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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Stopped working after a couple days. Like the design, but need more reliability.
Greg Cross
If you're in the market for a dash cam, this is the one.This camera quality is amazing, picture is clear to see license plates 2 to 3 cars in front. The audio recording is really good as well.I got it personally for night time because of my schedule and this camera is just amazing at night time. It looks clear as day on film, at night you can still see license plates 2 cars in front.Really easy to operate, for the price it is hands down the best, well worth it.Do not buy 30 dollar dash cams, it won't do what you want it to.
Lonnie Barber
This is the best dash cam to have, I am a ride share driver and it help keep me safe.
Mark Daquilla
I'm uploading my review my last n2 pro only lasted seven months, I tried four different dash cams none as good quality, so I just purchased a new one waiting for delivery now, hope it lasts longer
Great video quality, easy to install and use, and looks a little cooler than the average dash cam.
Amazon Customer
great unit that performed flwlessly for the first 2 months of use. Gives me another layer of confidence when driving long or short distances especially with the way drivers are these days.
Amazon Customer
Great dash camI do not even need to hard wire it for continues recordingThanks
BD Enterprises
So I bought this and a Venture hardwire kit and a different mirror mount kit. So I found out you have to use the suction cup mount and stick it to your windshield... the USB port on the camera itself will not power it... So I took it off my mirror and used the suction cup and the car power adapter that came with the camera. It worked for about 5 minutes before I started to smell a burning plastic smell. The thing started to smoke and was extremely hot to the touch. It doesn't work anymore. Its going back, going to try a different brand.
Huge improvement over the Vantrue N2 non pro.Files are now stored as mp4 instead of mov so more movie in a smaller file. Software seems improved as well. Camera now is able to format 64 gig cards.I'm a rideshare driver so back up the memory cards to a hard drive each night so that I have at least two weeks of videos. Each card holds about 4 hours of video so I rotate four 64 gig cards.Camera case seems to be of a better plastic. Hoping that it doesn't deform like the case on my Vantrue N2 non pro did.
I am very happy with the dash cam. Great product!
I received this camera on 11/3/17 and within two weeks the camera mount broke. It broke at the swivel where the camera mounts to the suction mount. The camera itself is working fine. They need to beef up the swivel mount for this product.
Worst company and product!!!!!Well I'm giving this camera a 3-star for a reason:Upload video feed to laptop is 13.7mb second.Night vision not as great night vision gives you a circular effect which I believe if it's going to a 140° veiw it should be same for night vision. Not ⅔ video in the dark.Then the 140 degrees is side to side but from the ceiling to the ground is very short I would have liked to be able to see every angle the camera is in the middle should have been able to see the drivers hands and the passenger in the front seat as well as everybody in the back even if the driver changes the radio station you should be able to see his hands go to the radio What If a driver was accused of touching someone's lap or something in the passenger seat...Another thing is the charger port and the connection is old school Android type charger it should have been at least updated to the new micro or even better the new type-c charger for faster charging as well as maybe faster connection of transfer along with the proper programming internally of the camera to upload faster..I believe this camera had potential to be WiFi and Bluetooth enabled along with transferring the video to a external hard drive that is Bluetooth enabled and you connect the wire from the camera to a external hard drive and it will automatically save your video feed to the external...Me personally I rate this item price I should have been priced 150 Max.Another downfall is the two-way camera only works on the 1080 it does not give you a optional resolution to have to weigh more than one resolution only regular single camera front can have a choice of what resolution downfall majorly in order to save memory space for a two-way camera...This camera does not have internal battery pack supposedly for the safety of having the camera in the windshield or it exploded so when you unplug the device it will shut off right away.An option to solve that problem which is understandable about keeping your camera in the windshield but the Heat and Battery we've been having a d dedicated battery that connects to the camera when you don't want to have the wire connected and it can be disconnected when you leave your car in order to prevent it from overheating the battery... or just have a battery pack that can withstand temperatures of 200 degrees or hotter considering taking normal temperatures on the windshield where the infrared at the hottest point of summer days the battery pack would withstand all the heat temperaturesApril 2018 camrea keeps getting flimsy company told me to screw the two screws to tighten it only stood tight and place temporarily and became loose again where my camera would not stay imposition got me so much frustration I'm just going to give up on this camera and make a complaint on this topic the video is okay but the structure and workmanship on how the camera is position is horrible choice9/17/19 still with a non working vantrue wasted 199$ I never got the company to be able to replace my vantrue since I had to retrieve my as card myself because the as card slipped pass the holder their was a gap and I had to open the camera to retrieve it and I now can’t put the camera back together ... I got my seats card which had video feed and private video from my Uber and drives which I didn’t want vantrue see what I did in my car personal and confidently so now I’m posting a 1 Star for no replacement and help
Phong Nguyen
Amazing dash cam and very fast supports. I like it will buy more.
Robert Evanoff
I recently purchased the Vantrue N2 Pro and couldn't be happier. I purchased a dash cam about a week before this purchase and wasn't pleased and had to return it to Amazon. The N2 captures the entire cabin of my F-150. I'm very satisfied with the night vision setting of the dash cam inside the truck! Excellent front camera as well. The audio recording is outstanding. If you are looking to purchase a dash cam, LOOK NO FURTHER! The Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam is for you! The price is a little high, but worth every penny.
So I needed a camera to drive with Uber.. THIS IS IT!! For $200 you cannot get any better than the Vantrue N2 Pro. You can set it to record with both cameras at 1080P at 30 FPS or just the front facing one which can record 1080P at 60FPS and up to 1440P at 30 FPS. The GPS mount is a must if you want proof of your location and speed for the authorities and insurance claims. Would have been nice if they included the GPS mount, but for $200 for the camera unit, I'll let it slide.. Haha.. Customer service is great and you can chat with them on the website. So if you drive a taxi, Uber or Lyft, this is the best bang for the buck!! GET IT!!
Very good product and seems like a good quality
Tim M.
Charger went out after a month. Camera seems to work ok.UPDATE:(originally 2 Stars) I wasn't real concerned with the charger not working, as I also bought a hard wire kit. The kit is just the better way to go, because socket chargers will usually back out at some point. Two days after I posted this review, the seller made contact and offered to make things right. I accepted their offer. They were actually kind of persistent about it. I give their customer service 5 STARS. I like the style of this camera and that it actually has a front and back camera. Which is the main reason I bought it. The video quality is way better than anything I have had before. I would love to see them come out with a true 360 degree 1080p system. Possibly with 4 cameras.Update #2- (Back to 2 stars) SD card fills up after several days of running and stops overwriting. I do not have any events being saved. The only folder is the "Normal" where vids are stored. I just witnessed a sideswipe hit and run and checked my camera, stop recording 2 days.ago.
Best dash cam on the market IMO! I drive for Uber and Lyft and was researching for the best dash cam on the market that has dual lens and wires that are easy to hide. Installation is super simple. And the video quality is Excellent! forward camera is very good even at night and the inside camera is very clear even at night as well. At daytime, I could see the inside very clearly and surprisingly, even the view outside of the back window is clear as well. I also like that the mini usb plugs directly on the suction cup instead of the unit itself (which you can still do btw.) but having that cord hidden instead of sticking at the side of the camera really makes it look built-in and not an eye sore to look at. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes to drive and wants to have that peace of mind. and the replacement suction cup, which I don't think will fail soon, but if it does, is only $5 to replace. - and I am not getting paid to review this item. I just really like how it performs and does what it says it does.
While I can't say how well this works (purchased for a Christmas gift), I can say that delivery was quicker than stated, and the item arrived in perfect condition! Additionally, I have received two separate emails from Vantrue offering their assistance in both installing the cam and in the operation of the cam. This impressed me! I purchased this cam mainly because of the great reviews given by others - and the fact that it was wanted by my family member - and I am very comfortable with my choice! I feel that if there are any problems whatsoever, Vantrue will stand behind the product and assist us in any way. I am very happy with my choice!
Seems to be a quality item from feel. Unfortunately this item is supposed to have an HDMI port for viewing recordings on your television. This one doesn’t have it nor a sd card. How is it possible to sell a new item without the features advertised. Going to see how it records to determine if I keep it since I have other options available for viewing the recordings.
Just got, I fully charged it for a few hours and it's telling me to charge it then turns off even though it's fully charged. It also does not let me put in the proper date and time.
Im waiting for the new gps mount .The old one let the cam be loose and move
Most of us saw those funny(or not) dash cam videos from Russia, right? This is actually the best way to protect yourself from an unfortunate accident when it’s not your fault, or even from police when they claim that you did something which you really did not. I picked Vantrue camcoder because of all the features it’s packed with and all the positive reviews it has. So, to not make this review a page long: video quality is excellent, the look of the camera is very rigid and alligns really well with the bmw interior. I also connected the power cable to the ceiling light to eliminate the wire and make it look even better. Great buy.
Amazon Customer
I have had the dash cam for a week now and love the cam. The recordings and the audio are very clear during daytime as well as during night time.Installation of the dash cam was very easy.I recommend this product.
This is an outstanding camera so far. The picture quality is excellent and the built it UI is very intuitive and user friendly. The build quality is also top notch. I love the finish, it looks like brushed metal but is soft to the tuch. It a perfect size too, not to small and not so big that its annoying or view blocking. I highly recommend this product and can't wait to see what Vantrue has planned for the future.
Amazon Customer
Original a review: The display on this unit, which I've only been using for two days, turns off after a couple minutes.Updated Review: Manufacturer emailed me with instructions to resolve this issue. The display can be toggled on or off.Update #2: After several months of use, I am VERY HAPPY with this model and I highly re one d it.
Kyle Richards
Purchased fifth one recently after trouble free 2.5 years. The new version has a display port lol. This is a solid easy-to use front-rear wifi but otherwise well worth asking price.. Good! Raised 4-Star to 5-Star.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Likes:Ease of use: simplified menu functions, button layoutShouts quality, the heft, weight, structural build/designObvious the mfr conducted deliberate forethought in design/ features before preproductionPiP rear cam; 170 degree front, 140 rear (IR capable) cam angleGreat video/audioPark G- sensor and front motion sensor capabilitiesCar charger cable is apx 11.5' long and has a built-in USB chargerComes with 3' micro USB to USB cable to transfer filesEasy to detach from suction mount - theft preventionStrong suction mount allows camera to swivel vert and horizI think the rear cam captures enough rear end/rear side outside dataWell written and illustrated Owner's ManualDislike:Highly disappointed they (ordered four) did not come with mini HDMI-out port detailed in accompanying Owner's Manual.I'm not an Uber driver but this would be a first choice cam
Claudio Gentile
This dashcam works great for me as an Uber driver. It has already protected me. Great picture and audio quality, easy to install/setup. Easy to understand instructions and the product delivers on what it promises
Jose R
Best Dash Cam I've ever owned!Works amazing!
Robert Poindexter
Camera works great and the video and audio quality is very good. Customer service is very good. I had a question on the operation of the microphone and received a response to my email the next day.
This is my first dash cam and I am very impressed. It a good investment even though expensive it is worth every penny. I plan to get he Cel link battery pack as well to for extended coverage since most bimmer users use this set up.Service and delivery was excellent and the gps mount works great Very easy install and set up
Cyril Maddox
Love the dash cam. works great
I was involved in a hit and run a couple of months ago and was not able to get the other driver's information. So I decided to research and invest in a dash cam for my wife's car. In the end, I decided to go with the Vantrue N2 Pro. I like how I can take the cam out and not have to worry about unplugging the power cable. I bought the hardwire kit so we don't have the wire hanging down the middle. The cam takes crisp, clear video. I like the size of it because it doesn't take up much space on the windshield and doesn't obstruct my view. I will be purchasing more as Christmas gifts for family members.
Work as intended, no problems so far. Good customer support.
Richard Sloan
So far, I am impressed with my Ventrue dash camera. Support has been spot on and very helpful as I had a few questions on the GPS (for Windows. It actually works with my Mac once I have downloaded the Car DVR App. Perhaps it may be worth putting a note on this ( GPS mount kit ) - as I don’t have a PC/Windows.Apart from that, the camera switched on perfectly and I can’t wait to start my recording as I am an Uber driver. So this would be so valuable to what I do.Thanks guys!
David Latini
Love this camera...clear video day or night with an easy interface. Jives with my xps desktop nicely so I can review the days events. I wanted quality and thus far i'm impressed!
Brad Miller
Overall it is a stylish and good quality dash cam. I paid $200 for this device and the gsensor doesn't work at all for me when it is parked. I asked about it to the company, they advised me to use an external battery for the device due to the fact that it may not hold enough power. But I tested it within the first week of my purchase after driving good couple hours(battery was fully charged) and tried it 5 min after I turned off the car. I shook the car as much as I could. But the g sensor didn't work.***Update on 2/16/18The device stops the recording by itself for no reason. I have not changed any setting since I started using the device. I reset the device and formatted the sd card(which I never did before) I was good until now recording by itself all the time buy now I have to restart recording manually. I sometimes forget it and I am afraid one day It will not be recording when I need it. for $200 product it is very sad.***Updated on 5/26/2019I was contacted by the company and told to buy a Samsung SD card and update the firmware to fix this problem by then. I tried updating the firmware buy It was unsuccessful. I let the company about it and they didn't help but I bought the recommend 128 GB Evo SD card(extra $60) to fix the recording gap problem. It seemed like the problem was solved so that made me think that the problem was the old SD card. I continued using the device and ignored the firmware update. Every time I start the car the blue light was blinking so there was no problem. How would I know that the problem wasn't fixed and it wasn't actually recording everything? It turns out that the camera stops recording for good periods of time(1-2 hours) during non-stop trips. It skipped 2 hours and didn't record anything during that period last night and I had an incident. I really need that video but I can't get it simply because of that time wasn't recorded.Why is it soo complicated to be sure whether something works or not? I know how to check if the dashcam is recording or not, If the blue light blinks it means it is recording and I check it all the time when I start my car but why do I need to keep checking it while I drive? Apparently, I need to do it with this cutting edge fancy camera. I find this camera soo unreliable. It is only a matter of luck that your important incident recorded or NOT.The decision is yours. I think it shouldn't pretend to work at the beginning and stop working randomly while you drive. Maybe I am unlucky and got the problem one. Just too much drama for a dashcam.
Samuel Rosenberg
The quality of the footage when looked at on my MacBook Pro, doesn’t look so “HD” as it is 1440p and 1080p. But overall it’s an amazing camera. Worth every penny. I work for Uber and Lyft and this is very necessary to have in the car.
khalid jamal
Nice cam and beautiful design..
This thing is a pain to use. Not because of picture quality ... not that it's great ... but because it can't store the time and date settings and doesn't want to record.Yes, it doesn't like to record. After it's on, I see the little red light blinking, and half the time, there's nothing on mu SD card. Sometimes it'll record, other times it won't. I don't know until I check. Also, the battery seems really too weak or there's something else wrong. My one car has a cig socket that's power all the time. Even if it's been plugged into that car, by the next morning, I have to reset the date and time. It's a royal pain..I must say, having the rear cam built in is nice, but outside of that, it's way over priced because there's other dash cams that will give the same pic quality for less money.. and probably works.Update - I upgraded to v4 of the firmware.. so far, it's been recording the video, but the night time video is horrible.. Take look.. Also the battery just doesn't last long enough to hold date/time.. I feel like if the cam's battery doesn't get a charge with in around 14 hours, you'll lose your date and time.
R. S. Mervin
This camera is awesome. Picture quality is crisp. Also came in handy when elderly lady ran through red light.
khalid jamal
Nice cam and beautiful design..
This thing is a pain to use. Not because of picture quality ... not that it's great ... but because it can't store the time and date settings and doesn't want to record.Yes, it doesn't like to record. After it's on, I see the little red light blinking, and half the time, there's nothing on mu SD card. Sometimes it'll record, other times it won't. I don't know until I check. Also, the battery seems really too weak or there's something else wrong. My one car has a cig socket that's power all the time. Even if it's been plugged into that car, by the next morning, I have to reset the date and time. It's a royal pain..I must say, having the rear cam built in is nice, but outside of that, it's way over priced because there's other dash cams that will give the same pic quality for less money.. and probably works.Update - I upgraded to v4 of the firmware.. so far, it's been recording the video, but the night time video is horrible.. Take look.. Also the battery just doesn't last long enough to hold date/time.. I feel like if the cam's battery doesn't get a charge with in around 14 hours, you'll lose your date and time.
R. S. Mervin
This camera is awesome. Picture quality is crisp. Also came in handy when elderly lady ran through red light.
This thing is a pain to use. Not because of picture quality ... not that it's great ... but because it can't store the time and date settings and doesn't want to record.Yes, it doesn't like to record. After it's on, I see the little red light blinking, and half the time, there's nothing on mu SD card. Sometimes it'll record, other times it won't. I don't know until I check. Also, the battery seems really too weak or there's something else wrong. My one car has a cig socket that's power all the time. Even if it's been plugged into that car, by the next morning, I have to reset the date and time. It's a royal pain..I must say, having the rear cam built in is nice, but outside of that, it's way over priced because there's other dash cams that will give the same pic quality for less money.. and probably works.Update - I upgraded to v4 of the firmware.. so far, it's been recording the video, but the night time video is horrible.. Take look.. Also the battery just doesn't last long enough to hold date/time.. I feel like if the cam's battery doesn't get a charge with in around 14 hours, you'll lose your date and time.
George W. Foutch III
No HDMI out port as advertised. I will be contacting the manufacturer.After a few back and forth emails from manufacturer it seems the camera with HDMI out has been discontinued. Since it was advertised with HDMI out I decided to return the camera and go with a different brand. Poor customer service due to a language barrier.
Jose V. Garcia
Is just what needed,I love it B Picture video,is great I recomend.100%.
Pedro Luis Atay Suarez
Muy buena, 100% recomendada
So far I have had to order two of these through Amazon. The first one I got did not have the mini HDMI port next to the SD card slot as it is suppose to. I emailed the manufacture and they wanted ME to pay the shipping back to them and they would send me a new one from China in 5 days. Also refund me the shipping cost once they received it and I sent them a screenshot of the return label with tracking info. Sounds a bit fishy to me. I decided to just return it through Amazon and order a replacement. Placed another order and Amazon shipped it in one day. Got it in today and AGAIN the same issue. No mini HDMI slot nor does it have an option in the "Record" settings for "IR" or "HDR" as the user manual specifically shows (see images). Also does not show the blinking red LED indicator light on the "OK" button as the unit is charging (so the manual says) . After you have it on charge for a long time it still requests you to connect to a power source and then shuts down. Shows going from fully charged to completely dead on the battery icon. I am overall completely dissatisfied with this product and customer service. I'm disappointed as I had high hopes and expectations after doing extensive research looking for a good dash cam and reading all these good reviews on this one and it being a "Best Seller" on Amazon. It's pretty obvious that the fulfillment center these shipped from have gotten a bad batch of these from the manufacture and VANTRUE needs to issue a recall!
This cam records beautifully on both front and rear. Installation was very easy due to the wire being thin and easy to pushed into the lining of the car. The only thing I am unhappy about is the extras that need to be purchased separately. I purchased a 64gb card which came in the same shipment with the cam, but I purchased the GPS which is being shipped from China and it is taking forever to get in. Even having a “Prime” account doesn’t help. This idem should be available here in the states for faster delivery. I am not very happy about the wait for the GPS, but I am about the cam.
Great product. Both cameras quality is great. Records around 5.5 full hours with a 64 GB card. Just wish there was a way to have the audio record on inside camera when filming both.
Excellent dash cam. Works great.
A real shopper
Best Dashcam Ever!!!! I own several dash cams and had just purchased 2 different expensive dash cams before I saw this one. After getting this dashcam I packed the other 2 in their boxes. I’ll use them in my older SUV. This one is being used everyday in my new car. If you’ve considered buying a Dashcam, this the BEST I have EVER used. Quality is the best too. I’m not an Uber driver but I like being able to record behind my car too. BUY THIS PRODUCT. You will not be disappointed.
Dehien Le
Amazon Customer
I love the 'Dual Dash Cam,' no doubt. However, there is one feature I recommend which you should add to your camera: There should be a link to a "live streaming" to a cloud, while it is recording. The reason is someone wants to cause harm to a driver, the driver will worn the perpetrator: 'that if tries to cause any harm (to the driver) or steal the camera, he is being recorded live streaming via in a cloud.'
Nadine T.
The video quality is excellent. The interior and exterior images are great, day and night. I would highly recommend this camera, especially if you plan to drive at night..
Julie N
I originally purchased one for my husband but liked it so much we purchased a second one. We had bought one camera and was transferring it from one car to the other depending on car we was traveling in. My husband does a lot of driving outside of town as to where I mostly travel locally and didn’t feel I needed one. However, after being involved in a accident last thanksgiving we decided we should have one in each vehicle. Besides moving it from car to car is rough on the cords. That said this accident we were involved in thanksgiving made the process with the insurance company a breaze as well as police responding to the scene. We were rear ended and the person whom hit us was rear ended as wel. This camera proved what was happening in front of us as well as behind. The car behind us was at full stop then pushed into us. This proved to police who was at fault and also having the video made dealing with insurance company a breeze. When we contacted them and told them we had video they were very pleased. This made it easy for them to review and a Birdseye view of the collision. The camera also recods sound so they could hear what was goin it on at the time of collision. Now we have one in both vehicles I feel like I have someone on my side in event we need it. When we purchased the camera we had hoped it would never had been needed but found out that it’s well worth the investment. We will be purchasing a 3 for my daughters car when she starts driving next year.Set up was a little challenging for me the first time. I’m not very skilled at electronics so it took me a little while flipping through the book to get it setup the first time. With my husband out of town I set it up myself. If I can set it up anyone can. I also told my husband I needed to learn to operate the camera in event it fails. I can honestly say it wasn’t too difficult The most complicated part was formatting the disk but once I found the right menu it was simple.The camera falls off the windo from time to time. I guess it vibrates loose but placing it again is easy. The camera seems to get confused sometimes if you make a lot of quick stops like fueling then jumping in and going to another location. Sometimes it powers off when I need it powered on. Easy fix is to unplug power and plug t back in.
Don. H
Easy to setup. Great for Uber, Lyft, Juno and Via drivers. Very sturdy suction cup and displays super clear exterior video and inside cabin. (GPS UNIT SOLD SEPARATELY)
Stefano La Greca
Donald P.
Great Product Fast Shipping and the Best Price!!!
I've never had another dashboard camera but this one hit all of my needs and preformed over my expectations. The only thing I wish this camera did/ had was a smart phone app in order to view playback or live feed. You can only view playback on the 1.5" screen or on a computer. Other than that the video and audio quality and especially the night vision camera are all performing perfectly.
Amazon Customer
Camera quality seems good, my only gripe was with the mount. It hasn't even gotten a week yet but the ball on the mount seems loose already. So now my dash cam swings back and forth whenever I accelerate and decelerate. I ordered the GPS mount too (hasn't arrived yet) I hope it would be a better fit. Until then, I'll reserve my final review.Contacted seller about my concern, and they were so helpful. Originally advised me to tighten some screws on the mount and since I was also waiting for the GPS mount (w/ shipment tracking problems) seller sent me a new GPS mount and it worked really well. No more swinging.5 stars for excellent service.
Unfortunately, there is no separate EV setting for the rear camera, and it is optimized for the car interior, and the rear camera has VERY limited dynamic range, so outside the rear window is completely washed out (at least in daytime). In the attached photo (cropped to omit driver) there is a car right behind me, but it is completely invisible to the rear camera. Which is too bad because as you can see the field of view is very good so you'd be able to see out the rear and both sides if the exposure control allowed it.What the camera needs IMO is a "backlit" setting for the rear camera that optimizes for the brightest area, or an additional EV setting for the rear camera. (Or a rear camera with better dynamic range.)
jeffrey forrester
I may have just gotten a bad one - but I tell you it is frustrating to go through the learning curve on a product - set it up and install - and find it defective. It would not charge up and it would not retain the least charge it did show do it failed to record after several efforts and much troubleshooting thinking perhaps I was missing something. I could not find tech support anywhere on this product - if there is I missed it. Irony is I like the aesthetics installed and if I could find one that worked dependably I think I would be willing to try it again - but not until I can at least find a chat line to troubleshoot!
Aulo Aasmaa
Arrived on originally estimated time, delivered to front door.Packaged well, everything in very good condition.Camera installation to car was about 10 minutes (to hide the cable behind pillar covers) and that's it. Menus of the camera are clear and simple and the recorded video is very clear.
Niranjan Dash
As I ordered my Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam through one of my cousins (stays in Fremont) it reached me this Saturday after a postal delay of more than 1 month of actual Amazon delivery at my cousin's place in Fremont. However, all is well that ends well, I'm really excited to have my new Vantrue N2 Pro dashcam. I would rather be happier had it been accompanied with the GPS mount by default. or it should have in-build one. A $200 product is not a less price to exclude a much needed feature of GPS tracking.As I used my dash cam since 3 days, I'm more than happy to own one. However, in this period of 3 days I've some observations that I would share with the company as well as other friends who would be interested to buy one.- Night viewing inside the car is not as clear as it's described in many YouTube videos or in the site. However, as this is just 3rd day of experience with the cam, I might have missed some settings. Need to explore more.- Build quality is excellent, plastic quality is of higher standards.- Front cam view is excellent, though I'm yet to view it on laptop or TV. Will post more when I go through the clips.- It also fits nicely into my Mahindra XUV 500. Looks as part of normal car accessories.- Mini USB cable length from the dashcam to cigarette ligheter was just as enough for my vehicle.- GPS should have been inbuilt or the mount should have been part of the original product. Instead of selling it separately.- As this is a new one windshield mount is stuck very nicely.- More to come as I use it more and go thru the User Manual to explorer other options.I checked with Cellink B3/B6 Battery back up products to enable my dash cam work in parking mode. However, they suggested this dashcam is not compatible to be used along with Blackvue battery backup products. If this is true do we have other options for parking mode operation? I don't want to use my vehicles battery to be used when not started.
Fahim Addad
I Drive in NYC and I love it. Perfect. As i was as at a carwash and the attendant broke my suction mount and i asked vantrue if they could send me a replacement, which they did. A very happy customer. Thank you Vantrue.
Awesome camera for the price. Night vision functionality works nicely.
idowu omoni
Works really well!! Am very pleased with it
Manaces G. Quezada
So it turns out the replacement mount is also a piece of junk. The first one had an issue with it just dangling from the ball joint when it got hot. The “upgraded” replacement did the exact same thing. You can use a screwdriver to tighten it but only last couple of hours before it starts dangling again. The only reason for 2 stars is because customer service is good.
Great dashcam. Perfect for rideshare.
This is an amazing solid product, and I never drive without it anywhere. The suction cup mechanism is outstanding. However, these are the problems:1. In the manual it says you need third party software (expensive, insecure app) to format 64 GB card. Not true, the camera formatted the sd card itself, without issues. I almost installed that third party virus on my machine.2. The video encoding of this camera is baffling. All 5 minutes videos have around 0.5 GB. Even the ones which are mostly black pixels entirely. If it’s all black, what exactly is contained in the file?3. The image quality is nice, but I wanted it to be exquisite. For those drives in the mountains during Autumn. The colors and exposure are not bad at all but I feel like there is some loss in the crispness of the image due to encoding. (Size restriction to 0.5GB?)4. No encryption. I realize the small cpu is already doing a lot, but even some primitive form of encryption would go a long way, if the camera is stolen, with all the voice recording of the passengers.5. No GPS. You can attach one, which I haven’t tried yet, but having a version with integrated GPS would be outstanding.6. Some garage door openers can integrate with the car dashboard. It would be more comfortable to be able to keep a video by using the car’s buttons.7. There should be integration with iPhone/iPad.8. All cars should come with 4 cameras like this built-in for each side, completely encrypted with the driver’s password, and fully integrated with the car’s computer and data storage.9. When I press the “keep” button, that video should not be overwritten, no matter what. Issue a sound warning if running out of storage. Also, the “keep” button should keep both current video and the previous one and the next, since the current one might have started one second before I pushed the button.
As an Uber and Lyft driver, I can that safety for the driver and passengers is paramount to me. Which is exactly why I purchased this dash cam. The infrared is the best I’ve see on a dash cam and installation is a snap! Customer support has been fantastic whenever I’ve had a question as well! I would highly recommend this to any rideshare driver.5/21/2020 Update:I’m still in love with this dash cam. It helped me prove 2 accidents were not my fault at all. I was reared in and had a head on collision 5/11/2020. The second crash I asked the police if they wanted to see the video and they reviewed it and gave the other driver the citation for running a stop sign. They were very impressed with the quality of the camera and the fact I could prove I was not a distracted driver and I was not at fault. My 70 year old dad was so impressed he bought one for his car and 2 more people at work were talking about buy one as well. It’s a nice insurance policy for you as a routine driver. I retired from my rideshare gig.
Mickey Gregory
As a Dash Camera noob this one was very easy to set up. Recordings are of good quality in both high and low light. The only problem I have had is the ball joint on the mount got loose after only a few weeks. So I have to use the tension from the USB cable to hold it in the direction I want. As a side note I think I actually drive a little more careful now that I know I'm being recorded as well.
Old Time Custard
This is the best dash cam that I have ever bought. It is feature packed and produces a superior quality picture.The parking mode is perfect and I am planning to buy another. I highly recommend this cam to anyone looking for the perfect dash cam under $200The customer support from Vantrue has been awesome as they have answered all my questions.Five stars from me.
Brent Remow
Love the quality of the video that these output as well as the audio. However I even noticed a big flaw with warmer weather 90 degrees+ Fahrenheit over a couple weeks the cam will begin to almost melt and warp the shape of the mount. To prevent this from getting worse I’ve actually had to use a zip tie to hold it together cause now the camera angles kinda upward more than it should. I will upload a picture soon of how it looks so other will know that live in warm areas during some seasons
Had some issues with it and worked with the supplier to get them fixed. I would highly recommend this product if you do ride share. I would also recommend you buying the car kit and hardwire it into your car. Less wires to worry about and you can set it up to start and stop with your engine. The camera now starts and stops automatically and I can forget about it while driving.
P. Larsen
Too bad GPS isn't included and the strange add-on you have to purchase is somehow depending on Windows. What happened to a GPS module that got a position so you can measure speed?That said, the other features are quite good. I wish I could tell how the "alarm"/"Event" stuff works during driving, but the video recorded is clear. It's just a matter of finding a good spot for it on the windshield.
Evan Lim
Overall solid quality dash cam. However, I did have issues with the mount becoming loose and therefore the camera became unstable. I contacted Vantrue's support team and they were absolutely helpful with providing a replacement mount. The original mount was unsatisfactory but their customer service made up for it!
Starving Artist
Really love this dash cam. I use it for Uber and Lyft and it has worked out wonderfully.
Works better than expected!
Da packers
Best think I ever purchased, I think I'll purchase another one for my other car.
Just received my dash cam! It came very fast and the quality was as good as I expected!
Amazon Customer
Love it. Small, great cameras, awesome video and pictures even in little to no light.
Jacobo Levy
This camera is the best that I have come across in a long time, I'm a rideshare driver and is truly great in recording front view of the car and inside cabin even with no light is great.I had contacted support before purchasing for some inquires and doubts that I had and the support was great usually answering very fast and with knowledge on the matter.The packaging, Documentation and initial setup is really easy and straightforward, to set up and install in the car is a breeze, I drove for a few days without the GPS mount since it arrived a few days later but it performed great, now with the GPS is even more amazing, when you review the recording with the Vantrue Application (you can download it from their site) it shows your location on a small map (you can change multiple views of map) and speedometer and a compass real easy to use, the only issue is that I need to contact support about an error I'm receiving when opening the app, besides that performs great.You can also use your regular video player to view the recordings, you get 2 files one for the front camera and one for the back.
The attached 4 minute video shows 2 minutes of the front camera and 2 minutes of the rear (cropped to hide me, so it shows more than this video) getting on the same on-ramp and heading down the freeway.The front camera can be set to 2K recording but it does it at the sacrifice of no rear recording. The front camera settings had to be adjusted for exposure due to daytime brightness and glares. The rear camera will not get the license plate number of a car but it will definitely show you what was going on behind you before an accident. The rear camera also does an excellent job of capturing the people in the car, thou the night time IR is questionable, if anyone opens the door to get in or out and the dome light comes on the picture is super sharp. It does record audio but I don't turn it on unless someone makes me uncomfortable (I do ride sharing). In loop mode it records about 4-5 hours of video. The cigarette adapter for it was 10 feet long which made it easy to run it to an outlet (thou I am wiring a usb outlet to my mirror power to eliminate it)
I can't believe how clear the picture is in daylight or night time. I have already used it to show police a specific incident. Having the rear facing camera was integral and I like that it captures sound as well. The sound is very clear. I had one question that I posted to VANTRUE on their Facebook page and they answered rather quickly. I had the camera hardwired to my vehicle so it turns on when I start the car. I use a 64G card but it was very easy to format on my Mac. I would think this camera would be very helpful if you are an Uber or Lyft driver, I wouldn't let anyone in my car without it if I were doing that.
Amazon Customer
it would've been perfect dash cam if it had built in gps and wifi.
Mike Nordlander
Awesome camera for the price point. Video is clear and crisp on the front and rear camera both day and night
Amazing product!! It's smaller than it appears. Perfect amount of cord. Highly recommend this product. Easy setup.
It’s a dual Camera it works OK. I don’t care for the instruction manual. Customer Service was good.
This camera has so much features in such a little package. The 2 way cameras give high quality, clear pictures and video. The night vision is amazing and captures the interior cabin in nearly daylight quality. The audio picks everything up, including conversation between the drivers and back seat passengers. It also picks up road noise really well. I hit a pot hole and was able to get a claim filed and approved right away with my wheel and tire insurance company with the clip and the audio picked up the sound of the impact.Along with the awesome features is the option to purchase a hardwire kit and a GPS module. The hardwire kit is easy to install allows the camera to be powered when the vehicle is off, giving you protection when the vehicle is parked or throughout the night. The hard wiring kit comes with a low voltage sensor so you won't wake up to a dead battery. The GPS module is sleek and is attached to the window mount so no extra wires are needed. Available via the Vantrue website is the media player which gives you access to the GPS data.Overall, This camera is great for the everyday driver that doesn't want to get into the he said, she said battle in an accident or for the driver that uses their vehicle for rideshare.
Aaron Cooke
After 2 cameras in a row being bad and not that great of customer support I have decided to return my 2nd faulty camera the night front camera seems to have a lot of noise in it at night both day and night you can’t read tags or signs the exposure need a lot of work and I don’t believe there is a Sony sensor in it as stated Sony would never have that bad of quality it leaves a lot to be desired for look at names this company has no quality control obviously
Richard M. Zimmerman
This is my third dash cam purchase. wheel witness was my first. And SpyTec A119 was my second. the first two had issues with heat. I thought the A119 because it had a capacitor for video record delay when powered down would be more durable. that was not the case. So I'm giving this one a try. It's close to the end of September and it's Michigan weather. So maybe this one will last longer due to the cooler weather for the next six to nine months.I like the 18 month warranty plus I got the extended 3 year warranty. Picture quality looks good both front and rear cams. But in one of the files my seatbelt was purple. Subsequent videos the seatbelts was black (the actual seatbelt is black) Also I noticed since this cam has wide angle of view the images to the left and right edges are more pronounced and when arriving at a traffic light the car appears further away than actual from the crosswalk at the traffic light. GPS is accurate but 1 MPH slower than my speedo. But so is the Speed limit radar sign a block from my home (1 MPH slower)
Matthew Silva
Quality is great. works as expected. the instructions are lacking in a few areas but I eventually figured out the missing feature adjustments. Clarity and sound is great. I'm running 1080/1080. My only complaints are the color is a bit blue, and a polarized front facing lens would make it great! Thank you Vantrue. Great value and I would buy it again!They provided an upgraded mount and the firmware update allowing up to 256GB is great, although I havent upgraded my card yet
This is a great product. I am a RideShare Driver and have been looking for a Dual Lens Dashcam for quite a while. I have tried three others and was totally disappointed. I had to return all of them. this dashcam is easy to setup and operate. Proper placement on the windshield assures no obstruction to my driving view and I would definitely recommend getting the hardwire kit. (B073QNDP45) Easy to install and no visible wires. The video quality is superior to anything I have seen so far, and the IR night vision feature is a great plus. The parking mode adds an extra layer of security for when I have to leave my car unattended. I am totally satisfied with this purchase and would give 10 gold stars if possible.