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Vantrue N2 Pro Dual 1080P Dash Cam

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Amazon Customer
It works very well.Thank you,
Brian G.
Turned off every time memory card inserted while powered up. Returned.
Ayad Jassam Salman
I love this dashcam great video resolution 1080p in and out plus great for the price,
josh gamboa
great camera ... mount cannot be tightened
Tony Tone
Purchased this item from Amazon and unfortunately it was not delivered byAmazon Logistics, but I was lucky to score one brand new from a fellow Uber driver I know, and it captured a car accident that happened right in front of me, and I was able to provide the victim with the footage because the other driver tried to say that it was the victims fault! Thanks to Vantrue, I always have witness! Installation was super easy. Installed it right to my vehicles fuse box, and it looks very professional and un-noticeable.
Can not get it to stay on.
Back on the quest for a great dashcam.This is the current model installed in my vehicle at the moment. Install was super simple and the 32gb class 10 by sandisk works great.The good stuff:~install is super simple. long car charger lets you route all about without worrying about not reaching the charging port. it also has a additional usb slot if you need to charge your phone at the same time.~day and night filming was way above my expectations for from and rear cameras. this is a great option for those who are ubering and want protection from someone in the back is doing damage.~audio pickup was quite good as well.~interior camera is very wide angle and lets you capture the entire cabin and even some outside. this is great as well when the car is left parked and one of your neighbors dings or bumps your car.~windshield mount is rock solid~camera is fairly small profile so it is not distracting when installed~menu system is super easy to navigate even with the small screen and having the camera installed in the carThe not so good stuff:~the regular car charger cable is terrible if your plug is centered. the cable will run everywhere and it will flop around while you drive. im aware of a hardwiring kit but i think it really should have been included.~would prefer charging port be mini-usb or usb-c at this day in age. no one is using mini usb and this means i need yet another charger.
Lots of features for the price. 1080p front and interior video, you can even up the resolution and frame rate on the front facing camera as well. The IR light is a must if you want clear (black and white) interior video in the dark. One of the neatest features is that it separates front and interior videos on separate files. It also have an accelerometer so it protects files when there’s an abrupt jolt or stop, like in an accident. It also has parking mode, although it should be turned off unless you wire the camera to constant 12v power. The size is quite small, people can see it’s there, but it’s not an eyesore.Over all, it is a great dash cam for $200. Remember to buy a micro SD card since it doesn’t come with one. Also there’s a separate GPS mounting unit for $20 if you want GPS stamps on your files.**update**My previous review I mentioned the flawed mount, but Vantrue listens to their customers and were quick to update the mount and this one’s ball swivel is way sturdier than the previous one.If you’re a Vantrue customer and have a bad mount, just like them on Facebook, DM then your amazon order number and they will send you an updated mount for free. Five huge stars for their amazing customer service!
Very unique design and video do not exhibit other brand’s “frame dropping” like behavior. I had 1 simple question about LCD’s auto-off feature, and response is extremely fast and accurate. I am so happy with it and I bought 1 more set.
S. J. Hamelin
I am new to ride sharing and have been using my GoPro for a few months. This has worked good for daytime trips but was not good for anything at night. All I seemed to get was audio. I was on the hunt for a dash cam that would work both during the day and at night.I did some searches and looked at some ride share forums and found this VanTrue N2 Pro and seemed like it did what I was looking for. I was not really looking for anything but the inside of the car recording, however this does both with something a bit more then inside recording. The secondary camera changes to inferred when it detects low exposure. Perfect for ride share recording day or night. All I can say is this dual camera dash cam has gone above what I was expecting.You can get an optional GPS mount for tagging the videos with location and speed.I would recommend this dual camera VanTrue N2 Pro for anyone that needs a dash cam.Thank you Amazon and Vantrue for quick shipping and a great product.
Frank Rodriguez
Love the camera. Easy to hard wire in with additional wiring kit (requires purchase). Night vision and sound is perfect. I thought I would be removing it on a daily basis. Camera is small enough that it doesn't distract my field of view while driving. Awesome little camera!
Christine Case
It's very complicated to get it up and running. It doesn't stay on after the car stops, so if someone hits my car when it's parked, oh well.
Updated: 01/03/2020Customer service kept the promise and tried to resolve the issue professionally. Will buy it again if it has dual camera with WiFi.Updated: 01/01/2020Customer service contracted me to offer an upgrade mounting or partial $20 credit.Awaiting to see if they will honor as they offered.Original Review:I will have to give three stars instead of four. I own Goluk T1 and the unit has WIFI. It is much more convenient to see the video files through my mobile phone than the small screen and set up the settings is a breeze from the phone. I wish the new version of the Vantrue N2 should come with the WIFI. Also the mounting is very bad. The ball joint moves while my car is in motion which makes the camera moves as well.Do I recommend to friends and family, probably not.
Boss Hogg
Very clear videos and easy set up! You'll just have to be sure to format your SD card as Fat 32 which is easy enough to do.
Amazon Customer
The cam is good quality. I like it.
This product works as advertised, the video and audio quality is surprisingly clear. Easy to install and use
great great great !!!!
Richard B.
Wow, what can I say I love it, espeif you are an Uber driver go get it.
Amazon Customer
I really like the cams design and appearanceI don’t think the problem is so much with the camera but for me it seems to complicated and is hard to figure out all the icons letters and functions. I’m sure it’s a fine device I just wish I was more tech savvy.
Chris Choi
I have had the camera for just over a month and the interior-facing camera has starting displaying a purple hue over the recordings
Update: 02/11/2021: I bought three of these cameras. I tried to update the firmware after the camera started malfunctioning. As soon as I transferred the firmware file onto the SD card the camera went dead and will not start. I tried removing the power cord and putting it back in but that did not help. I pressed the reset button but that did not help either. My camera is dead after just a couple of years.The other problem I have is that the dash cam power adapter keeps popping out of the 12V socket and the camera powers off because its internal battery is dead. Vantrue answered my email saying I’m out of warranty so tough s***. After over $600 spent for just 3 years this is a definite FAIL. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GARBAGE. I will post my exact experience with video demonstration of their crappy cameras failing on social media. Avoid this like the plague. They work great for a couple of years then DIE.Updated review 10/02/19: The company recently sent me three new updated mounts for free, for my three cameras and they are a totally new design. The old ones wobbled like crazy and two actually cracked after a few months. This new design is much more robust and the large thumb screw keeps the camera firmly in place. I’ve been using it for the last three weeks and the camera stays solidly in place without any wobbling. I have no idea why the SD card went bad but I put a new one in and it’s working just fine so I don’t think it was a camera issue. This camera offers high resolution recording and excellent night vision. It is front and rear facing and records on a loop. It has a small form factor which I like. It has GPS functionality but I don’t know how to get it to work.Older review (August 2019): Bought this two years ago and suddenly it says I need to format the SD card. It's a 32gb card that worked fine all this time. I formatted it twice and it still keeps saying the same thing. The ball joint is a complete joke. The company sent me a replacement ball joint two years ago for the three cameras I bought and they are ALL loose. What a waste of money!
Amazon Customer
Love this N2, what i needed and comes in handy. Would purchase again if neccesary.
David Fernandez
I never got this item mailed to me but I did buy it another way. And decided to review it anyway. This is a good camera. Clear both day and night. I’m still learning it as I go. But does what it’s suppose to.
I like it very very much so, very nice Dash-Cam...!
Peter B.
Excellent dash cam. Just started using it today and I love it. Was able to snake the AC adapter into the paneling since its a very long cord, so I was very happy about that.This camera DOES AUDIO, forward filming and also interior video as well. I drive for Uber and Lyft and needed this exact camera. I recommend it to anyone who drives for Rideshare companies. I know the price is a bit high compared to other cameras, but you get what you pay for.Update to this review: I had a problem with my mount loosing up a few months after I purchased this camera and I cant say enough about the Excellent customer service I receieved from the company with replacing my mount. That goes a long way with me. I highly recommend this camera.
Amazon Customer
This is a great dash cam! Getting it setup was super easy, it's lightweight, and the video and sound quality is unbelievable! The colors are saturated and the wide angle of the lens covers my whole car interior and the entire road. Conversations can be heard over the music playing, which is great. What was most surprising was how good the video is at night. I feel so much safer when I drive having a good quality camera to record everything. I totally recommend it. The customer support at Vantrue is unparalleled as well. They are very responsive to questions and helped make sure I got my second camera delivered.
Patrick and Roma
Was excited about this product. Opened it and this is what I saw right away. Even the protection stickers had bubbles in them as if they have been removed and been replaced. Returning this item and getting my item back and and going with a name I know and trust.
Carol Rizzitano
I absolutely love this dash cam works great and the video quality is amazing. plus there customer service has been better to me than any other company.
Jonathan Cabusao
Awesome product and I received it fast
Absolutely the best dash cam I've ever dealt with the nine vision is amazing in the night vision inside the car is perfect no need for any additional infrared lights this camera is the best on the market
Chris Gathings
I spent a good amount of time researching different dash cameras. I landed on this camera because it was one of the few cameras that I could find that had an integrated infrared rear facing camera, which is very important if you’re night driver as I am. It captures everything going on inside my car even if it is pitch black inside/outside of my car.The front facing camera is excellent. It does have a slight bluish tint to the video. The camera is rated for high temperature operation so I’m assuming the lens is polarized. That maybe why there’s a bluish tint. Regardless, the picture is crisp during the day. I’m able to see street signs, license plates, and other important details. At night, the front facing cameras does as well as I would expect it to in the low light of night. I’m still able to see everything I would need to in the event of a car accident. The built in microphone captures all conversations occurring in the car.The video compression works well and allows for hours (days) of video. The manual states the camera can take up to a 64GB memory. I’ve been using a 128GB without issue. I’m able to store more than 12 hours of video with plenty of memory to spare. The camera’s parking mode is a great feature. It activates and begins recording whenever it detects motion. I definitely recommend having the camera hardwired.Fair priced, a great value, and (again) an absolute must for Uber/Lyft drivers.
Avid Amazon Customer
For the cost of this product the functionality was not worth it. This was bought as a Christmas gift for my husband and at first use the charging port and mount broke apart in my hand. Now I just have the camera portion which does not seem to operate independently.
So far, excellent. This was a replacement for a VIOFO unit that failed after two months - it literally melted the housing on a hot summer day. Vantrue actually emailed tips on setting things up but it was not needed. The Menu is very intuitive and simple. Most of the factory settings were what I would have selected so the set up was quick. The mount is very solid and there is no vibration in the picture like other cams. Just know, and they should note this in capital letters, that the GPS mount is extra. I ordered one and got it a few days later. Just like the cam, very easy to set up. Zero complaints so far.
This was the 4th dash cam I've bought searching for one that meets my needs. The N2 Pro has almost everything I want/need. I love the small form factor. The design of the suction mount and the ease of removing the camera from the vehicle is fantastic (I am using the GPS mount.). The rear camera produces outstanding video quality in 1080p. The setup and user friendliness of the menu system is simple, easy and functional.So why only 2 stars for my rating? The video from the front facing camera has such a horrendous blue tint that it totally ruins all of the other positive things about this camera. I contacted the manufacturer and was told there was nothing that could be done about it because the blue tint is a result of the lens they chose to use for the front facing camera.This is really a shame. Because of the decision to save a few cents or a couple of dollars on the most important part of a camera, the lens, they totally destroyed the usability of what would otherwise a great dash cam. Personally, I am looking for quality over saving a few dollars. I had such high hopes for this camera but I am really disappointed in the end product, only because of this fatal flaw in their design. What would otherwise be a 10/10 is a fail.I guess I'll have to keep looking.
wayne thomas
The Vantrue N2 Pro dual dash cam has a great design and actually has rear night vision. The GPS mount is very reliable. Overall, it performs as expected.
Michael Chang
Mike G.
Great customer service! I contacted Vantrue support and spoke with Samantha I explained my issue with the dash cam and quickly resolved the issue had to send old dash cam back but received a new one fairly quickly. No problems with new dash cam! Awesome product crisp video!
Patricia Smart
Dosent show inside of car well at all even though says has infared . Cant make out whats recording
Cesar Marcillo
Really good camera!!!!! Love it
I own a Contracting company and I plow during the Winter. I pay a fortune in liability insurance spa dashcam is a must if there’s ever a claim. This camera is easy to use, small, and works like a charm. Very happy with it. I do not leave it in my truck. It easily unclips from the mount so I can quickly remove it at end of day so it’s not sitting overnight in cold temperatures. I will also avoid letting it sit in hot temperatures as it seems any of these cameras can only handle so much extreme temperatures.
Ed J
Perfect item & Great customer service.Thank you!!
I got mine a couple of weeks ago. It is fantastic the concept of a dash cam with two cameras to record both front and rear, it has saved me already money as it has helped me with a couple of fender benders in parking lots. Good features, excellent video quality and the microfone has great sound even from outside conversations with the window/door open. super easy to use and hassle free setup. Make sure you check where you place it before you start driving so you have the best possible View. Get a 64GB card so you have plenty of space for Incident vídeo storage.
R. Newberger
The fundamental requirement of a dashcam after, I suppose, the ability to record imagery is reliability. This is where the Vantrue N2 Pro fails. It powers up when I start my car but frequently starts in standby instead of recording mode. It stops repeatedly and randomly, sometimes announcing the crash with a tone, sometimes not. I should note the video captured by the device, when functioning, is quite good (both forward- and rear-facing, day and night).I noticed the issue almost immediately and contacted the company. In the act of troubleshooting, I'd damaged the mount and Vantrue's excellent customer service promptly replaced it no questions asked. They suggested the spotty power issues might be related to the mount itself (the power supply can be connected to the mount instead of the camera for convenience and a cleaner look. This was, in fact, how mine had been connected). Unfortunately, the problem persisted even with the replacement mount. I then ran it for a week plugged into the cam instead. This failed to solve the problem.Edit* Vantrue's fabulous customer service and a software update has changed everything. Could not be more impressed with this dashcam.I currently have the power supplied by the included 9 volt plug. FWIW, the device I power via this plug's piggy-back USB port (a nice feature) seems to receive constant power. This leads me to believe the problem is somehow in the cam (or firmware, which is current) itself. Still, I guess I may try hardwiring it as I hate to just write off something so expensive. Very disappointed.
After a couple almost accidents by reckless drivers as well as a ticket issued by a cop that I didn't even break a rule on, I decided enough was enough and I bought this. The video quality is amazing in terms of the cabin, while the exterior does it's job just as well. It does it's job well enough that this really is all you need. Anything past this would be for perfectionists who want a more HD video.
I changed my review from 1-star to a stellar 5+ stars!! As it turned out I was using a used up memory card from my previous dashcam. I was tempted to return the product but held on to it because there is just no other better dashcam in the market right now. Not even the more expensive types!! I should know because I spent hours searching and researching for dashcams online.I bought a new SanDisk 64GB high-endurance memory card, and was able to realize the full potential of this product. Regular memory cards, as it turned out, could only last a few months on a dashcam. After that it becomes corrupted and needs to be replaced. But the SanDisk high-endurance should last for over a year.It's cabin night-vision is just so amazing! Even in stark darkness you could see everything inside, even the facial expressions and features of people. I think I could even use it in the dark woods for evening videography. But I think it's just perfect for a confined car cabin though.It's front camera could capture crisp video in a well lighted city during the evening. While crystal clear during the day. I'm really happy to have this running all the time just in cases when I need to capture an amazing scenery to be posted on my social media.On dark roads and highway, though, as with all other dashcam, only the lighted road from the car's headlight could be seen. Everything else is dark or fuzzy.I think this dashcam is more than just for protection in any event of an accident. It's perfect for capturing moments and experience that we want to preserve. I'm really happy to have this with me all the time in the car and I highly recommend it to anyone.================This is what I wrote on my precious review.================I have the required specifications for the micro SD card, and formatted it with the device. At first everything is perfect, and it looks like the device is recording just fine. But when I tried to view or retrieve the files, I kept getting this message: "No Files on SD Card"! I formatted the card again, but with the same result. I could see on the device that 19.63/31.24GB have been used up, but no files. I'm worried about this what if I've had an accident and as it turns out "No Files on SD Card"!
Very happy it's really small for stealth installIt has good daytime videos and great night videos. GREAT for uber drivers.Audio is clear without distortion.Mount has charging port so it can be taken out of the vehicle without messing with cable.Car charger has additional USB port so it allows another gadget to plug in.Dedicated button for screenshot and taking photos. I love it and got two of them.
James H. Crowning
Had a couple issues with mount but customer service is great and resolved my issue great camera for the price working well in my Jeep JKU
Amazon Customer
Very easy to setup and takes excellent video. Now that we're retired and taking more road trips this is good to have.
Looks good to me, better be for all that $ lol. Pretty good cam, I think it's def worth it. Small screen though but I guess once connected to tv or monitor viewing recordings will be more fun. Night vision is awesome and cam is easy to operate, love dual recordings.
Tony I.
This dash cam is a great value for the money. Its easy to install and easy to operate. I'm using a 128gb mini sd card with no problem. I love it
Ronald Isenburg
So far working well with nice video quality. I'm giving it a four instead of a five because it has to/ should be removed from the windshield (charging?) in colder weather. It seems that some other dash cams have started to user a capacitor instead of a battery for that reason. None of the literature states what exactly happens if you do leave it connected. It might be nice if the screen was a little bigger- but then it would also take more room on your windshield- so a trade off. First dash cam I've had so I can't compare it to any others.
Rick Oelkers
I bought this to replace a Falcon Zero 360. the clarity of the video is like night and day. 1080P all around. Produces great video. Night vision is superb. I wish you could select which camera is the large picture in the PiP. I use this for rideshare. I was able to use the camera to record an assault where the aggressor was successfully prosecuted. The video was also successful in identifying an individual that had threatend me.
John Mullen
After a lot of research I validated that I made the right choice. Install, hard wiring and setup was a breeze. I installed on the passenger side of the mirror so the rear cam gets a clear view out the back window. Video files are high quality along with audio. Had it for 2 weeks and recorded a broadside in from of me at a intersection, pic attached. Pulled over and gave the non-fault drive my # number and told him to text me as I had a dash cam video. He was ecstatic that I captured it and said he would defiantly be getting a dash cam now. At the end of the day he told me it made all the difference in the insurance claim on who was at fault, case closed after video review. Don't it before you have a accident or can help other victims of negligent driving.
Love it!! I took a 20min spin in my convertible last night and viewed the images on my laptop afterwards. Superb clarity. I had to call in Customer Support for a brief help in installing and the support experience was outstanding too (lady named Samantha). Looking forward to memories of long drives this Spring and Summer. Kudos to the company for a HIGH QUALITY product.
Colin MacKenzie
Just got into an accident and no video! Got a video after the accident but I see the recordings are spotty. Some from the day before, video here and there. This thing purred along for 2 years making its trademark status sounds and showing the red recording dot that everything is ok. Guy hit me while I was STOPPED and is lying his butt off and I really wanted to nail him.*Update* Yeah, it ended up as a knock on our record. Guy was totally at fault but we can't prove it. Did a firmware update to latest V35, did a driving test and it still failed. This thing is GARBAGE.
Amazon Customer
First off, let me start by saying that I love the quality of the video, however therein lies the problem.Currently, in order to use the front and rear cameras you can only shoot in 1080p which, while giving a great picture, results in large files. Since this device can only handle a 32Gb card (I tried using a 64Gb card following their instructions and it never saved the video to the card) that means I can only get about 4 hrs of video using both cameras before it starts over-writing the first recordings. Seeing that I use this for driving Uber/Lyft and I'm frequently driving for 8 hrs a night on weekends this is *very* inconvenient. I will have to purchase another 32Gb card to put in and then disable the loop recording, which means I also need to swap the card as soon as the "all full" message comes up, not exactly an easy or safe thing to do while I'm driving, and something that I wouldn't want to have to explain to a passenger "excuse me while I pull over in the middle of your ride to swap out memory cards".If Vantrue can resolve this issue to allow 32+Gb cards without the hassles I would easily give this a 5/5.
wouldnt turn on so we returned it
Decent dash cam but takes some getting use too not very user friendly
I love this camera. It's able to record both forward and inside the car at the same time. Which is very important for ride-share drivers.
Just installed this dual vantrue N2 Pro dash cam install was pretty easy. As for quality it seems like it's built solid. Will update review when I do a few test runs with the camera on.
Amazon Customer
I like this camera a lot. Has everything I'm looking for. Dual camera, IR nightvision inside. I am an Uber, LYFT driver to cover my arse. Their support is helpful and fast. I have it hardwired to my fuse box. Make sure you use the most updated firmware from their site.
No longer keeps the time and date resets to 2017...***Update - I was contacted by the company and the issue has been resolved with a new mount, they sent me a replacement mount and GPS mount***6 month Update, after having the product for 6 months I've been having an issue with the mount not keeping the camera in a level position.Great Product!
Tsering Chompel
i loved the new n2 pro dual dash it has night vision for the interior one. i have purchased n2 pro but it did not had night vision with this new dash cam i like the clarity of the recordings both during the daytime as well as night time. i would definitely recommend.
Derek B. Beasley
White dots on the playback is unacceptable. I used two high speed sd cards the had the same problem. Do yourself a favor, and find a cheaper dash cam that films in 1080p at 60 frames per second. If you can see the licence plates in front, the street signs overhead, and the street lights red or green, you are good to go.
pol b
N2Pro Dual Dash Cam is great. Perfect for my ride sharing job, gives me a sense of extra protection if anything happens in and out of my vehicle while driving.
Kyle Williams
It seems to be nice so far, but I purchased this NEW so I expect a brand NEW one. The camera sent to me was used, how do I know? Because there was a SD card already in the camera that had previously recorded footage on it from somewhere in what I assume to be the UK or Russia. The camera appears to function as it should but I will be returning it if I find any problems.The one sent also does not have the mini HDMI out port next to the SD card as others have stated in their reviews, and neither does the ok light flash red when charging. This is not a major problem to me, but if the manual says it comes with it, then it should.
Joe Kobee
Very easy to install & great picture
Uber Bill
Excellent playback quality. Very easy to use. Just do not get the 64GB memory card, it will not work with this camera. Even Best Buy could not format it to a FAT 32 as the directions say to do. I still give it five stars.
Dan from Hawaii
Bought this to replace my single lens dash cam. Always want to get a inside/behind dash cam so anything inside the car or behind the car will have record too.When I received this dash cam I am so impress on the box and packing. So much nicer than any other brand I received and the cam is well protected. User menu is simple with picture and get all the detail you need.Installation is also easy as others. I plug mine in the lighter and run the line to the floor under carpet and up to the roof-line by go on the side of door gap, no problem at all.Camera is so easy to access the button and compact. Screen is clean and detail for its size.Good Color LED screen.Picture and Video is Very good quality!! So impress with this Dash Cam and the Price is RIGHT!!!Highly Recommended!!
Rocket X
Bigger screen would be great and buttons are a little bit challenging to use (ex: downloading the firmware). I should be able to download the pix to my laptop using the usb cable without removing the SIM card from the camera.
Brooks Rowell
Recently purchased this vantrue camera. It is the best inside outside view camera on the market. I could not be happier with my purchase. I would recommend this to all drivers. Picture quality is second to none and the night time view is what all drivers need and want.
Delbert Antel
A great camera for UBER/LYFT drivers just starting out without breaking the bank. Simple setup and installation, before installing I played around the different settings to become familiar with the dash-cam without having to search through each menu for what I wanted.Day time video is great as well as the night time video from inside the car. I definitely feel more comfortable knowing that all my rides are recorded.I bought the 32GB card but found it to small, so I bought the 64GB card below and it gets me through my shift.
Margaret Huang
We love the Vantrue N2 Pro dash cam. Easy to setup. The video quality is excellent both front and back. The night vision works great.
This camera was given to me as a Christmas gift by my kids. I've been using it every day for a few weeks now, and love it. The video quality is excellent, on both front and rear cameras, and it captures a great deal thanks to the wide angle lenses. Audio is great, power cable is long enough to be routed in my van, and the cigarette lighter plug, provides a USB port with a swing little flap, to charge other items. I would definitely recommend this product!
Good quality video on both front and rear cameras. Easy to use user-interface. 1440P front camera allows for crisp recordings of scenic drives.
John H.
I bought this because I do uber/Lyft part time. It has been fantastic in capturing not only the view ahead but the interior view is great too. The IR lights up all three rows in my Explorer with the first and second rows being the most clear. I have had only a minor issue with the camera continuing to record after shutting off the car though I think that is due to the way my cigarette lighter socket stays active for a while after shutting of the car so it does not cut power immediately after shutting off the car. Can;t say enough about the Value this camera provides. Wish I had it before the accident I had in the car!
Juan E. Ortiz
Great product!HD videos looks perfect and the software is easy to use.
Bought it a month ago, easy to set up and works great. Highly recommended to my family and friends!
Steven G.
Glad I made this purchase. I've been looking into buying one of these for quite some time now and to find one with all the right features was a struggle. This Dash Cam does it all. There is a front and rear camera on this unit. The front camera aims out the windshield to capture in front of your vehicle and the wide angle, rear camera captures a video of inside the cabin. Both cameras produce 1080p setting with the front camera being able to record up to 1440P.A couple interesting features I'd like to point out and find especially nice... The dash cam has the ability to take time lapse video. As a photographer I think that is a great way to get some interesting footage to add in travel videos. Another cool feature is that it can record from the camera's battery once you turn the car off. Its goes into a "Park" mode. Once you enable this feature in the settings, it will enable the dash cam to record 5 minutes after you park. This could be very useful is someone where to back into your car while you were shopping.I’m impressed with the video quality from such a small camera. Once you start driving you completely forget that it’s even there.
Never got parking mode to work. At least it never showed any pics. Turns off randomly, and sometimes does not turn on.
Ron Staley
Jeremy Bernal
Does a lot compared to other dashcams, holds up to the Florida heat.
Amazon Customer
Like it so far.Learning how to use the features. Will have a better review after a month.
Great camera. Easy install hardwire kit available. I like how the wire curves to the power on the mount. Just turn it on and leave it alone. It auto turns off in parking mode and detects anything moving and records for a short bit. I like that part. Only bad thing is the mount becomes loose. I will try to contact support. I don't want to be driving and the camera be moving back and forth. Overall, camera is best product. Mount needs to be addressed.
Great dashcam with very good video - day and night. This dashcam is very useful not only for taxi/uber/lyft drivers - I think having rear view camera positioned by the rear view mirror much more beneficial than at the rear windshield for many reason - the most important of which is the ability to record interactions with whoever is at the door (police or any other). Plus, once the camera switches to night mode, the cars from the rear recorded with better resolution than color cameras would record - you still cant see anything but two blobs of light, but with black and white night mode there is much more information than with color cameras. The bottom line - this is great dashcam very simple to install that produce grate video - all you need to defend yourself from malicious drivers and protect yourself from crooked authorities.
Brannon Montes
Overall great product! Audio is extensively crisp, video is HD with no doubt, extreamly reliable with dash support. I know this product will save me any traffic headaches. Simple set up overall
This camera has very good video quality during the day. At night it isn't great and there are a lot of image artifacts around bright lights as well as noise overall. Still, for the price category it's decent. The user controls are bit error prone - it's fairly easy to accidentally deactivate IR mode for example. Audio quality was surprisingly excellent. If you buy this camera make sure you want to use the rear camera to record the cabin interior and don't expect it to be useful to record the view out the window behind the car. It's just not meant for that. Also, be aware that this camera does not come with built in GPS. This needs to be added via an optional mount. I found the mount unworkable in my car due to the larger size and cable routing.
Jay Ratnam
I purchased the Vantrue N2 Product for continuous vehicle surveillance. The set up process is simple, easy to connect and compact.Samsung sd card with card reader is the additional purchase. The Three way benefits of cabin coverage, front way recordings, and parking surveillance with voice recordings works excellent. I opted for 24/7 record in parking to support service, team advised to use the vantrue hardwire kit which links to the battery for perfect security of the vehicle. It does a BIG JOB simply..
Bought this camera strictly on all the reviews I read can I made the correct choice it is compact does not impair Vision while driving excellent quality pictures easy-to-use user-friendly I recommend Everyone by this one
Clear and with sound. 2 channel-forward and rear.
I purchased my VanTrue N2 Pro because as a Florida resident, I see more than my fair share of “road ragers” as well as inept drivers in parking lots and I wanted to have the added protection of front and rear video in the event of an accident. I’ve been using the device for almost a month now and have been very pleased with my purchase. The unit is easy to assemble and I supplemented my reading of the instruction manual with several (of many choices) online videos demonstrating the device. Once installed, the N2 Pro is really one of those “set it and forget it” products that makes you feel good about what you have. It starts automatically as soon as you start the engine and hitting the “P” button when parked activates the motion detector if there’s an unwanted event while parked. The only adjustment I had to make was to remove the rear seat headrest to improve the viewing through rear window of my SUV. Finally, I was pleasantly surprised with the way that the long charging cord was easily fixed and hidden within the moulding surrounding windshield and door paneling. My only concern relates to the lever that affixes the mount’s suction cup. With the current design, the lever rotates from “9 o’clock to 12”, which forces the camera to be lower on the windshield. Maybe it’s just my car? OveralI, it is a great product!
As a ride share driver, I have been wanting to get a dual cam dash cam. I researched for over a month, reading reviews, and watching YouTube videos. The 2 more important things I wanted was a dual cam, and have really good night vision.I had pretty much made up my mind on another dash cam that was almost $400. I was willing to spend that much just for the night vision quality.Well then came a long VanTrue! A YouTube channel I subscribe to did a review on this camera, and I was 99% sure I was sold on it. I did further research, and watched other YouTube videos, and made up my mind this was the cam I was going to get!First of all, the night vision is excellent! You can see inside the car at night with absolutely no issues at all! Also both cameras record in 1080p! If you just want the front facing camera to record, and turn off the rear facing camera, you can record in 4K. So you get excellent high def quality. The camera is all one piece, unlike the other camera I was looking at, that was two pieces. The inside camera adjust up and down, to ensure you get the best angle. The audio quality is crystal clear. You can hear everything that is said. What I like about the mic, is it can be muted if you do not want any audio recorded.There is also a still picture button also. So if you want to get a still shot for any reason, you can.The G sensor is nice. So if you are in an accident, and it feels any sudden bump in your car, it will save that recording as a separate file. and not over write it.This one does not come with a GPS sensor, but you can get one for just $20, so that way your location is recorded onto the video, along with the time and date stamp.So if you are any type of person who drives for a living, you need a dash cam, and this is the one you need to get!
This camera provides excellent range of view as well as quality and the menu is very easy to use. I have had other units but the playback required a “proprietary “ player which didn’t work well. Also this unit doesn’t have an SD Card limitation which others do. The mount is also nicer than adhesive type mounts which are bothersome when adjusting the camera.
Nondescript Biker
Great little dashcam!
For now it is ok try get use to it
Neck is not fixed You can easily find it on other people's reviews. I've already exchanged it, so I just use.....