any of these issues, and I have seen cameras with the same sensor (OV4689) on Youtube and the image quality is just AMAZING. So fortunately, this is something that should be able to be fixed with a simple firmware update to an "AUTO" white balance setting. Hopefully the developers can look into this serious issue ASAP.Now to be fair though, most of the time the footage doesn't look THAT bad (those examples are the worst of the worst) but there is still always that chance I could get nailed in broad daylight and this $200 camera won't pick up the plate 5 feet away.At night these issues are nonexistent, the camera actually looks great! Was pleasantly surprised at how good it looks at night after being so disappointed with the daytime footage.Besides that... love everything else about the device. The Interior camera is great, the infrared is awesome! Easily lights up the whole cabin even in complete darkness. Audio is also very clear! In daytime the video can get a purple/pinkish hue due to the infrared but overall it still looks great. Also it's a wide enough angle to even pick up people walking by the doors.Hardwired parking mode is one of the main reasons I bought this camera, and it works awesome! If anything it's almost too sensitive, but to me that's a good thing! It really does pick up EVERY movement around my car. This morning it even picked up a bird landing on a branch haha. Parking in the city it will just constantly go off though, I had over 500 separate 15-20 second clips just yesterday alone. Can be a pain to look through them all and most of them will just be people walking by, but it definitely would catch any vandalism. So just keep that in mind because your card can fill up pretty quickly.G-Sensor works great, nailed a pothole and file was locked and saved!Very easy to setup, install, and use. Menu is pretty simple & straightforward.Overall I would say it's a great device, and I really want to like it, but I just cant get over this annoying white balance issue and it's effect on the image quality... really starting to get to me, especially when comparing it to my $25 rear camera. Hopefully they can look into this issue and roll out a firmware fix in the near future, would gladly give it 5+ stars.
This dashcam does it all. I'm impressed with the well designed and thought out usability. It is small enough to be unobtrusive to the driver's vision, easy to operate so that it is not distracting, and it carries out it's intended function as expected. Menus are easy to understand and navigate. Definitely a must-have for rideshare drivers, keeps everyone safe.
Work perfectly i like the sleep mode
Shaurya Singh
I was skeptical at first on the dual cameras in one unit but after using it for a day and reviewing the footage, I don’t know why I didn’t buy this sooner.The quality of the dash cam is great. The build quality is top notch and it took me 5 minutes to set it all up.The only con I can think of is that I had to order a memory card separately as it’s not included in the box but that takes nothing away from the camera.Would recommend for sure!
I only wish this had a longer loop recording mode than 5 minutes, but it's not a huge deal.
Dennis G.
In cabin and exterior camera. Takes a minute to learn how to operate but small and doesnt interfere with dash or windshield view
Edit: The internal battery is designed to save the settings and to make sure that the last few seconds of video get written to the memory card when the unit is turned off or suddenly loses power.The internal battery in my unit has apparently stopped functioning. If the unit loses power, no settings are saved. More importantly, though, I do not have the crucial video I need from an incident that happened yesterday. The incident caused the camera to come unmounted from the windshield and disconnected from it's power supply. Consequently, I do not have the last few seconds of video that are crucial to showing fault in the incident.Beware: When you most need this product to work, it may fail.*********************************************************************************************************************************Awesome product. I had purchased a couple of others on Amazon, but they didn't work out. The Vantrue N2 Pro does everything I want. Great video quality while recording outside and inside in full size, separate videos. The night performance is outstanding, as well.The product specifies that it will only use up to a 64GB memory card. The product can use a 128GB card, if it is formatted as FAT32, prior to inserting it into the camera (they come as NTFS by default, due to the size).Overall, great product!
I bought this a while ago. I was in an accident yesterday, hit from behind, and the guy took off. The video is so poor that you can't read his plate number. He went around me and headed down the highway. I can barely see the plate number of the cars in front of me. It was daytime. This camera does not handle different lighting conditions very well.
Dr. Mike
Installed this in my son's new car recently. Video quality excellent. Good sound quality as well. Simple to install and set up as long as you have an idea how to run wires so they are hidden.The clip that must be pushed to remove the camera from the holding bracket feels a little flimsy, so care must be taken since it is made out of plastic. Otherwise an excellent product with superb resolution
Jacob P.
Amazon Customer
I like the dual camera functionality and that the files are saved separately.There’s function that automatically saves files that are somehow tagged as “incidents,” in a separate folder so that they aren’t copied over later. This could be handy in the event of an accident or altercation in the vehicle.
The resolution of this dash cam is good.The camera is easy to use.Vantrue customer service is very helpful.I really like this brand.
Amazon Customer
Purchased the n2 and the n2 pro,first one was not heat proof after a few weeks it stipped working realized it wasnt suitable for hot weather,so i brought the upgraded version which is marketed as good for hot places.unfortunately i was only able to use it for a few just stopped working.There was no power tried plugging it in all its available power outlet but it just doesnt work.was thinking there was a defect in its internal battery.Just very disappointed for buying a costly dashcam,spending 200 dollars is not just worth it PLEASE DONT BUY VANTRUE DASHCAMS.
UPDATE:Not too long after using this camera, the area where the camera connects to the mount became loose. Now the camera moves around a lot which makes it almost unusable. I wrapped a rubber band around that little pole which helps hold it more in place. After using it for about 10 months, now the cabin view only records in night vision even in bright daylight so all the cabin videos appear black and white. Also, if I leave it in the car on a really hot day (over 100 outside the car), it starts acting goofy. It'll turn off or not record or make this really strange buzzing sound. Overall, it's a nice camera though and I will continue to use it. I just don't like it's flaws.First review:I love this product!! The video and audio quality are superb. Even at night the video is great.It suctions to the glass very firmly and I never fear that it'll fall off. It is also very easy to remove the camera from the mount.I don't like having something attached to the window by the rear view mirror so I suctioned it to the upper left hand corner of my front window and it works perfectly there. I simply hid the cord by tucking it inside the edge of the door, under the floor mat and up into the charger.If you're looking for a good dash cam, look no further than this one!
Bo knows
As three time winner of over protective father of the year; I bought this dashcam for my daughter to use when she drives for Uber. Great dashcam. Great company.
Ensar Demirkan
Initially I gave 5 stars to this item. Now changed it to 1. The quality of the camera is great, The suction of the mount is strong. But in less than two months, the joint became so loose that camera looks at the direction wherever the gravity asks it to do so..UPDATE 05/30/2018Company sent me a replacement mount. It turns out that the original one was faulty and they designed a new version. The new one is very good. Solved my problems. Sandy from Vantrue was very helpful and responsive..
J. Rodriguez
Good dash cam. Took a while to learn the options and it at one point, just went out. Had to reset it using the reset button but other than that, good camera for what I need it for. Make sure to format your SD card before using***UPDATED***Their mount had become defective so they sent me another , more updated mount that locks into place. It works great now.
Rob Duffy
device is great meets all expectations. use it everyday money well spent.
minion love
Just got this to start uber driving for safety reasons. I love how it will also record inside the cabin. The screen is way smaller then I was expecting but fine since I don't want any distractions. very happy with this purchase.
Exceptional product. Never have to worry about it doing it’s job! Much easier to control than other brands.
This unit is compact and easy to install. The configuration is very intuitive and versatile. The N2 can be configured many ways to suit your individual needs. The video and audio are very clear and easily downloaded on your PC or can hook directly to a TV and played right from the camera. Very happy with this purchase.
Amazon Customer
Love it. Easy to install and use - highly recommend!
This is the best dash cam ever. I use it when I Uber and the forward is such an incredible color picture and the rear has incredible night vision video. I love watching it the next day and seeing what people do while I drive. It is so small they don't even see it. I would highly recommend this camera.
I am an uber driver and have had 4 different cameras. This is an amazing product. The Night vision is TRULY night vision. Sees all the way into my back seats with perfect clarity. I had to buy a 128GB micro sd card so I could get 8 hours of record time but well worth it. Has helped me prove cleaning and trip issues several times to the total of $350 in fees I would not have received without the video proof!
Perfect for a small compact dash cam that records the road ahead as well as the inside of vehicle, with 2 separate internal cameras and saved files for each (both separately configurable). Excellent audio recording as well. On best quality constant recording dual mode, stores roughly 10 gig per hour, so the 128 GB Samsung card others suggested works well. In parking mode it creates much smaller and shorter length files which here means I need to backup and clear sd card every 2 days when driving part time for ridesharing, and the rest in parking mode. The built in HDMI port allows camera to connect directly to our LG smart TV and watch all recordings without any other apps needed.
John Jones
Great camera, added security on the road . . . I got this as a fail safe if there is ever an accident that is questionable or a hit and run. It is nice to know I have another line of defense in case the inevitable happens. Easy set up and intuitive, great instructions and easy to get going. Highly recommended.
Amazon Customer
Best dashcam I have ever owned! So small that all my passengers don't even notice it till I tell them. Picture, Video, and Audio is all super clear! Love the night vision feature to record at night for my safety!
Great dash cam. Small and easy to setup!
K. Smalley
I have owned five different dash cams over the past three years and paid $350 for one that had the SD Card socket fail after five uses. The Vantrue seems to be solid and well made. This is truly the first dash cam, where I can actually read license plate images off of passing cars. As it has a wide view, 170 degrees, images also tend to be less blurry at higher speeds, then more narrowly zoomed cameras. The software menus seem very straight forward and easy to navigate. I travel in various rented cars and the N2's mount is easy to secure and does not pop off unexpectedly. For $190 I don't believe you can go wrong.
I love this dash cam. Really accurate and effective. While driving a car almost hit me head on and it captured it right on camera. Thank god nothing bad happened, but I felt more secure with the actual video recordered.
Hunter D.
I never thought of getting a dash cam in the first place. But I decided to get one, because you never know what situation you end up. I think this dash cam is very helpful & could possibly save yourself a ton of money & stress. I've had this for about a week so far, the installation is very easy, both cameras are able to capture the inside of the car with the passengers, and capture everything what's in front of you, license plates & signs can be clearly read. I'm definitely happy with N2 pro dash cam!Update 6/15/18So far the dash cam is doing great, one thing I do want to point out is that the ball joint on the suction cup mount seems to be loos, I don't know the exact cause of it, I assume it could be the heat that may affect this. I just don't like it when it shakes around.
Christopher Dudek
I have never owned a dashcam before. After a friend of mine got into a fender bender where he was backed into, and he was deemed liable for the accident because they felt he ran into the car, I decided to start looking for one. After all, video proof is really the best way to solve any issues where two drivers have differing accounts. After looking through the reviews, I decided to take give this dashcam a try.The dashcam came very well packaged and included everything I needed. It took me quite a while to run the wire to a cigarette lighter in my car, but it was manageable. After driving around in my car with this in place, I can say that I am very happy with the results.Overall, I am giving this a 5 star rating. If you are looking for a dashcam, this is the camera to get. The biggest pain when it comes to this dashcam is actually installing it without having a wire running down your windshield. After you get the initial installation out of the way, you will be happy with the results of this camera as a whole.What I like:The camera is very clear through the front windshield. I am able to make out signs, landmarks, license plates, other cars, and so on. This is why I bought the camera in the first place was to be able to see everything out the front. The rear facing camera is also very nice. I see everything in the car with the rear facing camera, but I don't know how well it would do if someone hit me from behind. The front facing camera really is the big selling point here.The night vision is also a very nice feature. It is good enough at least so you can see cars, license plates, and other landmarks. It does the job very well.It was so darn easy to install and get going. I am a techie, and I was very impressed at how I didn't have to mess around with drivers, software updates, or settings. The camera just worked.What I didn't like:No memory card. I was a little bummed out about this, but I had a spare 64gb memory card that I put in the unit. A quality 64gb card wouldn't cost that much to include, but this wasn't a show stopper.
Pros:-Small-Rugged-Shoots quality pics and videos-Good sound quality-Easy to setup-Easy to useI've been using the Vantrue N2 Pro for six months in my rideshare business. It is the perfect cam for this type of work because it is small and it captures high quality images and videos of both the outside of the car and the cabin. It is a very good quality build. I would describe it as semi rugged. Since I'm not using the camera's parking mode I remove it when I'm done driving. Six months of mounting it on and off the car and placing it in my bag and it still works as it did the first day I got it.It mounts on the windshield so it is not a hidden cam, but most people don't notice it. The infrared lights are not visible to the naked eye so you won't see any red dots like LED lights. This is my first dashcam purchase ever and it is the best decision I could have made for an easy-to-setup, easy-to-use rideshare dashcam. I am extremely happy with it.If you drive with Uber or Lyft or any other rideshare service, get this cam. I highly recommend it. Because of this cam I found out who left an empty beer bottle on the back seat of my car (see image - pixelated to protect the, uhm...not so innocent.)Note: You can get a better quality cabin video than the one I posted depending on how you angle the cam.Tip for ridseshare drivers: Use a dashcam like the Vantrue N2 Pro to record your routes. If you mess up the route you can review the video later and see where you messed up so you'll have it down pat the next time a ride request takes you down that path.
Love it very neat a solid feel, installation was very fast I use the hardwire kit sold separately. Now just waiting to test the parking mode. Will update in a few months . I love it will buy a second one for my other car
This review is based on the fact that I drive about 350-450 miles per week. (UPDATES ARE AT END).... I ordered this based on the reviews. I forgot to filter by “verified purchase”. out of over 400 reviews only 35 were verified...not a good sign. I will definitely update my 3 star review when I receive it and use it... stay tuned.8/7/18- no problems. My 64 gig card is good for all day driving (I drive a few hundred miles a day/2-4 hours per day). On super hot days I take it down when I park. All around worth it. Bumping my review to 5 stars.Update 3 5/3/18-no problems at all. No problems with pictures, no problem with suction cup mount. It just always works. I’ve turned off backward facing cam to see how that effects SD card space. Adding another star. I how to be able to turn off the rear facing IR illuminator.Update 2- 4/10/18. so far it is working flawless. Picture quality is extremely good. Night vision is acceptably good. I am considering getting an IR Illuminator for the front of the car. They look like an LED Bar Light. They are extremely inexpensive. If this keeps up I am adding one starUPDATE 1 (3/13/18) -SETUP IS VERY EASY AND INSTALLING (09 Toyota Corolla) WAS EASY. IT SEEMS AS IF CAR MANUFACTURERS MAKE IT A BIT EASY TO PUSH WIRES INTO THE MOLDING TO HIDE THEM. VIDEO QUALITY IS VERY GOOD SO FAR. The instructions are ok, but they could be much better.6/8/2018- I have only one major complaint. The mount is not nearly as good as the camera. The camera is awesome in every respect....The mount has never fallen off the windshield. BUT the universal joint has become amazingly loose to the point where it will swivel with almost no effort. Luckily the camera is balanced well (or maybe my windshield is the perfect angle) so it hangs with the lense pointed where it should, but if it didnt point in the right direction,it would ABSOLUTELY be useless. There is no ability to have the camera angle stay where I put it!!! It just happens to be good for my car. I am going to experiment with a thick silicone based lube/paste and see if that makes it work better. They sent me a free GPS unit (which is also a new mount) and this happened to both mounts-tight at first, super loose in a week or two (maybe the heat?). I don’t see anyway to tighten up the joint. I wish I could give it 5 stars. EDIT- the paramount seems to be a bit tignter.This is so close to 5 stars!!!!
Rusty l.
This is a very well built dash camera,one of the best that I have ever bought. I’ve bought other models but they were very cheep built,but not the vantrue N2 pro dash cam it’s one of the best. I would recommen this dash cam to everyone.
exactly how I expected, very clear real HD, it catches every single detail on the road and inside the car day and night. surprisingly clear records inside the car at night even in the darkest road( black and white footage )I bought 128 GB sd card which more than needed time of recording
Bonsai Dan
This was a GREAT buy. The Quality of this dual camera is superb. I recommend this to anyone who does Lyft or/and Uber. Easy to install. Screen turns off after a minute for less visibility. Even when its in nightvision, the quality is still great.Only bad but not that bad is When the sun hits it for the first time. Like say you leave your car parked in the sun, the mount gets loose. A way to fix this is by taking the mount off (2 tiny screws) and insert a piece of plastic from a wrapper into the mount. Clear if you can. And that will make it more snug and stay in place.5/20/2018 Update. Battery went bad and does not turn off when unplug. Do not leave it in the car on a sunny day. It has a pouch for a reason. 3 dead pixels during night time, not really a bother. Still a great cam wish it had a better battery.
I got the N2 Pro instead of the N2 because it has more features. It is working pretty well so far.
A little hard to set up requiring formatting research for a 64 mb micro sd card. This product should come with a card or clear directions.
Bolduc Builders
Manual in chinese or japanese when I recieved it. Seller sent me a pdf of the english version. Very helpful. Easy-ish to fumble your way through setup since the device language is english. Lots of cord makes it easy to run anywhere you want. Customer service is not really helpful on this one. If you aren't technologically inclined, I do not recomend this product for you.
Melvin Rusk
Awesome camera! The only thing bad I can say is the mount comes loose after only a couple of months..and I know it wasn’t just the one I ordered because I bought a second one for my work truck and the mount also came loose just after a couple of months... Vantrue needs to get the mount issue fixed!
Great video quality on both the front and rear cameras...I am not very proficient on setting up electronic equipment, but I managed to get the camera working properly with very little effort...Computer playback was easy to set up also.
This camera is worth the $$, the image are clear, easy to use and the night vision is really nice extra the parking mode works like a charm and since this dash cam is battery powered, it still capture picture. i used 64gb high endurance sd card and there is no problem on every recording
UPDATE: 06/08/18after receiving the newer mount with a twist tightener, man am i happy. way better than the 2 screws mount, only issue i have is from my car not the mount. my cars windshield is at an angle that makes it hard to put it somewhere without taken up too much space. customer service has worked with me over the months to make sure i was happy. thanks for the new mount. cam is great too!04/11/18received my replacement mount which I completely appreciate first off. Sadly after waiting about a month or so for it, it was actually WORSE than the original! less than 16hrs it was loose just like the old one.I can tighten the screws all day long but this design is so bad. thats it. great cam, absolutely terrible mount!camera is great but the mount is complete trash! after a few months the mount is loose as hell and every bump is now recorded and camera is always moving even on subtle stops....
Very good dashcam, very convenient
It seems to record as advertised, but the reason for the low rating is that the buttons don’t respond after a couple days of use. I need to be able to manually stop recording, and the unit stopped responding. Won’t stopped recording and won’t turn off unless I unplug it for a couple minutes.
Shahed Ali
The best camera you can ever get. I bought bounch of other cameras from Amazon tryed them and returned them.
When I first bought this I bought it for Uber and Lyft. Now I use it everyday anywhere I go. Because of the wear-and-tear or maybe because I got a defective camera, one of the button stopped working. This was a while after the return date. I'm happy to say that vantrue took care of me sent out a replacement I made sure everything was great. The new camera app has been working great and having no problems but I'm sure if there were any that's it would be taken care of. Thank you for a great product. The night vision also works great and I can see all my passengers at night and in early mornings. The quality on the front allows you to see license plates and other vehicles. I have caught many of incidents on this camera. If you are a driver by profession don't forget to buy a sign indicating that you are recording video and audio.
C. Merrick
So all in all I've been pretty pleased with this product. It seems to do everything that it says it does. Having to format a 64GB SD card on the computer was an annoyance but frankly not difficult to anyone with any basic understanding of computing, plus there are plenty of examples out there on YouTube showing you exactly how to do it. HOWEVER, one problem that I had seen raised before has just happened to me, the ball in the windscreen holder is now floating freely so the camera can move around on it's own easily. That's a disappointment that hopefully is being properly fixed.Edit 6/1/18 I've received a redesigned holder and it is much improved over the previous version. The ball is now held in a screw cup which is manually tightened, a far improved design. I've been very happy with the dashcam itself so based on that and the improved base I am changing my review from 2 start to 5 stars. In my picture the new design is on the left, the old on the right.
Osnay quintanal
The actual dashcam is great, but the mount makes the entire thing useless... Why even make a mount that only works for less than half a year? The ball joint is too loose now despite tightening it, and the suction isn't very strong anymore. The replacement mount will cost $24.At this point I'm considering just buying a new camera if I'll be spending $48+ every year just for a new mount
Love it ! Love it ! Love it ! I can't say enough about it . I wired mine direct so every time you start the car it makes a cool little sound to let you know it's on . It was easy for me to install. I feel so much safer with it in the event something happens it's there to give proof to protect you and your family . I've heard of people being stopped because the cop said they weren't wareing a seatbelt . You can prove your speed if needed . If someone cuts you off and then says you hit the back of them . I’m putting one in all my cars, work trucks and my sons cars !
Waqas Aftab
I cannot praise this enough, the compact size, the build quality, the video and audio quality is top notch.If there's anything I would like for extra security it would be cloud saves and uploads.UPDATEThe mount has become useless after just being used a few times, had to super glue the mount in place (not ideal)Will not recommend to anyoneSecond Edit:Sandy reached out to me via email to send a replacement updated mount, I must say that so far it has been holding up pretty well, it's still not the best it doesn't have heft to it but I love the fact that Vantrue took the time out to go throu all the review and work on it.Big props for the continued work! I can say that customer service like this deserves a second chance
Gary Arabaci
Excellent camera, even better customer service.
Andre B Murray
Good Customer Service.Just wanted to write a review about my experience with customer service. I was having a problem with two suction cups(I brought two N2 Pro's). Ms. Kelly hung in there with me until the issue was resolved. I have had other dash cameras in the pass. I really like this N2 Pro.Andre'
James Barnes
great product easy to use.
I love this camera when it works! It started losing time 2 months ago and now loses hours at a time. Venture won t respond to my emails. Can't find a phone number for them. Service protection plan i purchased won t do anything because camera is only 7 months old and still under manufacture warrantee. Great but if you don't have any problems. If you do don't count on Vantrue! They just ignore you. Wish I'd went with a company that actually has Customer service and stands behind their products! No more Vantrue products for me!!!!!!!!!!
Juan L Caraballo
Best dash cam in the market
Sandi Block
Seems to be working so far after figuring out all the settings. I keep getting my car vandalized where I live is bad area of people. I hired business to hardwire to fuse box to battery to work at night and park mode when I leave my car. But it records alot with sensor. So ALOT of videos to search through. I did change how to view details on my laptop on video date but time is not accurate and I can't change time on camera just date. Now the suction cup will not stay on windshield for more than 5 minutes it falls off now last 3 days. The guy installed it above at very top where it's hidden on the window tinting. The suction cup took my tinting off window. I had to poke a pin hole to get my tinting to press back down. I cleaned window again and used alcohol on new area on non tinted area on windshield and still the suction cup falls off after few minutes. So do I super glue it or is mine defective? The 1st night I had it on it stayed on all night and someone threw a glass bottle shattered all around my car. Viewed hundreds of videos and saw or heard nothing of what happened. The camera video is pretty clear during day but at night it's hard to view anything. It's been in 80's here lately not too cold at night. There is humidity condensation on top of car so you cannot see anything on video till that evaporates off windows. I have to email or see if there's even a number to call customer service today as of why my suction cup won't stay on window the camera falls off hoping it doesn't get ruined.
So this cam is good and I couldn't complain until recently...I like it so much I bought a 2nd one...I think I had the vantrue n2 pro for about 2 years and now they both dont work...Both cameras just resets randomly and the videos are corrupt. I changed both of my SD cards and its still the same...
Video to back up your side of the story.
Edwin Siemion
This is an awesome camera. I only wish I could use an app with it. Their customer service is excellent, the mount broke and they are sending me a new one!
Michael Singleton
The video quality on this is very clear. I recommend the 64GB micro card on this. I've put this in Parking Mode and I'm amazed to pick up video on pedestrians just walking by and it has not taxed the car battery. This cam records the front and back camera simultaneously so that if an aggressive drive runs up behind you, passing on the right and then cuts you off, you virtually (Almost!) have a 360 view. I bought a usb microcard reader to use with the card.
The Produces good quality, the setup was simple.Video in Dash cam will become your evidence when you got accident.
The Dash Cam will exceed your expectations.
Keith W.
The camera came 3 days before it said it would get here... Huge Thumbs Up! Now for the N2 Pro... I am a "RideShare Driver" and drive at night. First of all, the camera was easy to figure out on how it operated when I hooked to my computer first before installing it in my car. 2nd, Super Easy to install, just had to figure out where I wanted on my windshield. 3rd... Yeah the test run I did around the hood was great. 4th. I put my camera signs on my windows and went out Ubering... After a night of work, went back to look at footage. Just amazing, the in cab inferred cam works great. Even on dark roads and streets with no light. I could see the riders in the back with no problem. Sound recording is great.If you RideShare Drive... Don't waste your money on cheaper cams, spend the extra few buck and by the N2 Pro.
Robert kennedy
OK, I have had this Dashcam for 6 months now, my verdict: I really like this Dashcam. For the price and amenities you get, at the date/time of me writing this review this is the Dashcam to get. TRUST ME! Yes, I wish that the display screen was larger, but I do understand why the unit is the size it is..its stealthy, low profile! I've checked out all the under $200 dashcam competitors (Falcon, Blackvue, Thinkwire,,etc.) with a "fine tooth comb" and I settled on this Vantrue N2 PRO. ( Please note: there is a Vantrue N2 version but make sure you get the PRO version!) The night vision interior cam is crystal clear, you can see the entire interior cabin- with AUDIO! the exterior camera is awesome to with very wide angle crystal clear stable motion that allows you to see license plates very clearly too. The unit comes with a basic Mounting Suction Cup but I highly suggest ordering the GPS Receiver Module Suction Cup Mount as it logs your GPS position, time and speed. (great for accident disputes, police speeding disputes, etc.) check it out here... The unit has a sd card slot for memory. It says it can only take a 32gb card, but I put a Samsung "Evo Select" 64gb card in it and have had no problems whatsoever. You can even download your recordings to your cellphone with the included micro cord and a "USB Connector " (not included). The only reason I did not give it 5 Stars is that is does not have a wifi feature so your recordings automatically upload online to a cloud based app. But other than that you won't be disappointed with purchasing this Dashcam. Excellent job for the price Vantrue!!!
Nick Phan
Perfect dash cam, easy to install and worked as advertised. The front camera is clear and so is the in cabin camera. Installation was very easy and setup was a breeze. I have a 128GB SD card and it might be a little over kill but works greats in storing the videos. I also purchased an external battery charger ( so I can use it to power on the camera to enable the parking mode. The parking mode works great, it was able to capture any movement in front of my car. Once the front camera picks up motion it begins recording right away and also enables the recording for the in cabin camera as well. I tend to reverse back into parking stalls and with the parking mode, it picks up every car that drives by in the parking lot. So I know it works just have a bunch of videos while parked but it isn't a big deal since I have a large SD card inside so drive space is not an issue. I just tested the night vision last night and did a quick drive around the block and clarity was great. I have attached the day driving video capture from a quick drive around the block to show the camera in action. I also attached two picture of the mount and how it looks in the car.
luis anthony lebron
Perfect for what I needed it for.resolution and quality is amazing!
Rudy Kasmito
Excellent clarity, even at night. Very well designed. I would highly recommend this product.
Tae Kim
I don't know if I have a defective unit or not, but the camera is adding chirping or winding noises to the recording. I don't know what's causing that noise, it's almost sounds like the lens is trying to auto focus continuously and that motor sound seeping in to the recording. I sent Vantrue an email regarding this issue, and I haven't heard back from them yet.Also, the bluish hue from the low light is still present with the latest firmware. I read from the review somewhere that the latest firmware addressed that problem. Perhaps, the bluish recording was a lot worse before with the latest build.I will probably return the camera if I don't hear from them soon. It's a shame, because I do like the form factor of the unit.
So far so good, will update if any issues.
Use this for Uber driving and love it.
UPDATED REVIEW 2018/8/30: 3 stars --> 5 starsVantrue reached out to me and sent me a replacement mount that works differently from the one that originally shipped with this dashcam. And for the two 2-3 weeks I've had it on my car, the dashcam has not fallen off so I'm much happier.Thank you for your great customer support and listening to our feedback. I am increasing my review from 3 stars to 5 stars; + one star for the new mount that works, and + one star for proactive customer service.ORIGINAL REVIEW:Just got this in the mail yesterday. I really want to like this - but:1) the suction cup simply won't stay on my glass - fyi my window has no special treatments. I've tried moving it around multiple places but it will still fall off after a few minutes of driving and I'm worried that this will cause trauma to the recorder and break the device.2) Cannot adjust camera horizontally3) Important note: pressing "OK" (a button next to the screen) while the camera is on will pause/stop recording and it's really easy to fatfinger it accidentally when handling the camera.Feature-side, takes a while to figure out how it works - read the manual! There's a decent amount of customisability otherwise.
Gerry Holt
Turns off anytime I put an SD card in it. I've tried two cards, a SanDisk PIxtor and a Samsung Evo Plus. Both 64GB, both formatted to FAT32. Camera still turns off as soon as I insert the card. Haven't been able to get ahold of customer service yet. Will update review if I get it working.-UPDATE-I've bumped this up to 4 stars as I finally got it working. I had to find a very specific sdcard formatter to get this working. My normal go to's I've used for many other product (HPsdformater for one) would not work. Just google Fat32formatter and it should be the first result. That one finally got my card working.
Amazon Customer
Camera is difficult to use, suction mount does not want to stay on the glass and the integrated power through the mount makes it difficult to modify with no other options
corey nellis
This is an AWESOME camera, I use this to keep an eye on the road and my Uber passengers just in case anything should go wrong I'll have proof