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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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I have been searching for a decent dash cam for a while and chose this since it was amazon recommended. The order arrived on time. The box was simple. Noted that you have to buy your own MICRO SD card, I chose the 32 gb one at Walmart (buy the SAMSUNG EVO they suggest). The box came with the car dock charger and the usb connector. You have to chage it 2 hours prior to use (noted the wall adaptor is not included). The set up is simple. As soon as you connect the charge the video is recorded. You can play with the settings for a while to get the look you want. The camera is quite small which won't draw attention. The box doesn't come with the wire kit, so if you want to use it asap, you should plan to buy the MICRO SD card and the set together with this.Video:-The video is recorded as a 3, or 5 mins or something longer (I forgot lol) as you want. After it's full it will overwrite the latest one. I heard people complaint about it can stop record randomly, so far this has not happened to me.-Video is clear, if you can read the plate with your eyes, you can read it on the camera.-The date on the camera is in 2017, so you have to manually set it up as today if you plan to use it as proof later.Audio:-Audio is pretty good suprisingly. I can still hear the music I played in the background without any break loud noise.Back camera:-I guess this is to prove if someone lie and said you were on the phone when the accident occur. This has happened to my friend once and I think this would be helpful.-The back camera quality is also good, the same quality to me for both back and front camera.Usage:-Very easy to use, turn on, plug in and you're set. It will turn the screen off after a few minutes so don't panic lol. As long as you hear the beeping sound and the light on the charger is blue, you're good.-The mount is very interesting, you have to turn the handle to the right to lock it to the glass. and it attached very well to the glass, to detach just lift the flappy piece of plastic and it will be off.-After using for about 1 hour, the camera is warm, but cool pretty fast.
Edwin W. Parks Jr.
This is a great little camera. It attaches unobtrusively up under my rear view mirror and does not block my vision at all. I particularly like the dual front and rear facing lenses. If something should ever go wrong (i.e. an accident), it is good to be able to have a record of what happened inside the car, not just outside. The instruction manual is easy to read and understand. I like to have the screen display on at all times when I am driving and that was not difficult to figure out how to do with the instructions provided. The suction cup mount is easy to attach securely to the windshield with a "rotating" lever. The picture on the screen display is crisp and clear and very bright as the sun sets in the evening sky. So, I guess the bottom line is that I like this little camera a lot and would purchase it again.
I purchased this item as a lightning deal, and was happily surprised by the product. Set up was hassle free, image quality is great, and the camera is a very sturdy product.We have it hard-wired, so it also records motion when parked, which is great.The only point of improvement I could find, was the mount, the ball joint gets very loose, which is obviously a design/manufacturing flaw. I have contacted Vantrue, and they are replacing it free of cost, with a new and improved design.In the mean time, as a quick fix, I opened the ball joint assembly (just the two screws) and wrapped a little Teflon tape around the ball, and reassembled. This solved the issue for now.If anyone is interested, I can post some actual footage from the camera.
Nathan B
The video quality is good. The setup is not too bad. I think the only way it could be easier if you set it up with a phone app.The power cable is plenty long. I ran mine from the center of the windshield, down the door, under the glove box, and to the center console with length to spare.After a few months the camera became loose in the mount. I'm hoping I can get something work out with support on this issue. I don't really want to have to tape it or something. Would be a 5/5 without this issue.*Update After talking with support they are sending me a replacement mount. Upon receiving it I will update my rating.**Update I have received my replacement mount. They upgraded me to a GPS mount for the replacement without charge. I believe they deserve a 4.5 due to having to getting a replacement. But I'll go with a 5 because they upgraded me when I needed a replacement.***Update It keeps losing the time so it is almost useless because it always records over the same file. I updated to the latest firmware but it did not help. Changing the review to 1 star.
The camera works perfectly. Apparently their manufacturer used some defective plastic on the hinge, but support was super helpful and arranged an immediate replacement from the latest batch.I was happy enough with the process that I went back and ordered a second one.One for each car.
This dashcamra is perfect for my car. I have a convertible and wanted rearview camra for when I put the top down. The rearview camera on this unit is great for that. Has a good sharp clear picture front and rear. And the camera is detachable from the windshield mount, so it is easy to remove from view.
Matt C
Wonderful product. The mount got a little loose in the sun but I contacted customer support and they were more than helpful to send out a replacement mount. Some wonderful folks.
the ball joint for the mount lasted about a day before coming loose and there is no way to tighten it. The cam itself is great. BUT its way too expensive and doesnt come with the GPS unit?? for $200 i have to spend $20 more for GPS? .
Octavian Ionescu
I had it for about a month... so let me start with this:-video quality is amazing at night and day/ inside and outside of the car-slim and flexible design, easy to pop it in and out of the holderBut... Unfortunately won’t consistently record your trips, which defeats the purpose. Luckily, I didn’t had any incidents, but when I decided to check some videos on it I noticed how inconsistent is... I checked reviews and even purchased the Samsung SD card that they suggest, checked multiple times different days and it has the same problem.-Saves the settings, but resets them after a while, so the date and time would go back in 2017, I guess when the software was installed.I’d totally buy it again if it won’t have this problem
Parounak Minakian
This is the best dash cam for the price, it does everything it says.I am a ride share driver and I think it will become the standard for ride share drivers.The customer support is perfect, they solved my problem next day I emailed them.The night recording could be better. It has a blueish tint in some recordings. This is not really a problem, unless you use the footage for professional work.
Mike Lin
The package contains almost everything you can ask for on a dash cam. The overall build quality seems solid, the specialized rubber material works great to withstand the high heat during the hot summer days. The mounting mechanism seems easy and straight forward and I have no issues whatsoever after a few long distance rides.Instead of offering a separate backup camera, it provide with dual front and back cam on the same body. I don't really care for the rear cam as it is not my primary goal of owning a dash cam, I found the image quality is surprisingly good on both lenses. It's quite fun, for me at least to capture what passengers are doing inside the car (I have a 3 yr old and a 1.5 yr old). I can see it being very useful on a long distance road trip, not only it captures the scenery at the front but the reaction of the passengers at the back. I can also see it very useful if you're an Uber driver (video record of what's going on with the traffic and at the same time record what's happening inside the vehicle).I'm impressed with it lightness and the compactness, after connecting it with an external USB power bank, you now have a poor man's GoPro.The built-in G sensor works quite well, it automatically starts and shuts off based on the provided power. Even though the spec mentioned having 64gb limit for the card, it did registered my Sandisk 128GB sdhc card without issues.I do hope there's a smarter way to retrieve the card content without actually taking the card out (such as having an app that can link to the device). Overall I'm very happy with the purchase, Vantrue makes decent dash cams and this one certainly did not disappoint.
Walter Tierney
After looking at different dashcams within my budget (200.00 or less) with exterior and interior recording, the vantrue n2 dashcam was the one I chose. I do rideshare at nights and on the weekends and drive mostly at night. The IR picks up everything all the way in the back of my 3rd row seats. Even at night! The audio quality is great as well. It picks up even the soft voices of my toddler son sitting in the second row seats. The day time videos are vivid and bright. The night time videos are also vivid and clear.When I first opened the box I was taken aback by the size of the camera and very pleased that it would not take up too much of the dash or windscreen. If you live in a state that does not allow window mounted dashcams, this camera has a setting to rotate the display. So you should be able to mount it easily to the dash. The video is recorded in MP4 format so there is no prior converting in order to edit if you wish and plays directly on the computer after downloading to the computer using the provided USB data cable.All in all I am extremely pleased with this product and have no regrets spending the money for this dashcam.
Mohammed Rahat
Amazing dash cam. This cam has one of the better interior cameras that I have ever seen so far. I was kind of wary about 4 tiny LED lights being able to light up the interior at night but they truly do. This is extremely essential for me as I drive for Uber and Lyft in NYC, and I mostly deal with night crowds. The front camera records at 1440p unless you have the rear one recording too so I have both front and rear recording at 3 min loops. I highly recommend this.
This product is awesome. this is a lightweight, easy to use dashcam that delivers great results. Build quality is impressive. It has everything I need. Very easy installation and set up. It comes with everything you need except SD Card. I would recommend to anyone. Simple set up, easy to use! I loaded it to my nephew who is an Uber driver and when we watched it, the quality of the video and the sound clarity are unsurpassed! He is going to buy one to use regularly while he is working. I would highly recommend this dash cam for anybody looking for a quality setup When pointed into the cabin, the image and colors look fantastic. Pointed outdoors, looks great...sometimes a bit of a blue hue when bright and into sunlight. At night, looks really good - not grainy at all...was very surprised at nighttime.
justin goodman
Overall a great camera, great quality recording, feels solid build quality, however the one complaint I have is the base that the camera attaches to, the swivel comes loose and won't stay in one spot, just basic braking and acceleration will shift the cameras angle and I'm constantly having to readjust it. Overall very little wrong, maybe I just got a bad mount. Would like it fixed though.
Matthew F. Williams
Camera works as intended but the swivel mount is always loose. It defeats the purpose of having such a good tool since whenever your vehicle accelerates, the camera shifts down.Edit: Vantrue has come out with an upgraded model for this. It does hold true after one full month of testing through heat and torture vibrations (15in subwoofer to be exact)Edit as of 19Jul2020 - The device is still going strong. I do have an issue with if the power disconnects from it, it just shuts off. I thought this had an internal battery so that must be on its way out.
Franklin Bonilla
Simple the best i really recommended it
Venture N2 Pro dual dash camera- For the price you should expect for a higher quality product. the mounting attachment does not hold to the window glass, loose the suction and falls off. using an circular plastic mount with glue, pasted to the window, and use the camera suction mount, now it falls off every 2 months.The camera is attached to the mounting bracket via a connector, that has a ball and socket. after 3 months of driving, the ball is moving freely in the socket. AS A RESULT, THE CAMERA IS MOVING UP AND DOWN, WHEN YOUR CAR is moving (manage by gravity).The photo quality is very average,UPDATE- The company was very helpful, they switch the mount to one that is working. I got many emails from the company support, asking if the product is working, and what they can do to fix the problems.IT IS REMARKABLE and UNUSUAL TO GET SUCH A GOOD SERVICE. I TRULY APPRECIATE THE EFFORTS.
Roman Levin
After months of research for a dash-cam. Vantrue N2 Pro was my number 1 choice. I’ve been using the dash cam now for a month and I’ve been extremely happy.1. Quality of video Is outstanding in daylight and nighttime. As well visibility 170 agree.2. Build quality is the best for a $200 cam.3. Setting the cam was very easy and customizable stamps on the screen time date GPS.4. Vantrue customer service is excellent very quick to reply questions or issues. Vantrue really cares about their Products and customers.One thing I highly recommend is getting a proper memory card for the dash camera the Samsung 64GB EVO is the one I got.
Pros:-front and back cam-high quality video in both day and night time-very easy and intuitive to use-good lightweight designCons:-mount degrades quickly in hot weather causing cam to swivel freely while driving instead of staying in placeI have been using the dash cam for two weeks before the mount issue. I contacted customer service, and they offered to send an upgraded mount that fixes the issue for free. I will update the review once I test the new one.
There is a major flaw with the camera. The attachment mechanism between the suction and the camera itself is not stiff which results in the camera moving freely up and down during slightly harder breaking and knocking it off it’s position. I expected better design for the price.Update 6/13/18So I’m going to try to dismantle the attachment mechanism and tighten it up with a plastic tape.Update 6/17/18I got the part from Sandy. The new attachment mechanism has a plastic screw that you can control how tight the camera is hanging. With this attachment I can recommend this camera. 1 lost star for sending product with defective design in the first place.
Nathan Brinkley
Camera is as described. Many different features to fit all needs. Good quality picture day and night time. Takes good videos even at high accelerations. Front and rear camera are both nice. The small screen makes it easy to see exactly what the camera sees and to toggle through options.
Out of several dash-cams I've tried this one is actually worth the money. I've had it for a few days and really like the added sense of security. I chose this one because of the great reviews and because it records in 1440p; ensuring I can make out a license plate if needed. I live in Phoenix, AZ so the last few days have been over 100 degrees fahrenheit. Today was 107 degrees but the camera still functioned flawless in the hot car. I'm not worried about it dying in the heat and the suction cup mount has held firmly.Built quality wise, it's lightweight but feels sturdy. The plastic housing has a soft touch feel and the buttons are nice and clicky. The camera is definitely smaller than I expected too so it doesn't block my view. You can tell the the product has been engineered well. When I installed it, the locking suction cup is more than antiquate. I'm not worried about it falling off. My favorite feature is that the USB cord plugs into the mount. I didn't want cords hanging around and for it to look janky. The mount helps raise the cord away from the camera. The mount also allows the camera to to swivel and tilt. Additionally you can remove the camera while leaving the mount in place; so convenient!After using it for a few days I plugged it into my computer to review the video footage. The picture looks great! I was really impressed. I appreciate that the menus are easy to navigate too. It kinda reminds me of my old GoPro Hero 4. The Vantrue website also has support and firmware upgrades available. The firmware upgrade was not needed for the one I got from Amazon.Overall if you're on the fence I would say go for it. I'm glad I spent the money and got a quality dashcam. You won't regret it if you're in an accident or catch a once in a lifetime event while driving.
Cindi Chute
I am a Uber female driver. I decided to purchase a dash cam for rideshare driving mainly. I didn’t think I needed it until my female Uber drivers said they highly recommend it. A lot of the drivers use N2 Pro. I needed one that had complete night vision. I do a lot of Uber/Lyft driving at night. I haven’t had the problem of puckers in my car yet, hopefully I won’t my fellow drivers have & needed the proof to give to the rideshare companies to get there cleaning fee. So I am glad it has in cabin camera too exactly what I needed. Camera quality & viewing quality is excel to. Would highly recommend.
Rideshare driver - Great quality as far as the cameras, file system management and controls go. The mount is very flimsy and does not hold the camera still. It continuously wobble, which makes the image not very stable when driving. I also wish the IR mode did not display a blinking light. This makes the camera very noticeable by my passenger, who are not always happy about being filmed,
Armando Ramirez
Alright to save you a long list of reading. This thing seems pretty cool, looks heavy duty but is way over priced. It has great quality but the biggest thing I can't stand is that the battery dies with in 30min. I constantly need to keep it on my car charger, the instructions are in Chinese. I could of got 4 lightdows for this price put them in different areas of my car and worried less about the battery.
Works great very pleased
Amazon Customer
Great videos, front and rear
herman w.
It works great with a very clear video. the only thing I'm not really impressed with is the instructions being such small print.
Manuel U.
Quality of video is great! Convenient and easy to install, the night vision inside the car also works great. Would definitely recommend this camera.
Alex G.
Updated review: So I've had the camera for over 6 months and I love it. 1st and best dashcam I've had. Vídeos are nice during day and night. Capture myself almost having an accident on the freeway and one at night almost hitting a deer. I still have it connected to cigarette lighter (haven't switched to direct power even though I bought the part at time of cam. I haven't notice the dashcam shutting itself off anymore and I check it regularly. Inside cabin cam is also great. Tend to capture my friends singing mostly which is funny. (At night inside cabin cam is a little on the dark side for rear passengers but manageable to see. Only real problem problem I have with it is the original cam mount, it's loose after about a month or so and cam now moves around. But overall really great cam for the price. I highly recommend!It seems like it sometimes shutsoff by itself when I start the car. I sometimes check to make sure it's on. Currently have it running on the cigarette lighter. Other than that I have caught one accident in camera which was pretty cool to watch how it happen. It happened behind me so the camera inside the cabin caught it. Also I like that the camera inside the cabin also records in parking mode.
Peter Sloane
Very impressed with this unit. The main advantage of this unit over other full feature dash cams is the size. Perfect sizing, not too small and not as obstructively large as many of the other high end units with a front and rear cam. Install in my subaru was all of 5 minutes, and set up was easy as well. I plan on adding a large memory card eventually, and do not plan on utilizing the battery powered park feature that some other reviews discuss, but the main reason i bought this was for the size vs feature combo, and it does not disappoint. Camera quality is definitely noticeably better than lower priced units I have used in the past.
Andrew G
The Ventrue N2 Pro was incredibly easy to install, rather easy to use, and Discreet behind my mirror. It feels pretty solid with the suction, and has a short built in battery. I installed a 16gb sd card and it worked like a charm recording forward and backward. I look forward to the recorded feedback driving around.
Perfect camera, night vision, 1080 resolution dual cams,and ease of use. Unfortunately its connected to a crappy mount that gets severely loose and moves with bumps. It really sucks that the mount is made that way because it ruined a great camera.
I'm not a Uber driver but I wanted prof of any violation that may occur while on the road. I'm retired and I'm planning a lot of road trips. I'm thinking of the camera as an insurance policy. So far, it functions as described and will meet my expectations.
Mark K
I have had this camera for 5 weeks now; I am one week past the return window and the mount has come loose just as others have reported. The camera moves with heavy bumps in the road or if you touch it at all (such as to turn it on or off). This is the primary reason for giving it only 1 star.Beyond the mount, the video quality isn't bad overall but the night time quality is lacking, video is grainy and details like plate numbers are hard to make out. Another major shortcoming is the lack of support for a large enough memory card; this camera is marketed as ideal for Lyft/Uber drivers but you can only record about 6 hours of video... Most drivers work for more than 6 hours at a time. I am hoping that perhaps the manufacturer will fix this issue via a firmware update.Cons:1) Terrible mount, fails within a few weeks.2) Needs to support larger SD cards3) No way to have just the interior camera recording (such a feature would help ride share drivers who are using this camera to cover themselves in the event of false accusations since the camera doesn't support a large enough SD card to record an entire shift non-stop).4) Sub-par night recording on exterior camera5) No GPS included... For the price of this camera the GPS should be included, the quality simply doesn't justify making the user spend extra for a GPS device.6) No means of deleting individual files directly on the camera (again, this would help with saving room for when it is needed; as a ride share driver I need to be able to save my footage for several months, not allow it to loop record. I offload all my footage to a computer after every day of driving)7) Video files from the exterior camera save the audio track in addition to the interior files saving it. Again, this is a memory card space efficiency issue; when you are saving several hours of footage every day the extra space adds up and there is no reason to have audio on the camera facing out the out the windshield, only the interior camera needs audio.Pros1) Interior camera does good even on dark roads with no ambient light.2) Unit starts recording reliably every time it receives power (I use a power socket with it's own power switch so I can simulate shutting the vehicle off between passengers in order to economize memory card space)3) Day time recording of both cameras is clear and details can be seen (but color is a little off, mostly in that it is over saturated)4) Size... The unit is compact and does not take much room.Overall as things stand I would not buy this camera again and if the mount failed while in the return window I would have simply returned it; now I will have to see if their warranty process is good as I need this camera every day. I will update this review with the outcome.Update 1: I am bumping my rating up from 1 star to 2 stars because the manufacturer did send me a replacement mount. Note that the mount took two week to arrive shipped direct from China via slow postage so that is two weeks in which the camera I have had less than two months was not working. I will test out the new mount for a few weeks and update this review again with the results.Update 2: I received an email from the manufacturer today asking me if the mount they sent fixed the issue... It did not in the long run, the mount lasted about 2 months then I had to superglue to joint in place. Additionally the battery failed about a year after I started using the camera resulting in it no longer being able to remember the date/time or settings such as vehicle plate number.When all is said and done, the superior quality of the video it records (and audio if you're using the interior camera) still makes this a good option; but I personally would only buy it on a sale the greatly reduced it's price since it seems you can only expect to get about 1 year out of the battery.Update 3: After the seller/manufacturer made several attempts to get me to increase my rating of the product they have stopped responding without ever offering to resolve the battery issue. Reducing rating back to one star.
Amazon customer
Very good dash cam, excellent night vision on rear camera. Mounted below rear view mirror using GPS mount (sold seperately). Used for driving, and especially Uber/Lyft rideshares for safety. Audio and video quality are very good. App for viewing videos on manufacturer site is ok, I recommend other apps such as Dashcam Viewer to view dual-channel videos (full support for this camera will be available in future release) and RaceRender 3 to make a new video with a PIP view of the rear camera in a corner, along with other gauges like speed and a compass (needs GPS mount to collect speed and heading). I did not dock any stars for the viewer, since this review is for the hardware, not software.
Joseph Dougherty
Works feat until mount loosens and unit swings back and forth. They skimped on the mount. They should replace it since it’s only a couple months old.Update: 6/4 Vantrue contacted me and sent me a new improved mount and is works perfectly!!
When I started driving for Uber and Lyft I kept hearing horror stories from other drivers about shenanigans passengers tried to pull in the car. My previous dash camera which doesnt had so many features died so I bought this oneI knew that if I was going to take it seriously I'd need a dashcam that had the following:Exterior and interior camerasNight visionparking modeHigh durabilityHigh storage capacity possibleLooping recordingMotion detectionG sensor for collision detection.The VANTURE N2 Pro has ALL these features and MORE!This camera system was definitely intended for people who are on road most of the time to daily commuters. The night vision quality is much MUCH better than the closest competitor by far! This is quite impressive . It doesn't matter how late or how dark it is, when you download the video you'll be able to see everything inside and outside the car clearly.It has a optional GPS feature where you need to but a another attachement from them but in my opinion, it is worth, so when you download the video you'll be able to see exactly where you were at the time the video was recorded. This can be really helpful in the event of an accident or go forbid you're ever arrested - you'll have an alibi!The picture quality of the exterior camera is fantastic. Full 1080p. Color is glorious. Picture is sharp and clear.Parking mode is great with this inbuilt (extra $10 and ordered the hard wire kit). Simply tap into a couple of fuses, ground it, and your camera will keep recording even when you're parked!From recent experience I can say, dash cam batteries needs to be needs to be able to withstand harsh cold and hot weather and this camera gurantees that. normal or cheap dash cam's batteries will fail when car is parked in hot sun or in cold weather.It also has inbuild dat and time stamp recorder on videos which i have enabled as you need it as a proof incase there are disputes in traffic tickets or need an eveidence for the other party's fault on accident.AUTO LCD off timer makes sure that the lcd off automatically after the recording begins so you won't be disturbed by another glowing rectangle on your windshield, you can also turn this function off if you prefer the LCD staysI'm in a lot of Uber and Lyft Facebook groups and I recommend this camera to other drivers every day. Many complain about the price, but I say it's worth it. It's an insurance policy for sure. It's worth spending $200 on a camera for the peace of mind of not having to worry about going to jail if a pax accuses you of something, or getting sued if you're in an accident and it's 100% the other driver's fault.and last, I used a 128 gig card on it and was not able to get it working, contacted the customer care support and they were fast/quick in response and solved my problem ( it supports upto 64GB cards )
This camera takes very good videos of what is going on around me. It is very good.
Amazon Customer
The worst camera I ever bought
Ronald M. Childress
I bought this and drive with uber. The camera is great, nice clear recordings in the car at night. It's very easy to use and works very well. I had a small service issue and their service is great, as well. Everything was resolved less than a week after my first contact with service. I have this in my front window, I can easily take it down every night, no need to tempt prying eyes. It pops right on and works flawlessly.
Jonathan R.
Camera has great clear video, but the ball mount is loose! This causes the camera to move while driving and to jump with every bump on the road! Definitely not what I was expecting. Very disappointing.**UPDATE** A rep contacted me about the mount. I just received it today so I will update this review again after using the new mount for a while.
Good cameraVideo quality awesomeSound awesomeNight vision awesomeParking mode awesomeThe mount it clips into awesome but does get loose over timeCustomer service awesomeYou have to buy a separate GPS attachment if you want the mph yo show on the video
I was mostly pleased with the image quality and full range of features on this reasonably priced dash cam. Excellent quality and value for the money, can't go wrong. The instruction manual explains it well, easy installation and easy to use.
i bought is twice first time if was not working second time when i got my cam it was used and there were stuff missing out of it
Donald Zebrauskas
Excellent product. Be careful loading the mini SS card.
Not working properly, i will come with is my update broken item,sd card error reading,my update after one year Do not buy this camera so expensive,dose not work properly,i spend tons of money for sd cards,because this camera broking sd cards after a month sd card error and can't use any more,you have to buy new one again,costumer support sucks they trying in any mode not to replace your defective device,so shortly don't buy it,there are so many options for good cameras with price range up to 100$
If any of you are having trouble keeping your camera from flopping around while you drive, I found a good work around to solve that problem. I took the small screw out of the housing that holds the swivel ball and after taking the ball out of the housing I cut a small piece of 1/8 inch rubber band and placed it in the housing before replacing the swivel ball into the housing. Be careful to not over-tighten the small screw so you don't strip out the treads. Works like a charm. Peace, G
Dennis Marshall
Great dash cam, night vision is amazing. works great to record road and passengers. This should have been my first dash cam but will definitely be my last!!!
After days of research of the different options availableI, I decided to perchasre the Vantrue N2 pro. It had all the features that I wanted, including 1080 video, audio, dual cameras, and night vision. It also had a perfect recording angle in both the fron and rear cameras. I have had my camera for about six weeks and I have been extremely pleased with the quality of this units video and audio operation. The video and the audio are crystal clear, After reviewing the setup guide, the unit was easy to set up, and to make changes if needed. This was an very good purchase and I would definitely recommend this unit.
Killer camera. Great quality. Works perfect, even in super cold temps (below 0). Image quality is great, parking mode works just as it should. Got it to work with the 128gb card mentioned in an earlier comment. Would definitely buy another Vantrue camera in the future.
I have researched dash cams and found the best on the market the Vantrue N2 Pro... a bit pricey BUT you get what you pay for.Easy to use, excellent image capture, Highly recommend it !
Christopher Malloy
The dash cam itself is excellent in terms of build quality and video quality. Feels incredibly solid and well built. That being said, the mount that it comes with is terrible. The swivel ball joint that it connects to is firm and provides great stability at first, but after about a month it loosens up and fails to provide stabilization for the dash cam. This results in unwanted movement during normal driving and missed events due to improper position of the dash cam.
VERY NICE PRODUCT VALUE FOR MONEYI AM A FULL-TIME DRIVER FOR VARIOUS GIG COMPANIES. I was looking for multiple dash cams with dual finally I brought vanture N2.very nice product.very good build quality and small compact hide behind my rear view mirrorVIDEO QUALITY IS VERY GOODprons-small compact size, good video quality.value for moneycons- sd card cover.little difficult to access
Ray M
Mohammed G.
The camera is really good and shoots high quality videos, however there is a big problem when it comes to storage, the factory says 64 gb memory card is the max for the camera , and every 5 minutes of video recording needs 1gb of storage, so 64 gb is so not enough, secondly in order to have a GPS and speed stamped on the video, you need to be a separate kit, hard wiring is a separate kit, but over all it is the best camera for recording videos at night
Michael S Short
I purchased this dash cam for use as a rideshare driver, and use it in my everyday driving. The recording quality is excellent, and the rear facing camera does a great job of recording everything that goes on inside the vehicle (my primary purpose for buying a dual camera dash cam), but it also does a good job of recording through the back window what is going on behind you as well. The night vision (infrared) does a great job of recording the activity inside the vehicle even when there is very little light from outside the vehicle. I would recommend this dash cam to anyone who (1) wants to have an indisputable record of what happened in the event of an accident or citation, (2) wants to have proof of another driver's aggressive actions or improper driving, or (3) is a rideshare driver (in this case, a dash cam is a MUST HAVE, and in my experience this is a perfect model to have).
Joseph Plummer
This camera has great video and audio quality. It records in high definition both front and back without having to touch a button each time you start your car. I like how it records in 5 minute increments. I use 2 SanDisk 128gb memory cards that hold about 8 hours of both front and back recording. I then save videos of my rides on a hard drive for a few months in case I have any problems. It is quick and easy to set-up and has plenty of options in the menus to customize it to your liking. By far the best dashcam I've ever used at a great price!
javon kelley
So after using this dash cam extensively. I can give you a review worth reading. The dash cam is easily installed in your vehicle of choice. The power cable that is supplied with the cam is long enough to tuck it away so you don’t see it no matter where you decide to place it. The video is very clear for the amount you spend on the cam. When reviewing the video, it gives you a alpha and a bravo video. Alpha being the front facing camera and bravo being the inside cam. Whenever you have a incident, the camera will store the video in a special folder. That way you don’t have to worry about the video being overwritten. The shape is very appealing to me for some odd reason. The octogon is just something you don’t see, so to me it’s a plus. The size of the cam is very deceiving. In the photos when I bought the dash cam, it seemed like it would have been bigger. No love lost with the size, I’m not a women. The only issue I have with the whole setup is the mount for the camera. The mount became loose only after a couple of days! Now the dash cam just swings around all crazy like a dancing wind man at a dealership. Haha I crack myself up. Really with it all being said, the mount is the only thing I do have a issue with. I mean you could superglue the mount so the camera doesn’t swing around. That would restrict you from moving it to another position or vehicle. Other than that you really can’t beat it for the price. That’s is with the shear amount of research I did to find it.
After using it for a month, the ball mount became loose due to heat exposure. Fortunately, Vantrue is replacing it. Great customer service.
justin t
Worked for just over a month.Buttons became unresponsive. Parking mode doesn't work anymore. Save your money. I bought this camera despite similar reviews, simply because there are a TON of good reviews and if you never purchase anything unless the reviews are perfect you'd never purchase anything. In this case, I wish I wouldn't have purchased it. Amazon is phenomenal with their customer service, once again, and processed the return.
The first camera had to be returned due to a faulty button. The second was great if you only care about recording while driving. Horrible sensor while parked—I had damage done to my car while parked at my workplace and the sensor didn’t pick up on ANYTHING—despite being rear ended Returned the camera a second time. Too bad I wasted money on getting it hardwired. I returned and bought an owl camera. I never do negative reviews unless it cost me money-more than it should have—and was a waste of time. In this case, it even cost me money even after returning it (had to get it installed at the dealer so that it wouldn’t interfere with my car’s warranty). Big disappointment.
This is definitely a great product the video quality is great the easy use of formatting the SD but can still use improvements like a battery that can run for 24hrs so there’s no need to hard wire it to anything and a smaller mounting bracket because the one that it comes with doesn’t allow to hide the camera well enough like some other DashCams also the mounting clip started to get loose on me and they sent me a replacement which was supposed to give it a more stealth mode turns out it was even more bulkier than the one that came with it I’m gonna get rid of the dash cam because it is disappointing the fact that it has motion sensor was the reason I bought it but I’m realizing it was a waste of money not happy with it at all going to buy a competitor
The Dashcam is awsome. Better than the go pro that I was using. I love the feature that it turns on when the vehicle is started. The picture quality is awesome. Love this Dash Cam. It's my first dash cam.
Fist: if you like the idea of seeing the screen, or the cool front and rear views, good luck with that, you would need magnifying glasses to do so.These camera is very tiny, thus the screen, it’s about size of a quarter.It does show you the two tiny screens, but hard to see then.So if you are coming fron having a mirror size dash cam, these would be a disappointing replacement.Price is crazy too high, I made the mistake of getting rid of the box otherwise I would had return it.I had a mirror size cam and I enjoy the idea of being able to look on the rear camera, yes I know you can do that by checking the mirrors of the car.But I like the idea I take one look and I can see everything behind me, dont has to check 3 mirrors to get the same imfo.So if you are coming from my side, you better get one with 4 inch isp display, which is exactly what I would do.So to recap:Too expensiveVery very small viewing windo, almost useless to be honestAlmost impossible to rewind or do anything unless you take the card and plug it on you computer and hope it has recorded anything.Installation is a snap, nothing to it.One good thing:Dual camera so you don’t has to run another wire to the back of the car which is a mess and annoying, careful when you buy a camera, make sure is just the power wire and you don’t has to run another long wire to the back is a mess.But if you like a cam that is small and out of sigh, you would love it.
Saeed Ahmed Al-Maliki
This camera no good I buy last year at Amazon only first 2 week recording good then till now just showing recording but not recording.. I had accident last week that’s how I found only first 2 week after nothing .. I m Uber and Lyft driver I really disappointed
Amazon Customer
Docked 1 star because of mount. I recently started to drive for Uber and I decided to buy a dash cam for my safety and my riders safety. I bought this dash cam because it has dual cameras, for the front of the car and for inside the car. For the first few weeks that I have been using the dash cam it was working great until the part of the mount that holds the dash cam started to come loose causing the dash to shake and move with every bump and stop of the car.Recently, Vantrue customer support said that they have fixed the problem with the mount and that they have produced an upgraded version of the mount. Until I receive my replacement GPS mount, it will remain 4 stars
Let me start out by saying I had purchased the Itrue x9 dash cam a week before tried it and returned due to the footage being to grainy as well as the audio being very low. I'm a lyft driver so I wanted a good dual dash cam that didn't take up too much room. I bought this vantrue N 2 duel dash cam on a lightening sale 04 / 2018 and paid the same price as the returned failed dual dash cam. This arrived perfectly packaged new out the box unlike the first dash cam. Now you do have to buy your on sd card for this Vantrue cam but it's minimal price for what you get in return. This dual dash cam is so good so clear both in cab cam and front facing cam do a great job. The in cab camera truly does have night vision it's amazing. The audio is so clear. There's time date and plate stamp. Parking mode and loop. This cam is absolutely the best for lyft/ uber or any driver who wants piece of mind on recording your own drives or the people around. The in dash cam also let's me check out my kids in the backseat it's also so good that it picks up cars passing in your rearview to your side lanes. I can't say enough good things about this camera. Now its not absolutely perfect my mount worked very stiff pivot until last week where the temps reached over 100 degrees and now it's very loose but the temp did not effect the camera itself. I still think it's a great camera. I'll be contacting the company to see if they can replace my mount.
I love this camera. It is NOT perfect though. Here is what I like about it:1. Exceptional video resolution.2. Dual Camera - front and interior of vehicle3. Easy installation.Despite loving this camera, the following needs improvement:1. Acceptance of larger capacity memory cards. The 64 gb limit only handles about 4-5 hours of video when using both cameras.2. Very pronounced blue hue to the front camera under daylight conditions. Vantrue advised me that this is a limitation of the processor. They should think outside the box on a way to fix this (internal filter or software color correction for example).3. Lens caps. I do not leave my camera in the car overnight due to theft. I am concerned about scratching a lens.4. Quality control on the standard mount. Mine is defective. The camera will not "lock" into it. It works, but the latch does not work. Vantrue advised that they will send me an upgraded version, but it is not available yet.5. The display only shows picture-in-picture of both cameras at once. It would be nice to be able to toggle from the PIP, to each camera independently. This would make camera positioning and aiming much easier.Check out the video of the first accident that I witnessed. Look for the white truck rear-ending a small SUV. I edited for time.
The unit is really high quality. What I like most about it, is the ability for dual channel recording. It's not the most discreet camera but still a pretty slim device that can stay hidden depending on where your mount it. Customer service is top notch. Quick to respond with any questions. One thing regarding the mount. It does become loose but they recommended me tighten the screws.
Hanson Webb
Good videos but the camera is not made to last. It does not come with the usual desktop software and the window suction unit is poorly made.
Amazon Customer
So, after about a week of usage, the cabin facing camera no longer takes regular footage, it is always in Infrared. Also, the swivel used to adjust the position of the camera is very loose and causes the dash cam to move whenever I stop, speed up, or take a turn, and also causes it to automatically lock the video due to the gravity change. I'm giving two stars for now because I do like the quality of the videos taken, however, if I were to get into an accident, I don't want the camera position to somehow change at the last second and cause the camera to not record necessary information. It looks like there were a few other reviews detailing this flaw. I'll probably be returning this because I fear that if I were to brake hard and get into an accident, the camera would swivel to a point that might not record everything, which would mean I paid $200 for nothing.
Worked exactly as advertised and the video quality is excellent, very nice product
It works flawlessly. Night vision is superb.
Marcus Fresco
Everytime the car moves the camera swings there's no way to tighten it. Pretty annoying.UPDATE: After I posted this review I was contacted by Sandy and she told me they were aware of the problem so they redesigned themount. Well they sent me the NEW mount and they did an amazing job. Not only is the mount TIGHT this time butit's on a ball so it swivels which is a GREAT feature to have!Customer service was great, they followed though which is what you expect from a reputable company.
Larry R Ellison
I think this is the best dash cam on the market. It was very easy to set up and format the memory card. Has everything I need including front and rear facing cam with a motion sensor. Hooked it up to Mac dest top and very easily looked at last several drives on screen. With several close call driving incidents in the last year I’m sure I’ll need the video evidence some day. Im thinking of buying a second one for wife’s car.Larry
Update: May 16, 2018. Today I was rear ended, so not a good day. I brought my camera in the house, after I finally made it home, to see the footage. It didn't record the footage! I'm so bummed. Thankfully none of us were hurt or I didn't need the footage as proof. I had plenty other videos on my camera, from non accidents but this let me down when I needed it. Maybe it's from the faulty window mount, that still just swings around loosely.Good camera but the window mount isn't stable. Camera swings back and forth while driving. I even bought a replacement mount and same thing is happening. I would blame the hot Phoenix weather but it's not summer time yet.
Roderick Layug
This is amazing! Very impressive quality product! I’m happy with this product and great quality! Friendly user!
Richard Tauber
works great picture qaulity and sound are amazing and the night vision works fabtastic for inside the vehicle. All i need to do now is remember how to erase the videos after i download them as i keep forgetting. definetly worth the money and i would recomend to anyone
richard jacobs
The vantrue N2 Pro dash cam is a very nice camera with a good picture both inside and outside. If looking for a higher resolution you can opt out of rear camera view and just use the front camera. Overall the camera has a good picture but the only issue I had using the rear camera was in night view and had some white striation marks on it so they sent a new one but it had it too.
Clowd Car
I do rideshare and this dashcam is top notch.
Jim Tippett
Great camera, just a little nervous about temperature extremes. Live in Buffalo, need to remember to take it out when you leave car I'n cold or hot.
sidney hoyle
i love it.... the picture and sound quality are amazingly good.i just wish that there was an option for either cloud based storage and/or the capability for a larger SD cardbeing that the max card size the camera can handle is only 64gb... as a cab driver driving 12-14 hours a day i lose a lot of thethe earlier parts of the day on the SD card with the card being over written for space
Dennis osburn
No problem yet great for uber thanks
It’s really a good product.
Makes clear videos front and back. It stays out of the way when driving, I barely notice it. Had a problem with the mount, but seller is working with me on that.
John S.
Ok video quality. Don't like the blue tint on the front facing camera. Yes, I removed the sticker over the lens.
A must have for all uber/lyft drivers. We drive so much, an accident will eventually happen and you will want everything recorded. Well worth the 200$. Can save you thousands when some idiot runs a red light and says that it was YOU who ran the red light.
Usman Afzal
Highly recommended for work very well in night to...
Let's just say, it's not what its cracked up to be. I haven't even had the chance to install yet because there are things they dont mention.1. Mini USB - WHO STILL USES THIS???2. Hardwire kit not included. - So had to wait another week while this arrived.3. Hardwire kit requires splicing - did not want to do this, had to order a fuse tap adapter - had to wait another few days for this.4. No SD card includedI have the parts now, however at this point I think i might just cut my losses and sell this, and get one that is much simpler to install and one that comes with the parts needed.
Excellent video quality camera with some great featuresUpdate 1/5/2021:I had the original camera replaced under warranty a year after purchasing due to a faulty battery that was causing the last video file to be corrupt before turning it off, now the replacement camera has the same problem and it's no longer under warranty. Horrible battery life for a dashcam of this price. Look somewhere else if you're looking for a reliable dashcam you can trust in case of an accident.
Daniel M.
This was exactly what I was looking for. I use it for two reasons. The first was to prevent the results, which happened once before, which was that I got into a vehicle accident 110% caused by another driver. A “witness” said it was my fault. If I had this camera at the time I could have used it to record what the “witness” said was my fault and shoved the video in the cops face, sending the “witness” on his merry blind way. Secondly, I drive for Uber. The interior and front view cameras assure my safety against frivolous accusations, if one was to occur. It adds to my safety. Well worth the money!
M. E. Nostrom
The only reason I'm writing this review is because I was bribed with a 'GPS Dashcam mount' upgrade to write this review.I purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro to replace my old dual camera system. After watching several YouTube reviews on this camera I knew it was exactly what I was looking for in a dashcam. The high quality forward facing camera produces crystal clear video and the rear facing cabin camera provides the detail necessary to capture events inside the car. The added feature of night vision in the cabin was what sold me. As a night time ride-share driver it is CRITICAL to have audio and video evidence should I need it to protect myself or my passengers. This Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam will provide me great comfort knowing I have all my surroundings recorded should I require to need it.UPDATE 7/31/18 - I have been battling with China based customer service since April 19th now to get this unit replaced. The dashcam would only function if the power was plugged directly into the dashcam and not routed through the mount. I requested a replacement dashcam but after repeated back and forth emails and several days they sent me a replacement mount instead. The mount did not fix the problem, After repeated back and forth emails and several days they requested that I VIDEO RECORD MYSELF PLUGGING IN THE POWER TO THE MOUNT AND THEN INTO THE CAMERA. Yes a video recording. After repeated back and forth emails and several days they agreed that was stupid. After repeated back and forth emails and several days They said they wanted to send me a NEW VERSION MOUNT. I insisted that the problem was with the GPS and not the mount. After repeated back and forth emails and several days I receive the new fancy mount that doesn't swing like a monkey on a tree and low and behold the GPS STILL DOES NOT WORK WHEN USING THE MOUNT. After repeated back and forth emails and several days I was finally held hostage and they would not send me a replacement dashcam until I returned their defective unit. After repeated back and forth emails and several days I finally caved and sent back their defective unit. After repeated back and forth emails and several days I get the replacement dash cam and holy crap it works like its suppose to. But now the GPS mount that I was bribed with to write this review is loose as a goose. The dash cam swings around like a monkey on a tree while I drive. One minute it's recording the sky the next my crotch. WTH!?!? After repeated back and forth emails and several days I requested a replacement, updated GPS mount. After several days still no mount. They said they check and tell me to wait 3 more days. After several more days still no mount. They tell me to wait 3 more days. After repeated back and forth emails and several more days I'm writing this updated review. The product is great, the cam works like a champ. The original version of the mount sucks and wobbles. The updated mount, if you can get one, works well and allows you to tighten the resistance on the joint. The customer service I have received is that of a third world country with dial-up internet. I cannot wait to be done writing Kelly from Vantrue Customer Care..Update: 12/1/18: Good morning Mike , How are you today? sorry to bother you again but can you do us a favor to update the ratings, if you don't think this is going a little far ? of course you have the right to leave words for this product. But I still hope you can show us the mercy to help. please give us this chance. For the sake that we 've helped and we are responsible for our products. I am looking forward to your reply at your earliest convenience. Thank you a million in advance. Best Regards, Kelly Vantrue Customer Service Team
Paul V. Oconnell
Advertised as having resolution of 1920 but unit I received only has resolution of 1080. Additionally the Price was dropped by $50.00 the day I received the unit. Would like a $50.00 rebate. User Manual is very poor. Lacks instructions on how to do many of the advertised functions.
The best car dash camera! High quality video, great fetures, good materials. Easy to operate and view the recordings.
I hard wired it to my car, and it works great! No problems so far!